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The Kentucky Kernel, December 12, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available I FRIDAY EDITION KERNEL SEMI-WEEKL- THE KENTUCKY KERNEL UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY VOLUME XXI KENTUCKY MEN ARE ATTENDING S. I. C.JSSEMBLY S. A. Boles, Coach Carnage, And Dr. Funkhouser Are Representatives CONFERENCE MAY ACT ON PENALTY FOR VOLS to Complete Basketball Schedule For Year Boles Expected LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, Modernistic Etching to Be Used in 1931 Kentuckian LESS "RED TAPE" IS WOOD'S PLEA Professor From Columbia University Discusses Importance of Individual THETA SIGMA PHI EDITION FRIDAY, DECEMBER TEUTONS DEFEND CULTURE IN U. S. AGAINST UK TEAM NEW SERIES NUMBER 27 12, 19.50 German Forensic Team TO MODIFY NEW WILDCAT ATTACK Black and White Is Chosen To Convey Theme Schell of Modernism ANNUAL TO FEATURE SIX VARIED SECTIONS Complete Staff of Yearbook Is Organized and Announced RUPP THREATENS and Weaver Appear For University in Inter national Debate Wednesday Scrimmage Disappoints Mentor of University Net Team AMERICA'S IDEALISMS ARE DISCUSSED HERE FAST BREAK SYSTEM NOT SO SUCCESSFUL 1 resident McVey Presided at f orensic Annir in Munoriairtlall Combination Style of Play to Be Used Unless Men Improve on Court Dr. Ben D. Wood, of Columbia By VIRGINIA NEVXNS' A modernistic etching encompww-In- g Interest In the realm of Southern University, considered one of the The Uniufca? Kftntuekv dp By VIRGINIA DOUGHERTY all branches of the university batiW terinSTK fl Itth internatlnn Conference athletics today turns to best authorities in the country on Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where measurement In higher education and Illustrating characteristic! of al deftte fttf G'efeck, laft night met Sports Editor, The Kernel officials of the conference are holdthe age, submitted by Burt Van Ars-dal- e, n team in uwmm ,unjvesity stu-- 1 The fast break system which has dents In Mfrmatfo tell. The sub- ing their annual general session. spoke to students and faculty on senior in the College of iAr jeet or uiO'tMbMc iw. "Is. thi For been rather dubiously nccepted by Kentucky Is represented by three Monday aftenoon, December 8, in and Sciences has been accepted, emen IndJtttHMMtv basketball fans since its advent in men outstanding in their work to the lecture room at McVey hall Kentuckian officials for the lnsfcle ture JustifrHif ; WiAmerlenn Cul COUNT HANS JUERGEN I HERBART SCHAUMANN t promote sports at the university Lexington this season is not proving GRAF BLUMENTHAL His lecture which was illustrated cover page of the 1931 .year book. 'The Gormn teanr;' composed of .Q University of Berlin A "norlHv" Tlrtlnc fV,afVi Unrrv theme of this book is "modern- Hans Jurmti Graf fllumenthal and The so successful in action, a scrim University of Munich n'.m'9ln. onrt nr w 'n FunkhouS' twltn lantern slides, was on the sub ism arid the color scheme is' blaek. Herbert fkhaiimann, argued the mage held Wednesday In the Euof the loop. Ject of "Problems in Measurement and white. er. secretary-treasurgetrative stdo'of the question and u, . clid avenue gymnasium indicated. all of whom left Lexington Wednes- In Higher Education." Six sections of the annual' featoW Knlbitert a'force and mastery com-in- tr wide experience in the day night to attend preliminary sesCHI CONVOCATION THURSDAY Only two practice scrimmages have Dr. Wood described in some de the university, classes, features, or art from argumentation. of Richard sions of the meeting. tall the studies which have been ganizatlons, athletics, and acta been held this year, so whether or Other than speculation concern- carried on at the University of Pen' ties. The volume will go to press Weaver and Sidney Schell defended A general convocation will be the affirmative not it will be successful is yet to be ing possible retributory action on nyslvania in" relation to the prok February 1 and will be printtcr in ident Frank L. for Kentucky. Presheld Thursday, December 18, at determined. McVey presided at However, if the unithe part of the conference delegates iems or higher education. These the plant of the Kentucky Kernel the debate. the third hour. Dr. Frank L. versity quintet is counting on using toward the University of Tennessee studies, carried out extensively with Plans have been made for an imMcVey will be the speaker, and Count Blumenthal is a student at for violating a conference rule pro tests and experiments, have been proved Kentuckian, although the the University of Munich and is a Capricious Felix Promises to will have as his subject "Between it in early season games, Rupp hibiting freshman football practice going on for six or eluht vears un appropriation this year is $1,000 less member of the Deutsche Studen-tenscha- ft Be More Alive Than Usual Us." Dr. McVey addresses the states that "some definite improveHe has also studied at prior to the official opening of der the leadership of Dr. Wood. The than before. student body on this subject When Let Loose at Georgement will have to be made or else Mecklenberg, school, only routine business is ex- test given in this connection was a angles enclose vivid Potsdam, He is 23 years and Interlocking twice a year, and devotes his old. Mr. town Game pected to come before the general general culture test consisting of sketches, illustrating progress in in- Schaumann, 29 years old, was wintime to stating and solving the some new and modified system will session. It has been Indicated that 35 questions and was given to the dustry, transportation, science, and ner of the second prize when chosen have to be evolved." various problems which have SuKy may not have any "Fuzzy," arisen. several schools in the organization college seniors of a selected group of culture on the inside cover page. for the international debating team Coach Rupp, who is sponsoring feel that Tennessee deliberately took coneges. A few of the impressionistic In Washington. He is a student of but Sigma Delta Chi, men's prothe fast break system at Kentucky, advantage of the peace offering of and literature at the fessional journalistic fraternity still Is not as optimistic about the new The theme of Dr. Wood's address designs are of a train, an air philosophy of Berlin. University has a Kat; This capricious Felix the conference. They may take ac- was the Importance of system as he was earlier In the year. the Individ plane, books, printing presses, j tion against the offending lnstltur ual in higher Richard Weaver has taken part has not hanged himself by the neck The men are apt to revert to the education. He plead skeleton, stars, and chemical equip in about 60 debates during his three in any sorority house or any other tion loophole similar to the one for a better ment. Mr. Van Arsdale, who Is art years in public speaking at the uniprevious training of the Illinois or understanding and closused by the Volunteers to escape a er association editor of the Kentuckian also de versity. He was a member of the kind of house for that matter, nor j tne slow break system when con between the student penalty that the construction put and the professor, ne nicely to do so in tne near ru the fronted with opposition, and hence he decried undue signed and- cover which is to be International Debate team in 1928 is on the executive committee's rul- emphasis ture. In fact, he is very anxious silver. black which met the team of British uni- to on restrictive methods and lose time and stop their drive, the ing by Tennessee was not the one rea inform students and faculty Rex Allison, S. A. E., is editor in versity women. Sidney Schell has tape." "Work with human nanew coach fears. given It by members of the com- ture that in about 125 debates Instead of against," was his chief; William Young, Triangle, is appearedtwo years experience atdur- members of the university likely he The fast break system being in Investigating the situation. very much alive, and Is mittee to the is Members of the 1931 graduating recommendation to college profes business manager, and Al Kikei, A. ing his be much more alive than usual class voted unanimously to revive troduced by Coach Rupp hinges on If action is taken and should Ten- sors. By means of the lantern slide T. O., Is advertising manager. Oth university. tne team's ability to move, think nessee be suspended, the action will he showed when he is released at the Initial the custom of class day exercises and act rapidly, in other words to the startling er editors of the year book are Hor basketball game next week. not prohibit Kentucky playing the results that some ofbeen obtained ace Miner. Delta Tau Delta, unl' have orange and white next year. It through versity editor: Frances Henry, Kap The members of Sigma Delta Chi at the first official senior class meet take their opponents by storm and his series of tests, and will not apply to schedules already are promising a bigger and better ing since the election of this year's drive through to a goal The at- pa Delta, class editor; FranK stone, how tacK is a system concentrated on compiled, but, of course, such games showed degree it is possible to ob- S. A. E.. feature editor; Morton Kat. They are particularly anxious officers. William Young, president, tain a from manv colleees energy. The boys of the would not be counted in the con- without any that the members of the student was in charge of the assembly, speed and team Walker, Phi Kappa Tau, organlza actual have spent the past ference standing of teams playing all these he showed education. In tion editor: Leon W. McMurray, body and faculty examine this pro which was held at 4 o'clock Wednes- Big Blue the importance two months training and practicing the Volunteers. duct of their Journalistic endeavors day afternoon in McVey hall. athletics editor; and Frances L. Hoi in order to have inexhaustable en com- of the quality of the Individual to lldav. activities editor. There is a possibility that from claws to meow. Copies will be worthy of the greatest Those elected for class day posi- ergy and speed. However, they have mittees will conslde rthe limitation Associate and assistant editors Dean F. Paul Anderson, College be on sale throughout the campus tions were: been accustomed to movine so slow schedules for members of the Southare: class section, Virginia h. ev of Engineering, returned Wednes on the day of the Georgetown game Historian, Pat Rankin, Lancaster; ly and calculatingly while using the ern Conference at the meeting ins, associate editor, Mary Louise day morning from New York where and will be available at the gym' prophet, Morton Walker, Phi Kappa Illinois system that when thev fin today and Saturday. At the annual BOTaker, Katnryn: Aurenwunp. ne aiwaaea inc ravni iiauuiiw nasluni during- - the same. football banquet held Thursday, DeThe K am pus Kat, otherwise Tau, Hartford; giftorian, Frances ally get under fire the first game Mary Lou Yelton and Elizabeth power show Jield at the Grand To Hold orator, Pat Hollidav. Jackson; cember 4, at the Lafayette hotel, Sparks, assistant editors; organlza Central Palace. He also visited known by the name, "the evil kitty.' Grigsby, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, of the year they are likely to be as terrified by their own speed as their Doctor Funkhouser In an address tion section. Malcolm Barnes, Bu-e- Newark, New Jersey, where he ad- the "feline tattler," and other obSpringfield; and poet Mae Bryant, opponents and revert to the type of to the assembly stated that the Organization to Give Banquet Mathls, Mary Alice Salyers, and dressed the Carrier Engineering cor noxious and uncomplimentary titles, ball playing to which they have time is nearihe rapidly when con Eleanor Swearingen, assistant edi poration, and Philadelphia where he was born on the university campus Zeta Tau Alpha, Louisville. At Lafayette Hotel ference teams will be limited to a tors. The class secretary was empower- been accustomed. spoke to the Kentucky Alumni club in the spring of 1928, shortly after This Afternoon schedule of eight, nine or ten games Athletic section. Vernon Rooks; at the Engineers' club of that city. the local chapter of Sigma Delta ed to appoint a permanent class "Half Fast, Half Slow" per season. Kentucky, he said, is Kappa While Dean Anderson was in the Chi received its charter. The spon- secretary, who will serve as a me Following a scrimmage Wednes Delta Pi, honorary Educa- activities section. Virginia Hatcher,y. recognized as being one of the few Mary Virginia Hailey, Harriet Hol-llda- east he sat three times for the soring of such a publication by the dium of contact among the mem day, Rupp told the candidates for teams in the South with the same tion fraternity, will hold its initiaand Margaret Cundiff. Joe famous sculptor, John Swanson, who fraternity was in accordance with bers of the class of "31 after grad the team that a new system "half schedule year after year. Modern tion for eight pledges, at 5:30 o'clock Ferguson and William Frazler are is making a clay model from which the custom established by other uation. fast and half slow break" would emphasis on football, he stated, is this afternoon in the Gold room of assistant art editors. Earl T. Sur-gen- er the dies of the F. Paul Anderson professional and honorary JournalCommittees were appointed to at unless they toward limitation in the number of the Lafayette hotel. The photoistic organizations throughout the tend to the various social activities have to be introduced improvement initiation graphs is in charge of the Standl- - medal of award will be struck. This country. showed considerable games due to the great mental and which were made by medal was established by the Amerof the class. They were the in a scrimmage to be held this af will be followed by a banquet In the physical stress the sport places on The popularity of the publication forcL Roscoe Cbcfce is assistant ican Society of Heating and Ventil ternoon in the gymnasium. Palm room at 6:30 p. m. Players. business manager. ating Engineers last January in has increased and decreased in pro Ring committee, chairman, Earl Three sophomores have shown The Kentucky delegates to the Other members of the staff are Philadelphia, and is to be awarded portion to the way in which the Mrs. Mona Sansom, of Marshall Michel. Buffalo, N. Y., and Frances marked ability during the practice meeting will be busy talking and College, Huntington. W. Va., will be Mary Lewis Austin. James Dalton, yearly to man chosen by their idiosyncrasies of Its staff members sessions this year. They are Johnthinking sports. "Daddy" Boles Is a special guest at the banquet. An Doris Herald, W. W Rogers, and committee the having done tne most and their senses of humor appealed Ballard as expected to complete the basketball address will be given by Prof. E. F. Harry K. Scott. Invitation committee, chairman, son and Worthington who have been outstanding work in the field of to the students. The trainers are card for the year ana coacn uam Farquhar, and music will be furnContents of the university sec- heating, ventilating, and air condi- hoping that with the publication of D. L. CRoark, Triangle, Moms- most successful in defensive work, age may add a game or two to the ished by the university trio. tion are a history and views of the tioning during the proceeding year. the coming Issue the "evil kitty," town. N. J. and Hazel Baucom, Mae and Sales whose offensive work has Margaret G. Thompson and been outstanding. "Little" McGln-ni- s Wildcat football schedule for 1831. The society named the medal in the "obnoxious Kat," or whatever Bryant, Those who be Initiated are campus. The feature section inhas been playing his usual good Doctor Funkhouser will be occupied Amy Dietrich,willGertrude Griffin, cludes pictures of the eight beauties honor of Dean Anderson because he else he may come to be called, will Rex Allison. with Reneral conference business. Blanche Helm, Mrs. H. D. Perkins, selected by Earl Carroll, campus has trained more men in this field be established more .flrmly than Senior ball committee, chairman, game and seems to adapt himself rather well to the new system Ttott ever upon sharp claws. They are expected to return to Lex Florence Ryan, Al Stoffel. Kappa Sigma, Racine, Eula Shaw, E. J. snapshots, and pictures of the mili- than any other man in America ington sometime Sunday, tary department. l Wis., and Mary Grace Heavenndge, Is a sensational shooter who promWesley, and Banker White. and carries on experimentation in Social, honorary, and professional this line. The first award of the iMary Armstrong, Frances Holliday ises to be one of Kentucky's best The requirements for initiation fraternities and sororities will be men. land Ben Crosby. Club are, a scholastic standing of two listed under organizations. Separ- medal will be made the last week Percentage of shots made at Class day committee, chairman, for three years of college work, a ate pictures of the basketball, track, of January, 1931, in Pittsburgh, at J. W. Wilson, Delta Chi, Plneville, Wednesday's practice session class standing of junior in the Col- and baseball teams', individual pic- the annual meeting of the American Virginia and Carey Splcer. Mary lege of Education, and outstanding tures of the football team, coaches, Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers. Hailey, Fannie Curie Woodhead and McGinnis, 15; Splcer, 50; Sale, 50; work in the field of Education. Trainers, and managers will consti Yates, 50; Johnson. 75; Worthing Jack McGurk. The International Relations club tute the athletic section. ton, 60; Trott, 71; Bronston, 50. The entertained with a dinner meeting Summaries, and pictures of the are outstanding above players Divided press organizations, dramatic, and In the University Commons at 6:30 among the 22 men who comprise Miss Emily Hardin, president of other clubs of departments of the o'clck Tuesday night. The members varsity squad. Judging from Beta, woman's professional muthe Phi university will be included in the of the Cosmopolitan club, composed the percentages quoted, Coach sical and dramatic fraternity, anScience On December 14. at 7:30 p. m., of foreign students at activities section. Rupp's opinion seems to be most nounces that the annual tradition the universichoir of the First Methodist ty, Frank Stone, feature editor has the Concert and Basketball Sec- pessimistic. Such percentages made were guests at the dinner. Docof singing Christmas carols early having church will present "Dawn in the tor McVey The Political Science Forum met requested that students at the season's second scrimmage in the morning on the day before tions Begin Work Under presided and introduced Desert, an oratorio by R. Deane sound excellent to us. students leave for the holidays, last Monday with Leroy Combs, snapshots pertaining to university Shure. Director Sulzer the members of the Cosmopolitan presiding. There were life submit them for' use in the Saturday, Dec. 20, will be observed. a, telling the country Mr. Shure, a revolutionary com club to the cla-about twenty-fiv- e persons present Kentuckian. The group will sing at the dormiThe University of Kentucky band poser, has written many produc- each one represented. tories, and homes of prominent uni- and talks were given by two majors divided into two sections tions of note, among which "Dawn At the conclusion of the dinner has beenwinter, of Political versity faculty members and friends. in the department To Be for the the 'concert section, In the Desert" Is considered one of Dr. Amry Vandenbosch, a member custom of the fraternity Science. It is the the best. Some of the most promi- of the political science department and the basketball band. Both Herald D. Schimmel spoke on to hold a Christmas breakfast at To of the university delivered an ad- bands will be directed by Elmer G. nent Individual numbers from the one of the hotels, after the caroling, "Implications of the Congressional Colonial oratorio are: the "Divine Lullaby," dress on in part: Administration." Sultzer. on and this year, the breakfast will Elections.;' By carefully prepared The dramatic interest group of a duet for women's voices; the He said the first colonies were esThe basketball band will be a "Since be held at the Lafayette hotel. Miss figures and statistics he showed that chorus, tablished 400 years ago, there have special feature at all games this the Y. W. O. A., assisted by the Y. "Song of the Shepherds," a Mildred Little is in charge of ar- the Democrats composed a major The fall pledging exercises of and "The March of the Wise Men," been Involved two policies of adminwinter. The concert band will give M. C. A., will present a Christmas rangements for the affair, which ity of the newly elected seventy-secon- d play, "Why the Chimes Rang Out," Scabbard and Blade, national hon a male chorus. istration, that of assimilation, such classical programs. Congress. Of the thirty-thre- e will be attended by several friends orary military fraternity will Work this presentation was as Frances has employed, and the The Concert section has the fol- at the Vesper Hour Sunday afterstates electing governors, eight held Saturday afternoon, Dec. be begun inonJuly. Among and patrons of Phi Beta. noon, December 14, at 4 o'clock, in 13 the mem- autonomlcal method, as employed d, At a meeting of the fraternity Democrats replaced Republicans, at 4:30 o'clock This the Memorial auditorium. conjunction with bers of the choir are the following In the Dutch East Indies. Both lowing members: trombones, Monday afternoon In Patterson hall, and one Republican and one Farm-Labor- the first Cadet inHop of the year. university people: Dorothy Dayj systems have problems of public Bogardus, Baker; baritones, group is composed of girls who are health, education, differences in Adcock replaced Democrats. "Acit was decided that the Phi Beta and, who, and Welch; saxophones, Interested in dramatics six men will be pledged at that Mollle Mack Offutt, Mary Atkins, language, land ownership, inter-ra-cl- al octette, which has appeared at sev- cording to Mr. Jouett Shouse, chair- time. Mary Alice Salyers, Lenora Howe, marriage, taxation, forced or Hamon, Hoblltzcll, Hohn, Blades; throughout the year produce plays eral programs recently, will broad- man of the Democratic National The Cadet Hop will begin prompt Mrs. R. McCrocken, Alice Moss, contract labor, double codes of law, miscellaneous, Morsch, Boyd, Mich- for the Y. W. meetings. These stucast Christmas carols from the Committee, this is 'a mere forecast ly at 3 o'clock and continue until Mrs. Charles Bailey, Mrs. Leonard and stand of mother country on the dents make no claim to dramatic extension studio of WHAS at 1 o' of the next presidential election." 6. Music for the occasion will be Land, Banker White, Harold Ashley, control of colonial commerce and el, Lynn, Tudor; basses, Neuman, powers but aro interested only in The Republicans say that the furnished by the Kentuckians. clock on Christmas day. the open or closed door In regard to Watts, Lee; cornets, Halnsey, Bag-sha- interpreting the Y. W. program a David Young, Foster Peyton, Gor- raw materials produced for foreign Democratic landslide is due to ten piece orchestra. Judging Lisanby, Howard Williams, don Buskle, Struble, Jennett; through dramatics. The Y. M. C. "crazy-qull- t" conditions (differences the early sale of season tickets,from Bcattle Davis, B. P. Ramsay, Victor consumption, and many other probhas cooperated with tho group the lems." drums, Buskle, Stark, Templin, A. the production of this play. in opinion among the Republicans series of six Hops to be given Portmann, and Abner W. Kelley. In this In the various sections) which ex- tms year will surpass clarinets, Myers, McGurk, Traylor, Tho members of the cast are: Hol-ge- r, those of the Of this group six are members of ist. past years in attendance. Helen Glover; Steen, Frances Barlow, Cornett, Vlnapal, Chrlsman, Season Phi Beta, university musical soror- Pre-Me- d Everett Velrs spoke on the "Hoo- tickets for the entire six dances ity, and one Is a member of Phi The Y. W. O. A. is promoting a Foreman, Eayes, Frye. The drum True Brown: Bertel, Joe Ruttencut-te- r; ver program" as obtained from Pres. may be purchased from any mem- Mu Alpha, musical fraternity. Woman, Irma Pride; An Christmas bazaar, today from 3 to major will bo Crosby Bean and the A Priest, Old Hoover's address to Congress. The ber of Scabbard and Blade for $2.00. Robert Rudolph: Knights 8 o'clock at Patterson hall. Christlibrarian will be Ritter. and Ladies, Y. M. and Y. W. Freshmas novelties, candles, and cake will presidents address concerned the The tickets may be used for one boy Omega Beta PI, professional Tho members of the basketball man Group. be on sale, and the money from economic depression, which ho at- and date for each of the Hops or fraternity, entertained band will be: trombones, McDowell, over- six Doys ana aates lor one Hop. Assisting In tho production are these will be used for charitable tributed to To production, method of sale of Rus- Single admission tickets are fifty Tuesday night with a smoker hi the Zappln, Bishop, Amerson, Holtz-cla- Marlon Hess Galloway, Eleanor purposes mainly. Caudill; baritones, Gaines and Wlard, Peggy Smith, Dr. Abner Miss Martha Carleton of the Y. sian wheat, and the drouth. cents for each Hop. Thus by the The SuKy circle is giving the an- Science building. Invitations were W. C. A. senior cabinet will superpurchase of a season ticket, one may nual dinner dance for the members Issued to outstanding upper class Wheeler; miscellaneous, Heatlunan; Kelley and a Choral Group, After the vesper services Sunday saxophones, Markley and Warren vise the bazaar. She will be assistsave $1.00 on tho series of six of football squad at 6:30 p. m., at pre-meand the faculty members. (tenor); clarinets, Perry, Stern, afternoon, the members of the ed by members of the freshman dances, one being given each month Phoenix hotel. The entire varsity MOKE ANNUAL PICTURES Tho active members are: M. L. Bean, Gibson , Poynter, Blnford, faculty club will be at home to the cabinet who will take charge of the throughout the remainder of the squad has been Invited, and the SuKy circle will act as host. A ca- Barnes, J. D. Hays, Kendal Holmes, Fain, Cave, Norvell; basses, Thur-ma- n, students attending. Members of the various booths. Each booth will school year. Persons who desire additional pacity crowd Is represent a country where Y. W. O. Randall, Jefferson; and Tem-pe- l; Y. M. O. A. and Y. W. O A. comTho chaperones for the occasion ent to do honor expected to be pres- Andrew Mlddleton, Charles Palme-te- r, Drlnts of annual pictures for to Wildcats of 1930. A. work is being carried on, and will be Dr. and Mrs. Frank L. McJohn Prewltt, Woodford Ather- drums, Jolmson, Crowley, mittees will act as hosts. not the coaching staff the girls in charge will be dressed :he pictures indicated at the time Vey, Dean and Mrs. Paul P. Boyd, Members of and the alumnus of and ton. Hamon Back, John Hale, Hedges, Polsgrove, Peters; horns, the their wives, were taken, may get PENNILESS STARS DAKK in the native costumes of countries. Prof, and Mrs. E. F. Farquhar, SuKy circle are expected to attend William Hendrlck, William Hubble, Lowrey, Blackerby, Cohen, Bates; iiem by calling or seeing Rex Major An unusual program has been planand Mrs. Owen R. Meredith, this final banquet. Each year this Luther Vaughan, Robert Wise, Paul cornets, Hcrrington, Moore, VaughAllison, editor of the KentuckTwo more Hollywood screen arned for the afternoon. Capt. and Mrs. Clyde Grady, Capt. organization entertains the team Davisson, Griff Morsch, Horace an, Sullivan, Munford, McDanlel, announced yesterday. The advisory board of the Y. W. ian, it was be and Mrs. H. D. Schelbla, Lt. and and any man who has remained Lynn, and Horace Miner; Faculty Hoys, Hubbard, O art In, Ashley, Car- tists having gone bankrupt, brings This must done today or Satduring the entire members are: Dr. W. R. Allen, Dr. ter, and Thomas. The drum major back to mind that that is one town O. A. and the Woman's club of the Mrs. Percy LeStourgeoo, Lt. and with the team he urday, Mr. Allison stated. a university are assisting with the ba- Mrs. Crlswell, Lt. and Mrs. James year whether has has received to R. S. Allen, Dr. W. D. Funkhouser; will be Marlon Custard and William where even the stars are not allowbeen invited letter or not ed to twinkle if they cant put up. E. Reese. Ardery will act as librarian. and Dr. Barkenbus. the banquet. j SIGMA DELTA TO RELEASE KAT Seniors Select Members to Act On Committee Dean Anderson Sits as Model Of Medal Award Education Fraternity Initiation Cosmopolitan Is Entertained at Dinner Meeting Phi Beta to Sing Christmas Carols Before Holidays University Students Sing in Oratorio Students Speak Before Political Forum Band Is For Winter Months Christmas Play Feature of Sunday Vespers Scabbard and Blade Pledge at Cadet Saturday Dance Y.W.C.A.WillGive Christmas Bazaar Students Entertain Faculty SuKy Circle Is Host Football Squad t i