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Image 11 of Famous homes in Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

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2 § Page 6. ‘ E Closson Home ‘ = . V; -, T { .EEE?III---II-II---.--.----.-15§E 2 £ Pi$@i" § Z — ` `M OT it “ 3 - _ , L eas: l T I V S15: V ? —»· m L I III l ¤ kn · 1I or I IIII » T - a ` ' “i "T l ' l ?E A U VI I I T iEii1i iiiéii V g , T · The Closson House in Ludlow, a suburb of Covington, Kentucky, is V a fine example of the Greek Revival form in architecture. Located on ( · s a plot of terraced ground which extends north to the Ohio River, the old residence is an imposing sight when viewed from boats passing along that 1 ¤ waterway. Purchased twelve years ago by the Unity Lodge of Masons, today I L . » _ it serves as the Ludlow Masonic Temple but is hemmed in by more modern 3 ? buildings which occupy space formerly belonging to the Closson property. O The structure is a story and a half in height and has a basement. Q The foundation and exterior walls are of brick construction. The interior Z partitions are brick and frame, plastered. Wood shingles used in the T original construction of the roof have been replaced with standing—seam f [ tin and composition shingles. The wood flooring is composed of tongue- ; and—groove, white pine, in six and seven—inch widths, laid alternately. Q On the south side of the house, a porch one hundred and twenty feet long g extends the entire length of the building. A smaller portico occupies the , g central portion of the north side. The design of both the north and south l . V portals is in keeping with the general architectural pattern. The front { of the building was originally at the north and faced the river. It be- Q came the rear as the result of a city street—construction. V jj Originally built as a summer home, located in the center of an ; y expansive plot of ground and surrounded by flower beds, the house pre- z { sented a lovely aspect. On the terraced north lawn a walk, bordered by M