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Image 9 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1985, No. 4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l i sored an international conference on the world’s leading researcher in this area. Representatives from Russia and ja- pan, the second leading countries in T A neutron research, attended along with ——-—-— those from the Netherlands and China. AND THE RHYME "ELlMlNATION OF DUPLICATION," {hc ¤¤¤f¤t¤ygg Pt¤m<>¤?d ¤<;m¤¤¤l;¤¤· 10n B.]-I-lOI·lg experts ln 3. € W CTC ROLL FREEN FROM THE LIPS OF MANY OF THE ‘““°h Of the ‘”°“‘ ‘S dmc ‘“ S€°"°t· Yosh Maru ama, a UK rofessor d Y STATE’S EDUCATORS, FEW SPEAK OF RARITK an *"°'?`°t" Of the €“’““ Smdt The neutron is the most powerful form of ra- diation used. We’re taking something found in bombs and using it in medi- cine and UK is the leader." On a more local level, several of _ cngage munity service. Some of the interior True to its location in the heart of the UK’s Patterson School of Diplomacy design faculty acted as consultants for Bluegrass, the University of Kentucky is 0116 of 12 schools ifl tl'1€ country 3HCl UK’s newly opened Humanities Center in Lexington, as the state’s principal in- the only one in the Southeast. Alumni and the restoration of Waveland State stitution, offers many degrees not of this school work with the foreign Shrine. Ralph Chrystal, the chairman available at the state’s seven other pub- service, the‘CIA, international banking of the rehabilitation counseling depart- lic universities. and third world development. One ment, is also vice president of the local T Some of the degrees, such as a mas- alumnus is in charge of foreign loans rehabilitation eerrter, Metro Iodustrges, , ter’s in the classics, average only one to with the World Bank and another is ln the area of published works, UK’s lr two graduates per year, Yet this depart- with Nomura International, ajapanese 23—member political science department ment maintains a reputation as a train- banking company, as the only non-_]ap- consistently ranks top or second in the ing ground for those wishing to increase anese person in that company’s man- country in terms of productivity of its ‘ their knowledge of Latin before enter- agement hierarchy. faculty. During the mid-sixties, under a I ing divinity and doctoral programs, Not only does UK rank "excellent" state mandate to upgrade, the depart- throughout the country. in graduate placement, but in faculty ment recruited Stanley Ulmer, recog- ; Overall, students enrolled in such accomplishments as well. Outside their nized as a world-wide authority on the special programs as toxicology, a sci- teaching interests, UK’s faculty is Supreme Court. He is nowadesignated , ence dealing with poisons and their di- known for their community service, Alumni Professor. Another member, verse effects, are usually snatched by published works and especially for their Malcolm Jewell, is recognized as a such major corporations as Eli Lilly and on-going research. During April the ra- world-wide authority on the state legis- Colgate-Palmolive before graduation. diological science department spon- lature. UK 7