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8 > Image 8 of Famous homes in Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

Q Q Page 3. 1 Castlewood I ;:;=::;&% % ? ; 1:=:::::::::EEF**"T*ig;;;gggg;;=:gg t J mmUU//hgiegez J ; ----.?@, = _; .~ _; ---J=/e/ ;>,}=22::; 2 V M - iQ ;;g4/ wi \\;T; J ; T$T\/ T W Wag e =.=S~J / N H1 `T % '==:A l w \::=E; ; == / il U ` i;r:; ; ::1:/T T}, lll \ i\=*=; 1 7w-w l*** EE i Eel MQ Wy will: . lFiFiw J il MMTM lil i~{ l 1 w wl! zlllbzsz ~ $$3 1 ; **; ; 1 Z T @@1 I WIL EE`;-1 li _, _14Ji}l%E * l ` 1 1) ~i ,l!~1s% i assi E vi lil 1 ry jg-gg? THQE5 2 is -'-M M8. Z1.SOIl OUI1 y', y. =.-=ii { j Castlewood, designed by Gideon Shryock and built in l825 by James Estill, Junior, is located on Big Hill Road, five miles from _ Richmond, Kentucky. From an architectural standpoint, it is one of _. the most interesting houses in the state. It is of late Georgian style, 1 i which was very popular at that time. The long central hall flanked by I I g rooms on either side and the small wings built on both sides of the main structure are features found frequently in this type of building. The house was erected on a part of the original tract of fifteen E Q thousand acres of land surveyed and owned by Captain James Estill, a . Q Revolutionary soldier who came west from Augusta County, Virginia, and . j who enacted an important role in the development of Kentucky. He was $8 killed in an encounter with Wyandotte Indians on March 19, 1782, near , Q the present site of Mount Sterling. After his death, extensive litigation over his property was instituted and no definite settlement was agreed Q upon until forty years later, when eightyfive hundred acres of land were W Q given to his five children. Castlewood was erected on a share of this _ . inherited land. V g The structure is a twostory brick, with unfinished attic and a ga basement, resting upon a native stone foundation. The interior partitions E are brick and frame, plastered. The roof is of frame construction and ; evidently was covered originally with wooden shingles which have been re- f placed with tin. Floors throughout the house are randomwidth, yellow .. , K