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12 > Image 12 of Fairs and fair makers of Kentucky. Volume II

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

_ 196 FAIRS AND FAIR MAKERS , R THE KENTUCKY LIVESTOCK BREEDERS' ASSOCTATION 1 In 1901 the Kentucky Livestock Breeders Association, mentioned above, was A organized under the following articles of incorporation: I "Know all men by these presents that Gotteleib Letterle, J. Lewis Let- terle, Frank G. Hogan, Jno. G. Roach, J.R. Johnson, G. A. Birch, J. L. Shallcross, Caldwell Norton, E. R. Bagley, L. L. Dorsey, W. L. Scott, J.N. Hornsley, T. L. Hornsley, `W. H. Giltner, E. W. Hieatt, E. W. Sewell, G. C. Bird, M. O. Hughes, G.`W. Lyddon, J. D. Stodghill, W. H. Hooker, H. D. Martin,` F. T. Ciserman, D. C. Heron, N. W. Heal, N. W. Huss, W. H. Jefferies, Bart Stith, R. M. Smith, S. R. Chambers, H. Z. ' Churchill, A. Hunter Nason, have associated and become incorporated and established a corporation upon the following terms: - il "l. The name of the corporation shall be Kentucky Live Stock Breed- ,_ ers Association. T, "Z. The principal office and place of business of the corporation is shall be the city of Louisville, in Jefferson County, Ky. E "The nature of the business to be carried on by the corporation shall { be encouraging and promoting interest in breeding, management, and Q general improvement and development of pure bred live stock and hold T ing annual exhibitions and sales of live stock at Louisville, Ky. E "The amount of capital stock of the corporation shall be five thousand Q ($5,000.00) dollars which shall be divided into five hundred (soo) t shares of ten ($10.00) dollars each. @ "The corporation shall commence on the l5th day of January 1901 and Q continue for a term of twentyfive (25) years next ensuing unless Q sooner terminated according to lwv. . i "The business of said corporation shall be conducted by the following E officers and committees: to wit: a board of directors consisting of L eleven members: a president, first vice president, second vicc presi- ii dent, third vice president, secretary and treasurer. The president, ` Y first, second and third vice presidents, secretary and treasurer shall Q be exofficio members of all committees." . Q This organization deemed its purpose as most readily achievable through the Q holding of a State=wide fair. Support of the movement was sought and obtained in h , the Bluegrass area, and in 1902 Abram Renick, noted livestock breeder of Clark 3 County, introduced a bill in the house of representatives to establish a State g fair. The Renick Act provided that: - Thereas, The State of Kentucky has fallen behind her sister States in F the development of her livestock and her agricultural products, and a has lost the prestige and high standing her livestock once gave her, 5 . and . , Tlhereas, ln former times breeders from all parts of the United Q States, and even foreign countries, looked to Kcntucky for purebred stock to improve their herds and flocks: and,