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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 12, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available r Friday, December 12, 1930 THE KENTUCKY KERNEL, SEMI.WKBKLV THE CAT'S MEOW Have Your Heating Plant Inspected Now! PLUMBING and HEATING Ashland 1840 103 E. Main Street Try Our Specials SODAS SANDWICHES COFFEE CURB SERVICE DRINKS DUNN DRUG CO. LIMESTONE Phones: Clay 200 AND MAXWELL - We Deliver 459 KSWHIIIUIinittlltllllllClllllltllllllUIIIIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIICllllllllttlllUIIHIIIIIIIIClllllllllllllC XMAS CARDS Have You Ordered Your Xmas Cards ? We have a complete assortment of beau-- 1 fifnllv anoravail U1IU niMrff orl Wl. U1UUJ VltA U VI and JlllllkVU tawla T ?? X SCHOOL SUPPLIES ALL KINDS OF PRINTING I 1 Transylvania Printing Co.f Incorporated Near Fayette Bank N. Upper St. II I.S Willi Mm lieitul mul nvnil..l tremors that 1 step into the shoes or Mr, Artlcry, who Is a real humorist to say little or nothing of his By GERTRUDE EVANS superb talents at unearthing the most vile scandal. We all no doubt mvu wuwicrcei just how ho gained access to his brilliant store of . rt ennma minnr that the kutM. Kiiowicugc of the "ffoln'n-on- " of hn campus.. I feel It a nartlcular rlntv cds prefer marriage but this Is true according 10 a cupyuiK irum umo w utouiuai; fcumn ni lllc tinriArlinurl Wcsleyan University which says that methods. Just wait! la thn most nonnlnr r Tabulations of a among their s. The ODcnlnif nf tiin s, questionnaire miawticu uy n the midst of n holiday, was In show that over 60 per cent prefer truth. inOSt Innilgnlnlntie ft,. housekeeping as vocation. of the fact that Delta Chls seemingly frightened all the chapcroncs Here arc a few snappy grid defi away), but Its prospects are bright- nitions taken from Basil Abram. er now. What with thn har hm Savannah Press. dance, the Alpha SIg cubby hole Holding Ramble scat technique. party, and the Urnnd Ball thrown Forward Pass (a) .Illegal use of by the Kappas, last week end's hands, (b) .Hospitality to the guy schedule was a better follow up. sitting on the row la front This week the place is swamped Neutral zone uau inc distance under a deluge of Jazz, punch and between the living room and kitch- sticky Hoors, inane dance conversation; and other characteristic trials unnecessary Delay A guy who to take the patience of Job. By the waits until he's leaving for an exway, how did the Alpha Gams ever cuse to kiss her. decide to let the Kappas put one Fair Catch A visitor, male or fe over on them bv having n foil rfnnnn male, who is unencumbered. first? Disqualified Player victims oi halitosis. Since the heroic return of Dick Downs Condition which requires Brewer, erstwhile editor of the sole aspirin and tomato juice the next COPY Of the Mnrmshlnnr nn tun morning. nowstands, there seems to have been Interference Any third party. quite a furor created at th Alpha Xi house. One of the sisters was This is a world of imitation. From slightly embarrassed, it Una iw,., the first, the child is taught to do said, when he dashed in on a prc- - things as others do them. The most viuus uaie, ana greeted her WARM- important crisis in the individual's LY. Oh mV. Oil tno thocn rlocV,!., s life comes during the first year at Texansl college. If he is fundamentally intelligent, he gradually comes to have original Ideas; if not, he continues Another hot mm nn Mm A1..l, Gams that so far has been kept to grope and gape. Originality is a under cover because of an error stranger in most universities. Colm uic papers. They dared to pull lege is not a place to mark tune for period. It is not a sim t another flri nlnrm nnf JUIIK tWU a four-ye..V.V which was credited to the Alpha Xls ple interlude between youth and ma in print. The firemen from the turity; it is a period when the youthful mind must begin to funcWoodland st.ftt.lnn am .n quainted now that they walked right tion independently. Syracuse Daily ngnt in ana proceeded with their Orange. sparch without hesitation. Perhaps My, how different are some of the rumors rpppntiv iia about this house of Greeks is true when they're only a state or two away. Denver Clarion. aner an. i.,o .,.. LEXINGTON'S MOST BEAUTIFUL DRUG STORE Visit Our Fountain 1 IIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIC2IIIIIIIIIIIICltlllllllCllllllllllllIIIIIIIICllilllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIC3l Hotel Lafayette headquarters for University students. organization parties at special student prices, with personal supervision. All Toniirht the Peanut VennWK smH the Pigskin Heroes, with some sev enty guests win cavort at the annual dance that the Nickel Snatch-er- s give for the sridiron warriors There ought to be a law against mis. juesiaes, it sounds like a rough party. Now that Kellv is twicp nn alter nate captain, there have been no end of aueries as to lust what, tho title means, if any. Address all answers to the Kelly Fan Mail Club, Big White House, South Lime. WWW Just like Madame Queen, nil t.he co-eare writing Santa Claus letters as Andy moans, no wonder the Merry Old Gent has a white beard! Chicago University Adopts New System Faculty and Approval Private dining room to accommodate fraternity ban- quets, sorority teams and M 1 Have Luncheon at our modern FOUNTAIN LUNCHEONETTE A sandwich, a soda and a walk is a health tip that is guaranteed to work. Light foods are healthful and prevant that after-noo- n Trustees Give of Novel Ex- amination Plan The University of Chicago had taken steps to put its house in or der before Dr. Flexner's work reached the bookstores. During his twelve months at Chicago as president, the Robert May-na- rd Hutchlns has been developing a pian, wnereby a student would get his degree whenever he could pass a comprehensive examination. On November 18. a dav before the publication of Universities, Chicago irusiees ana lacuity gave the Hut-chiplan their approval. President Hutchlns believes in neither the conventional graduate school nor the traditional four-ye- ar unaergraauate system which keeps a diploma on ice for any one who can amass a certain number of credits. He will therefore meree all departments into nve large sections, concerned with the physical sciences, the social sciences, the humanities and so on. In these a student may work as he pleases, take his comprehensive examination whenever he is ready and after examination, continue in special classes if he wishes and if his standing is satisfactory. A genius, we are told mav pass the examinations in two of three months; a brilliant student, In a year. students my loaf alone four years before being dismissed without degrees. Essentially, the plan rewards in dustry, without making it compulsory. Under it, the serious student may go at his own gait, rather than at the gait of those who yearn to be saxophone players or football coaches at Jerkwater colleges. The one plain objection to the Hutchlns plan Is that It may tend to over-strespeed in education. Whether it does or not will become apparent during the next five years. At the end of this period the plan will be continued, modified or abandoned according to its effect upon students, teachers and research work ers. At present It must be set down as an interesting and likely-lookiexperiment INTRODUCE.. "FLOPPY" FORQUER During "Floppy" Forqucr's senior year in high school, New Castle, Ky he was captain of the track, foot ball, basketball, and baseball teams. At the University of Kentucky he has not only been outstanding in athletics, but has gained other honors. He Is a member of Lamp and Cross, Scabbard and Blade, and O. D. K. Last summer he won the heavyweight boxing championship at Camp Knox. "Floppy" Is in the College of Edu cation, but he docs not contemplate teaching as his life work. If circumstances permit he may coach next year. Two Smart Evening Fashion Notes VIRGINIA DOUGHERTY Meeting Virginia Dougherty in McVcy hall one day I bcsclged her with my favorite questlonalre. I entered the university an a Junior and my first honor was that of being the only girl on the debat ing team," she said. "Aren't you also a member of the Kernel staff?" I asked. "Yes, I was elected associate news editor and associate editor," said the lovely sponsor. "What are your other activities? queried. "Member of Phi Beta, girl's band, and Taeta Sigma Phi, honorary Vogue and Harper's Bazaar have written pages Journalistic sorority," she replied. about the "Greek Influence on the Mode," but "At what school were you a fresh it took I. Miller to present a really Grecian man?" I asked. sandal in white moire, with all its lavlshness I spent my first year at the University of Wyoming where I was of detail. a member of PI Beta Phi, social sorority, debating team, orchestra, $16.50 dramatics, swimming team, and the Branding Iron staff," she answered. 'Where did you attend high school?" I asked. "I went to a girl's school in Salt Lake City, Rowland Hall. While there I also was a member of the debating team, dramatic club, choir, and art editor and literary editor of the annual staff," she enumerated for me. During the Interview I felt per fectly at ease because of the charming manner'with which she met me. Kizerm en pick conference teams. Possibly this characteristic is one of Exponent the many causes for her popularity team. Team: Ganten beln (Wis on the university campus. Later, I First consin) L. E. Lubratovlch (Wiscon- learned that as another tribute, her sin) L. T. S wider ski (Wisconsin) photograph L. G. Morrison (Michigan) C. Zeller THE MAN WHO KNOWS (Indiana) R. G. Samuels (Michigan) This new evening material has a dull sheen and R. T. Newman (Michigan) Q. R. ranks at the front of the Evening Mode. It The man who knows not and Jensvold (Iowa) L. H. Berry (Illimay be tinted any shade desired. A "Fashion" nois) R. H. Hudson (Michigan) knows not that he knows not, is a fool shun him. R. B. model. man who knows not, and The knows that he knows not, Is ignor $10.50 antteach him. The man who knows, and knows Miss not that he knows, is asleep awaken him. WOLF WILE'S MAIN FLOOR The man who knows, and knows Ambrose, state leader of Miss home demonstration agents in Ten that he knows Is wise follow him. Arabian Maxim. nessee, win oe tne principal speaK-- er at the general assembly of agricultural students at 9 o'clock, Friday morning, in the Judging Pavilion. Miss Ambrose will speak from the home economic's viewpoint. During the assembly the members of the Judging team who represented the university at the InternaREAL MEXICAN CHILE "CHILE MAC" 50c SUNDAY DINNER tional Exposition, the state health champions, Allaine Hill and Duke STEAK DINNERS THE RUMBLE SEAT SQUEEZE Petit, a member of the champion club judging team, Wilford Graves, and a member of the team which represented the state of Kenr s tucky at the National Dairy show in St. Louis, Boyd Wheeler, will be introduced. The last four students are freshmen who won their honors before entering the university. The Grecian Sandal 2. White Faille Silk Ag. Students to Hear Ambrose Speak STUDENTS who LIKE the BEST YWW PROFESSOR WRITES ARTICLE Colvin P. Rouse, a member of the faculty of the College of Commerce, has written an article entitled, "Communications ofMercant lie Agencies" which appeared in the latest edition of the Temple Law Lexington's Originators of Good Things to Eat Rose Street at College View Ashland 4039 The Best I for all occasions I THERE'S A DIXIE DEALER NEAR YOU I Chosen drowsiness that comes from over eating. U. K. Co-E- d For luncheon today, or any other time stop at Hall of Fame our modern fountain and try a sandwich, Sara Reynolds, a former student salad or any of our delicious fountain foods. at the university, has been awarded For THE BEST IN EVERYTHING Consolidated Drug Stores Incorporated PHOENIX STORE 100 E. Main St. MAY WE XchangeS J. BLACKBURN I. PAGE THREE CURRY'S CORNER 101 W. Main St. JOHN'S CORNER 201 E. Main St. the distinction of being chosen for the college hall of fame in the current issue of College Humor magazine. Miss Reynolds was chos en as one of the eight beauties in the annual beauty contest. She is Is a member of the Delta Zeta sorority, and a sponsor in the Military department. Her home is In Covington, Kentucky. Leaving Dec. Room In auto for one willing to pay part of car expense. See Mr. Reap at 350 WoodAdv. land ave. Florida and Return 20. return Jan. 4. I