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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 12, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copj KERNEL. THE KENTUCKY $3.00 a year. Entered at Lexington, Ky. PostofTicc as iciond class mall matter Subicrlptton HERE SHALL THE KERNEL PRESS ALL STUDENT RIGHTS MAINTAIN FRANCES HOLLIDAY LOIS FURCLLL HATCHER VIRGINIA Managing Editor Assistant Managing Editor . ASSOCIATE EDITORS ASSISTANT EDITORS Lillian Meacham Margaret Cundlfl Virginia Nevlns MARY V. HAILEY (CATHERINE PHELPS ELEANOR . Kewa Editor . Assistant Newt Editor . Society Editor SMITH ASSISTANTS Henrietta Stone VIRGINIA ... Polly Reese DOUGHERTY Kathryn Williams Louisa Fannie Woodhead Ellen Mlnnllian 8PECIAL WRITERS Emily Hardin Sports Editor Mary E. Price Alice Bruner Oertrude Evans Blckcl Vinma Shaffer REPORTER8 Juliet Galloway Eleanor Swcarenger Eleanor Dawson Ed j the Reynolds Mary O. Griffith Mary P. Fowler Sue Dlckerson Dorothy Carr Bucna Mathls BUSINESS . COLEMAN R. SMITH Lucille Howerton VV. W. Sacra ADVERTISING . . ALBERT J. KIKEL H. P. Klrkman James Morgan RALPH STAFF . . Busness Manager Betty Tipton Orant Campbell STAFF Advertising Manager Fred Hodges Allle Mason Circulation Manager KERCHEVAL KENTUCKY KERNEL PLATFORM A Canpu Beautiful University Expansion Disscmlntlon of University News to Kentucky Strict Observance of Laws and Repeal of New Attendance Rule Better Scholarship GRANDMOTHER'S GRANDDAUGHTER In spirit, at least, grandmother's granddaughter Is not so different from grandmother when she was the same age. The characteristics of the grandmother, though amended and modified or enlarged, as the case may be, are recognizable as those of the grandmother. Speed, that trait so often attributed to the granddaughter, was not lacking In her ancestor. Numerous little old ladies gleefully tell of the times when they delighted In racing their horses when their elders weren't looking. It must be admitted that our grandmothers were encumbered with layer upon layer of clothing, which endeavored to curb their effervescent spirits. The era In which they lived called for minute care and attention to their attire, which resulted In frills and furbelows Inside and out. Their toilets, as their costumes were called, were carefully designated as morning, afternoon, walking, equestrian, opera, evening, boudoir, and various other types. Laces, flowers, newly designed taffetas, stiff and ruffled materials were used to make the frilly caps, gowns, underskirts (of which they often wore two, three, or four) and gloves. The home, with occasional Industrious ladles trying their hand at sewing, cooking, teaching or writing, provided industry and professions for grandmother. There is no end to the professions In which granddaughter may enter. If she desires, she may live with grimy hands in the work of an engineer, a geologist, a mechanic, She may employ her or other industrialists. natural perogative or curiosity in the duties of journalist, social service worker, in an Intelligence office, or as her grandmother, In the rooms of the nation's schools. The world's citizens must be fed, so granddaughter enters the business of raising, preparing, selling, or managing the dispensation of food. There Is a vast variety of positions open to granddaughter, from which she may choose her life work. Oddly, and yet not so unexpectedly, granddaughter continues to follow the example set by grandmother, and chooses to take on a husband, a home, and whatnot, with all the attached cares and duties. Investigations, those erstwhile Institutions of the Hoover administration, have resulted in figures showing that more than eighty per cent of the college women of America prefer a home to business. All of which upholds the fact that the granddaughter of 1930 is forsaking the life of a tomboy, which she has led for the past ten years, and assaying the charm and sophistication of her grandmother. She will continue to take advantage of opportunities which have been accorded her, and which her grandmother did not have. The right to education, political activity, and social equality with the opposite sex are con time there is always terest. Persons find that to do that which appeals to them. To those who have an executive ability, these societies offer a way of exemplifying it. They to the student arc a means of who otherwise might be subjugated by the Often prevailing opinion of fellow workers. the leaders of these groups arc those who are unknown in other fields. As a whole, women's organizations arc benefiSIGMA cial and will be more so as they gain prominA ence among tho campus activities. As an InORGANIZATION centive, a goal fco be reached, or an honor to be they cannot be surpassed. The UniverWomen In Journalism arc each day becoming gained, as a democratic inmore numerous, capable and outstanding. Po- sity of Kentucky is reputed Is in the power of the students to sitions on newspapers which were once thought stitution. It students of other only for the stronger sex are being filled with act an example for women schools. Be a booster and enter into the spirit great success by women. of the organization to which you arc a member. Theta Sigma Phi, honorary and professional Journalistic fraternity for women, enjoys the honor of having among its members many proSTUDENTS-FACULT- Y minent personages of literature, newspaper work Such names as and college administration. Zona Gale, Honore Wlllsle Morrow, Sophie Kerr, By MARGARET LEWIS Dec, Dorothy Dlx, Blanche Colton Williams, Mary On December 27 at Hotel Hastings Bradley, Temple Bailey, and scores of troit, Michigan, will begin the opening session others are members of this association of women of the National Student-Facult- y Conference. interested in journalism. The purpose of this conference Is to provide an Theta Sigma Phi is unique in that it is both opportunity for consultation and sharing of an honorary and a professional fraternity. It experience concerning the place of religion and is also a working organization of women. These the agencies of religion In college and univerdescriptive adjectives as applied to Theta Sig- sity life. ma Phi mean: "honorary" as distinguished from As far back as 1926 this conference has been social; "professional" as distinguished from In the making. Students and faculty from all amateur; "working organization" meaning a parts of the country have been thinking on the society that seeks to accomplish definite things things that draw them together and the things as opposed to an organization individually ac- that keep them apart. On December 27 will be tive but achieving nothing as a body. the culmination of all of these thoughts and In other words, Theta Sigma Phi does not experiences, and the outcome is something to stop at being merely honorary, but seeks to be watched. Opportunity will be afforded for dally plenary make definite contribution to the cause of better Journalism and to assist its members to real sessions and for addresses In the field of educaThe achievement In the field of letters. tion, religion, and social readjustments. The purposes of Theta Sigma Phi are three- reports from seven commissions, which have fold: to unite in the bonds of good fellowship,-colleg- been collecting data for several months, will trained women either engaging in or be used as a basis of discussion in the conferpurposing to engage in the profession of Journ- ence. The eyes of the student and faculty world alism; to confer honor up women who distin- arc being turned on this conference because guish themselves in journalism either as under- - of Its educational as well as religious value. There jraduates or as professionals; to accomplish defi- can be no doubt of the constructlveness of such nite achievement as an organization in the a conference, and the value each local campus field of letters calculated to raise the standard will receive in improving Its own student-facult- y of Journalism, to Improve the working condU relationships. tlons for women of the profession, and to in spire the individual to greater effort. SECTION In order to stimulate interest In research among women students of Journalism and to PETITION TO MY MASTER make a valuable contribution to the annals and the literature of the profession of Journalism, Look not, beloved, Theta Sigma Phi offers each year a prize of $100 To my faults. for the best essay on some phase of woman's Be blind, beloved, work In journalism. The judges are nationally Yea be kind! prominent persons, and much Interest Is maniOr else master of my heart, fested In this prize which is open to any woman Seeing the error of my ways, student in an institution In which there is a Say your hope allays chapter of the fraternity. Their very being. The members of Chi chapter on this campus are outstanding students, active in all phases Love sees only heart to heart of university life. With this issue of the Kernel Beloved. they are observing their annual custom of editing the paper without the help of the members NATURE'S LOVE of the opposite sex. I walked the hill one night long passed 'Twas dark and clouds were In the sky. Her hoary locks Dame Nature had ORGANIZATIONS But lately she'd. Her eyes were filled With tears; perhaps of sorrow or Until recently, women's organizations on the Regret because she must begin University of Kentucky campus have been suAnew and live the long year through bordinated. Many have been established, but In name only. Recently, these organizations She decked herself in gentle green, have gained in importance and have risen to Besprigged with lovely locust bloom. prominence in the eyes of the students. Her breath was fresh with faint perfume; to this subordination Many attribute Her eyes were dark with brooding thought, lack of interest on the part of the participants. As someone she awaited there. Because of the military atmosphere, the men Her fireflies lit my way students seem to have a more patriotic viewUnto our hidden rendezvous. point, and, when organized, work together for the good of the cause. The women construct I sat upon a low flat stone excellent programs but are unable to carry Each blade of grass my feet caressed. them out because of a lack of enthusiasm. My head lay quiet upon her breast. For example, it has been said that the Thus Nature gave and gave and gave Women's Student Government Association on And no return she asked but that the Kentucky campus is the best in theory of I be her own eternally. any college in the United States but in theory MARY GALLOWAY GRIFFITH. only. Girls will not cooperate to make this theory effective. When questioned they reply "Wisdom is the principal thing." Solomon. that because of faculty Interference they are unable to govern as they see fit and lose all Blessed Is that customer who at this time is responsibility for the whole affair. No doubt weighed by merchants and found wanting the faculty often wonders what would happen wanting more goods. Foster and Catchings. if they didn't Interfere. In dormitories, especially, student government executives are conWe scrawl experience on our brain and, alstantly attempting to stay on the good side of though we wash Its memory in fresh adventure, the chaperones and the girls too, giving little the Ink has sunk indelibly to mark our characthought to the organization as a whole. ter forever. Charles S. Brooks. Some girls suggest that there Isn't enough spare time to devote to these organizations beThe uverage Russian and the average Americause of a crowded student life. Others enter can speak a fundamental language and apprespirit of needing an activity. Such ciate the same wisecracks. with the cannot be expected to promote in attitudes Mooney, of General Motors. cessions which arc not likely to be relinquished by granddaughter now, or in the future. It is absurd to consider that such a condition as formerly existed would bo prevalent again. PUBLISHED 8EMI.WEEKLY ON TUESDAY AND FRIDAY Suffice It to say that grandmother's grandUniversity OlTitial Npapcr of the studenti of the daughter is an improved edition of her beloved of Kentucky, Lexlntton forerunner. MEMBER K. 1. P. A. The Kentucky Kernel Friday, December SEMI-WEEKL- Y PHI, THETA WORKING CONFERENCE LITERARY Growth of Y. M. C. A. Dates Back to 1890 SEVENTY. FIFTH ANNIVERSARY 1858 Kentucky Branch Organized By Col. Dick Johnson, Engineering Graduate pi of the energy we use demands VALVES In 1890, under the leadership of Dick Johnson, of the College of Engineerings, a branch of the Y. M. O. A. was organized at the University of Kentucky, and, In the 40 years that have ensued, it has grown to be one of the most influential of the campus organizations, although It is the only one of such organizations to have a definite religious purpose, the Y. M. O. A. was founded to be of service to all the students, and to promote the highest ideals among them. The service of the organization Is not limited to the members only, who now number 348, but it attempts to aid any student in any problem, whether financial, social, or spiritual, which he may present. At the completion of the present Alumni hall In 1901, the "Y" established its headquarters on the second floor of the building and installed reading and recreation rooms. In 1911, due to the rapid growth of the orgnlzatlon, it was found necessary to employ Mr. E. L. secretary. Within Hall as full-tim- e a few years, Mr. Hall was transferred to the Chinese branch of the Y. M. C. A. and, Mr. James Parks, present commonwealth attorney of Fayette county, filled the position. In 1920, Bart N. Peak, present secretary of the Association, came to the university, and, with the exception of one year, has served continuously since then. " Eighty-seve- n per cent of the energy we use in our daily life . . . heal energy as well as mechan ical energy, exclusive of that produced in our own bodies and brains ...is derivedfrom the hj' drotarbon ehain, eoal, oil, and gas. Water power yields firewood 6ro, work animals JrC." fc, Cikorof. Otis Smith, U. S. Geological Survey Take away the 87? of energy now extracted from coal, oil, and gas . . . and we would be back in the year 1855 . . .the year Crane Co. was founded. Take valves and fittings away, and we would be deprived not of 87 but of 91. For from water power as well as from coal, gas, and oil, energy is almost never extracted in the modern world but valves and fittings enter into the process. It is significant that the history of Crane Co. and the history of modern utilization of natural energy, cover almost exactly the same period. Many years ago, Crane metallurgists and engineers began the development of piping materials for each new need as it appeared. The years since rehave seen every Crane resource search, engineering, production . . . devoted to supplying materials that would keep the road to progress open. LOST One pair of gloves In Mc-Vhall, Monday afternoon. Mens return to Prof. gloves. Please ARTISTS' MATERIALS .. COMPLETE LINE OIL COLORS PAINTS L What Crane has learned and the materials that it has developed will be of vital interest to you after you leave school. Let us send you the story of research in piping metals, "Pioneering in Science." GRIBBONS' STUDIOS 150 SOUTH LIME V i C RAN FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS PIPING MATERIALS TO CONVEY AND CONTROL STEAM. LIQUIDS. OIL. GAS. CHEMICALS MICHLER CRANE To CO., GENERAL OFFICES: 636 S. MICHIGAN 4 E , AVE., CHICAGO OFFICES: 23 W. 44TH STREET Branchn and Saitt Officii in One Hundred and Ninety-u- x NEW Florist 417 E. MaxwelL 1930 A Col. PASTELS-CHARCOA- 12, 1930 YORK Citin Ph. Ash 1419 the type of mind that exults in WOMEN'S I high adventure" The telephone has taken wing! And Western Electric men work ing hand in hand with leading airlines- - are finding high adventure Storm warnings on the tving a new use of the telephone growing industry in helping to solve the problems of communication .. ho vital to that Western Electric's knowledge of voice transmission equipment manufacture, gained through fifty years of making Bell telephones, is constantly being applied to new uses in step with the times. The airplane radio telephone is but one THIRSTY? HUNGRY? 8 TRAINS CINCINNATI Visit Alexander's Sandwiches Luncheonette Soda Fountain Service School Supplies Xmas Supplies S. 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