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675 > Page 675 of Plays / by Clyde Fitch ; edited, with an introd., by Montrose J. Moses and Virginia Gerson. (vol. 2)

THE CLIMBERS Feel sure she will do the strong, noble thing - the difficult thing -not the easy. BLANCHE. [Withdraws her hand from RUTH'S.] No, you ask too much of me, Aunt Ruth; I can't do it. RUTH. I say don't decide now-wait. BLANCHE. I don't want to wait. I want to decide now and to cut my life free, entirely, from Dick's. RUTH. You used to agree with me. I've heard you decry these snapshot, rapid-transit, tunnel divorces many a time. I've heard you say when a woman has made her bed, she must lie in it - make the best of her bad bargain. BLANCHE. I always sympathized with a woman who sought a divorce in this state. RUTH. Oh, yes, but you can't, can you BLANCHE. No, but I'm not strong enough to fight out an unhappy life for the sake of setting an