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79 > Image 79 of Annual report. 1926

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

1 i 1 BULLETIN NO. 265 (Research Bulletin) y >r Two Important Enemies of Bluegrass Pastures A 1 l By H. GARMAN* i 1. The Bluegrass Plant Bug (Miris dolcbratus) l ln early April, 1925, the bluegrass pastures of central Ken I ns tucky were observed by farmers and stockmen to be in bad condi- ; tion and not providing the pasturage they generally do at that 1 season of the year. Concern lest there should be a complete fail- j ure of both pasturage and seed crop became acute in the latter [ part of the month and the writer was urged to visit the region worst attected, about Paris in Bourbon county. to look into the 1 trouble and learn whether or 11ot injurious insects were at work E on the grass. The weather was rather dry at the time and the rainfall had been below normal since January, when it was only 1 slightly below, and diminished decidedly in March and April, Q just xx hen it was most needed by bluegrass for the production of blades and panicles. As a result many acres of land on which l {Y good crops of seeds had been harvested in previous years showed only a short growth of stems with very small panicles, the latter 4 _ HOF Over a third of the size they should have been. $01110 \'