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12 > Image 12 of Famous homes in Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

{ Page 7. _ 5 shrubs, led from the entrance to the river bank. The property formerly j C extended to what is now Elm Street on the south, to the Ohio River on the Q north and to Kenner Street on the east. There is no road along the western y side of the plot. A space near the south side of the property, at the l i eastern extremity, was occupied by a small, summer house, where, before , g the Civil War, part of the cooking was done. 3 The interior design of the house provided for a central hall with 1 two large rooms on either side. These rooms were each twentytwo feet long, f _ eighteen feet wide, and had ceilings fifteen feet in height. Plaster E 3 cornices in the hall and ornaments decorating the ceilings of these large 1 Y rooms were done in Greek Revival style and add to the interesting character j of the house. Two smaller rooms adjoined the main structure and opened on ` j the south porch. One of these, to the east, formerly was used as a dining j g room while the other, at the west side, served as the kitchen. The base- ~ 5 ment, which formerly provided living quarters for the slaves, was dry and S airy, with wood floors. The building was erected in 1832 by a man named Kenner, of Baton A Rouge, Louisiana, who called the place Somerset Hall. Mr. Kenner retained _ 8 ownership only a few years, however, for many of his slaves yielded to the T- temptation of escaping to the beckoning, free country on the northern . shore of the Ohio. He sold the estate to William Ludlow and later it was I R A purchased by a Cincinnati jeweler named Jenkins. The house assumed its present name in 1885 when it was bought by A. B. Closson, Junior. _ . ( ` % Liberty Hall ` ` I j ~ lash = _ = T . ggggii EEE; _ , %,; __,. ...! .,... __ C l 5 %%E= y` `. ` =E%i% A r ;E: { 2 ;;=%' ; 52+* I T E? ? ' - A -i 5 2 $$7 ~ fZE i l 5*2* * ;; * EFS.; ; * '=:== E i , E 55:2; U ; Dm R = 1 Illlll @ T JP3 = a? T A .-T5; H_H ly ~a..:llllllllllllllllllllll:::: Q Franklin County, Ky.