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1 785-1909 DANIEL DRAKE AND HIS FOLLOWERS HISTORICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES BY OTTO JUETTN ER, A. M., M.D. Author of "Modern Physio-therapy" Editor of "Songs of the University of Cincinnati" Fellow of the American Academy of Medicine, the American Association for the Advance- ment of Science, the Ohio Historical Society, the Association of American Medical Editors, the American Electro-therapeutic Association, the American Physio- therapeutic Association, the Royal Society of Medicine (England), the Royal Microscopical Society, the Royal Anthropological In- stitute of Great Britain and Ireland, the London Roentgen Society, the Society of Arts (Lorrdon), the German Roentgen Society, the Societ6 de Radiologie et Eleirologie (Paris), etc., etc., etc. "The world is moved by men of uneasy soul. -H HARVEY PUBLISHING COMPANY CINCINNATI