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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1985, No. 4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

'.` f`- ` ~ _ " _V`` .V "rxlt `- C `.= Y ? r `` ;* . . isi _v,v 5 .` A*_A I _ eg it r _~4_ .. ';_Z_ .,;` elif =_= Q TIk To Me Be All You Con Be , Last year, one-third ofthe tapes in the I The U.S. Department ofthe Army has University of Kentuckyls oral history `; # r ; commended the UK Army Reserve Of- collection were "heavily used" by Nl ` vi, 1 iicers Training Corps (ROTC) for be- scholars and writers from all over the _ . I ,` ing in the top five percent of more than U,S., says Terry Birdwhistell, director 300 detachments nationwide. i ofthe oral history project within the de- The award was presented in a special p21I`[ITlI][ of special COllCIl0l'1S il'lCl ZIP CI`1HOl'lY IC1'1Kly GCD. rl`l`lOl'I13.S chives in the UK Margaret I. King Li- Low School Lightner of Fort Knox to Art Gellaheri i braI_y In fact, the ccllcctioni Originuted Court (jh3_]']CllOI OfUKS LXlHgtOH CaITlpU$ which centers on the history and culture Gov. Martha Layne Collins pro- _ tl Kavluglr, e eee Wrlrlr ml hihhhi ofthe UK college ottaw have mel Me lt Arty ROTC. Dsl ln ery year y 0th scholars and the gI1I` _ _ , KHtUCkY 1l'1 I`COgY11UOH of UK S hOT1OT al public, Birdwhistcu Saw Them are eomrrnssionecl a 14-nnnntei c<>lrhhd and h Similar honor given to the ROTC more than 1,600 interviews on tape, in- Stll VlltaP" about thm ttlmtl mtttcl program at Eastern Kentucky State cluding those with two U.S. first la- Wlllcll began lll l908i lll tlg la` University. Kentucky was the only state 1 rliesjaeltie Kennedy Onassis and {lei; was illdgc Wlll;la3l.1Tl;)lt9" to receivetwo corhmehdallhhs- l Lady Bird johnson. Other interviews in 8 Ertl? W O Commute _ at Y Y lmlll In addition to the commendation, the the Collection are with justices Stanley from his home in Cynthtanh te leech UK deraehinent also was honored by , Rccd and Fred Vinson, governors Hap_ classes IH {WO YOOUTS of what lS now the Order Of Founders and P&EIlO{S of i py Chandler, Earle Clements and Law- llltlzett Hell tm UK S Campus lll Lex- Arneriea as ranking first in their re .i,i. mncc Wmhcrby Wim Robert Perm ington. About 1912, Judge Lnllertv giOn-Region 2, headquartered at Fort I VVZIITCTI, senators _]Ol`1l'l ShI`IT1E1I`l COO' tart$1 the MOOI Court, 3 COurt Knox and 1"l(jOlT1p2,SSiI']g IliI'1 states and il pgp and Thrugmn Morton, and many lll Wlllcll Stutlclltstly llyp_0th?tlCtll CtlSS more than 100 colleges and universities. .iiv, Within the ehiieoieh such Teller tlllSlhls lSmmh nre on Array Roto program, separate projects as the history of the place among U`S' law SCllOOlS' lll lts headed by Col. Edgar D. Maddox, is a Univcrsity Oi, Kentucky, Appalachian early y3I`S, th COllg Lew host dgtaghmcnt three CI`O$S'U' history, black history, history of medi modeled, much Ol lts lllstluctllm Oll rolled schoolsTransylvania, George- cine in Fayette County (in cooperation Harvard S mtllOClS Yet lhc mllCll` town and Centre colleges. More than with the Fayette County Medical Soci- Younger Ul? College Oli Law was the 1,000 UK students currently are I cty) and the history of Kentnekians in tenth Al"" l?Y_llg t tsttlbllsll enrolled. thc Vietnam War. These Vietnam War Ll law ml/lW Polltlcltllls and Statcsmcm l will be ehihhihea with him pro- iurlse and Other leaders at all levels Ol * tluctrtl in Utes ohiee of ihhrniaiohai Servlet are UK law elumhh The V Services to make a onchour television tape PmClllFCd hr the UK Chllcse el