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678 > Page 678 of Plays / by Clyde Fitch ; edited, with an introd., by Montrose J. Moses and Virginia Gerson. (vol. 2)

THE CLIMBERS BLANCHE. What of it if their hearts are warm - poor climbers after happiness! RUTH. Believe me, lear, the chill spreads. You're going to be selfish MRS. HUNTER. She's going to be sensible. [CLARA enters Rightl. CLARA. Hello, everybody! I just sawv Dick coming out of his room and I cut him dead. BLANCHE. Clara! RUTH. [To BLANCHE.] You've taken a certain responsibility upon yourself, and you can't shirk it. BLANCHE. He isn't what I thought him! RUTH. The day the sun shone on you as a bride, in God's presence, you said you took him for better for worse- CLARA. Dear me, is that in it The marriage service ought to be expurgated! RUTH. [To CLARA.] I'm ashamed of you. fli7s