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5 > Image 5 of Basketball: University of Kentucky vs. University of Georgia, February 6, 1954

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Programs (Men)

MEN'S MART 108 WEST MAIN ST. "His Store in Owensboro" y ANY HOUR ANYWHERE Day or Night Phone 3-5377 . DBVIS A SERVICE QF THE JAMES H. DAVIS FIJNFDAL HOK Did you know that the prescribed floor measurement for professional teams is 50 by 94 feet? For high schools it is 50 by 84 feet. Did you know that the baskets are 18 inches in inside diameter? And that they are suspended ten feet from the floor? Did you know that if the ball strikes an official who is inside the boundary line it is not dead? Did you know that if a player throws a field goal in an opponents' basket it is credited to the opponents' team? (It is added to the opponents' score and mentioned in a footnote, not credited to a player.) Did you know, however, that a free throw scored in an opponents' basket is not credited to the opponents' score? (It is considered an officials' error and if the mistake is discovered before time is in, the throw is disregarded and the player allowed to toss at the correct goal.) Did you know that an official may suspend play immediately when necessary to protect an injured player? Did you know that during a jump ball, a player may tap the ball into this back court? Neither team is considered in control of the ball on such a jump. Did you know that there are only ten fundamental rules in basketball, making it one of the simplest of all the sports? These rules concern: (1) equipment, (2) officials and their duties, (3) players and substitutes, (4) definitions, (5) scoring and timing regulations, (6) playing regulations, (7) out of bounds, (8) free throw, (9) violations and penalties, and (10) fouls and penalties. "BEST OF EVERTHING- 2 EVERYTHING THE BEST" g 200-202 W. Third St. Dial 3-1581 Compliments of NEELY INSURANCE AGENCY 15 W. Third, Owensboro, Ky. Phone 3-3135