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13-Mumford's "Medicine in America." 14-Biographical sketches written by M. B. Wright, T. C. Minor, A. G. Drury and others. These sketches have appeared in different journals at various times. 15-The "Index Medicus" and the "Index Catalogue of the Surgeon General's Office," two monumental.works which do not seem to be known and appreciated by the profession, as they deserve to be. 16-Writings of Edward D. Mansfield, especially his "Personal Rem- iniscences" and "Memoirs of D. Drake." 17-Howe's Historical Recollections of Ohio. 18-Archives of the Ohio Historical Society. 19-Archives of the Cincinnati Hospital Library. 20-The Mussey Collection of Medical Books (Cincinnati Public Li- brary). 21-Felter's History of the Cincinnati Eclectic Medical Institute. 22-King's History of Homeopathy. 23-Archives of the Philadelphia College of Physicians. 24-Archives of the Ohio State Medical Society. 25-Wilder's History of Medicine. 2G-Archives of the German Literary Club, Cincinnati. 27-"Der Deutsche Pionier" (monthly), Cincinnati. 28-Files of daily papers, published in Cincinnati, especially from 1800 to 1850. 29-Transactions of the Alumnal Associations of the Ohio and Miami Medical Colleges, Cincinnati. 30-Medical Directories. OTTO JUETTNER. Cincinnati, Ohio. On the Ninetieth Birthday of the Medical College of Ohio, January 19, 1909.