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22 > Image 22 of Famous homes in Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

Page l7. { l Colonel Whitley was sixtyfive years of age when war was declared with Great Britain in 1812; and though he had held the rank of colonel in the Kentucky militia, he enlisted as a private. He was killed in action at the Battle of the Thames in l8l3. l Wickland l =%E %EF"+j' ..iE ; \qr #-va -. ;. `.~1,>!l!][l,l v is ;_ -..-- `Q vi 'z >4! - ..,...... _ Q ~' `5'-'a'.1. - 2 T f= . . . . ;- %%?E='=' | 1 :& azai T; Q E-EE EEl. i { il"` y;,-;-_-5--1_- K -2;%% . I ll * Vi +3*357 ~ ;==.:=.1* T r' W 1:-::.:- T :':;r.:.1g cc tr.;-:.;:.1 L_ -:1-:21 `1 * V 1 .:is.=%* . l l N -E-'=='=1` T Qi {E} i ;1.::.:..= 5%%-iii L c I yl i?EE}E { EEE-iii- i ?$;i.'-S : ..=.==_ E::?se: g Nelson County, Ky. Wiokland, built in l8l7 by Charles Anderson Wickliffe and located { i just east of Bardstown in Nelson County, is one of the best examples of { Federal architecture in Kentucky. The stately mansion is referred to as 1 "The Home of Three Governors and is reputed to be the only home in the j United States from which three governors from one family came. l The sixteenroom residence was designed by John Marshall Brown l and John Rogers. Two stories in height, with finished attic and basement, it rests upon a foundation of native stone. Brick was used in the con- struction of the exterior walls. The interior partitions were brick and studs, plastered. The roof was of frame construction, covered with wood ~ shingles. The house floors were of random width ash; the basement floor, - earthen. The perfection of detail and the general magnificence of the build- ing makes it evident the planning was done on a grand scale with little