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695 > Page 695 of Plays / by Clyde Fitch ; edited, with an introd., by Montrose J. Moses and Virginia Gerson. (vol. 2)

THE CLIMBERS that have cherished her, made her life, and gives her whole self, her love, her body, and even her soul sometimes - for love, often overwhelms us women -to the man who, she believes, wants, starves, for her gifts. All that a woman who marries for love feels at the altar I tell you a man can't understand ! You treated this gift of mine, Dick, like a child does a Santa Claus plaything - for a while you were never happy away from it, then you grew accustomed to it, then you broke it, and now you have even lost the broken pieces! STERLING. [Comes to her, growing more and more determined.] I will find them, and put them together again. BLANCHE. [Again smiles sadly and shakes her head.] First we made of every Tuesday a festival - our wedding anniversary. After a while we kept the twenty-eighth cf every month ! The second 695