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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 12, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

py Available t .jwyjNf Friday, December 12, 1930 SQUAD PRACTICES FOR BASKETBALL wr THE KENTUCKY KERNEL the athletic department. The full list of frosh numeral men now Is as follows: J. Allen, L. Ashcr, F. Atkinson, It. Angcluccl, S. Bach, J. Barber, C. Ball, R, Ball, L. Barker, W. Bar-rcr- a, II. H. Beard, C. H. Blcmmer, P. E. Caddy, T. Cassady, L. Cloyd, J. Dcmlngs, L. Fiddler, C. Galloway, S. C. Garwln, R. Goodman, F. A. Hlbbs, E. Settle, T. Rawlctt, H. S. Traynor, R. Hlckcy, J. W. Jones, F. Jean, L. .Tudd, B. Jacobs, II. Keys, Klrby, R. Kercheval, E. Mc- y, Conachtc, B. Mcowell, H. W. F. Miller, F. K. Myers, Ken Nicholson, S C. Osborn, L. O. Par-ris- h, K. S., Pate, W. Palin, H. Prlb-bl- e, J. P. Price, R. Rcld, E. Shank-ll- n, J. Schoopman, F. Spencer, J. F. Staples, S. W. Smith, D. Thompson, H. L. Wagner, W. Wollum, R. Wol-luJoe Jacobs, Carruthers, F. C. Dye, N. Duff, R. L. Core, J. D. Janes, O. B. Murphy. E. L. Janes. J. D. Mc- Gulre, R. Bradshaw and E. Stark. Coach "Baldy" Glib and 30 aspiring and perspiring nthlctcs arc working strenuously every night in the Euclid avenue gymnasium in anticipation of the basketball Reason. They also have been scrimmaging Coach Rupp's Big Blue varsity five with disastrous results to themselves, the varsity being too "hot" to handle at present. As yet, there are no great stars present on the frosh squad, but the majority of candidates for the team are capable players, according to Coach Glib. Elimination of those candidates not deemed capable of making the team is expected to begin soon, possibly at the practice session tonight. Coach Gilb is following the varsity coach's fast-bresystem this year. It is much easier coaching style of than the Illinois slow-breplay, he said, because most of the players have been accustomed to the fast-breIn high school play. Prof. James Martin, director of inirty additional numeral men the bureau of business research. of were announced the past week by the College of Commerce has published an article in this week's edition of the NationaJ Petroleum News. The article was written with the assistance of Mr. Marshall Harris, and deals with the effect of the high rate of gasoline tax as compared with low rates on the consumption of gasoline. Mr. Martin has written Ave articles, two of which have already been published, one to appear this week, and the others to appear in the near future. i PAGE FIVE Vfiree Kentucky QrTclders ort Fencing Tourney To Be Held in Gym Competition Is Based on Honor System; Round Robin Will Be January 0 , The department of intramural athletics under the direction of Mr. Applcbnum will sponsor a fencing tournament beginning Friday night, January 9, In the Men's gymnasium. Any student in the fencing classes of the university may enter the contest. There will be three bouts in the tournament, In the first of which approximately 36 men are expected to enter. In this round 18 men will be eliminated, and the remain ing 18 will enter the second bout. The nine winners of this round will enter the third bout, which will be a round robin affair. Each of the nine contestants must fence the eight others in order to determine the winner of the tournament. The purpose of the fencing tournament is twofold to aid the men physically and to promote good sportsmanship. The honor system will be used in determining the contest winner since there will be no , S(?UAD Martin Has Article In Petroleum News 42 out of 54 pipe tobacco EM t; Benton's Sweet Shoppe Dr. R. S. Allen, head of the anat omy and physiology department, requests that all al students in the university report to his office at their earliest possible convenience. FAMOUS FOR CHOCOLATE ' - '"L ? -- ' B V Owens, all of whom were regulars on last year's university team that went to the semi-fina- ls of the Southern Intercollegiate Conference at Atlanta, Georgia, last March. Coach Turkey Hughes, of the Maroons, has been working his Coming Sunday team overtime in preparation for A. G. R., 1; Sigma Chi, 6, Kappa tonight's contest and has promised Intramural Games to End Sig, 0; Kappa Alpha, 6, Triangle.O; 7 DAYS a good game for followers of his Saturday Afternoon on Lambda Chi, 0, Phi Delts, 7; Delta team. Stoll Field Taus, 0, Pi Kappa Alpha, 2. Second round: Phi Sigma Kappa, UP at the windows of EACH TEAM EXPRESSES 0, S. A. E., 6; Alpha Slgs, 2, A. T. O., LOOK to find out what CONFIDENCE IN SELVES 3; Sigma Chi, 6, Kappa Alpha, 0; R. W. SMOCK Wrecking Crew, 4. Engineers, 3; the Yale man smokes. In the springResults of Preliminary Games Phi Delts, 0, Pi Kappa Alpha, 2. Watch Your Watch time you'll see him sitting in his Third round: A. T. O., 5, S. A. Of Twenty Teams Are E., Sigma Chis, 12, Pi Kaps, 0. window seat with a pipeful of Announced Finals for fraternity title: A. T. O. Edgeworth between his teeth. 2, Sigma Chi, 3. The final game of the Intramural On Chapel Street . . . out at the Clock Football tournament for the chamBowl . . . everywhere the Yale man pionship of the university will be U. K. r played on Stoll field Saturday af- -j goes, his pipe and Edgeworth go Work Called For and Delivered Game ternoon between the "Wrecking with him. And at 42 out of 54 of Crew," independent team from. 157 S. LIME PHONE 7638 Marshall College, of Huntington, with Bradley hall, and the Sigma Chis. the leading colleges and universities The tilt is scheduled to begin at W. Va., has accepted the University LOUISE DRESSER 2 o'clock and the boys of both teams of Kentucky's invitation to play a Edgeworth is the favorite tobacco. vow that they will be victorious. The basketball game here for the unemJotel McCrea A tobacco must be good to win by a Helen Cohan tournament has been in progress ployment fund being raised Mayor SPECIAL TO by the vote of so many discriminating more two weeks and by committee appointed Sharon Lynn for processthanelimination the chase James O'Brien. The tilt will take UNIVERSITY STUDENTS the of smokers. And Edgeworth is good. M. Kerrigan has been narrowed down to the place Saturday night, December 27. J. and Heels The University of Kentucky agreMen's Half-Sole- s To con vincey oursel ftry Edgeworth. two teams. Sixteen organizations entered the race and the four in- ed to give all its share of the gate $1.50 You cap get it wherever tobacco is receipts of this game to charity. dependent teams brought the total U. of K. Football Equipment sold . . . 1 5fi a tin. Or, for a generous The only expenses required by Marto 20. College Specialist free sample, write to Larus 6t Bro. The competition among the dif shallto make will be the sum required the trip down here, ferent fraternities and independent about $165. CITY HALL SHOE Co., 105 S. 22d St., Richmond, The balance of the teams has surpassed even the most proceeds will be REBUILDERS turned over to the optimistic expectation with the riVirginia. unemployment fund. 156 N. Limestone STARTS SUNDAY valry reaching' fever heat. The Nest to City Hall Garare crowds have been unusually large Preme Sat. Night 10:30 p. m. and the finals are expected to at N. I. B. tract a crowd comparable to those Be attending a regular game. SMOKING TOBACCO The fraternity championship was The National Interscholastic Basdecided last Wednesday when the ATO's engaged the Sigma Chis in a ketball tournament, which meets Edgeworth li a blend close battle. The Sigma Chis emerg each year in Chicago, has been disof fine old burleys, UMk idt wit hits natural tavor ed with the greater portion of the continued according to recent anJ enhanced by score being chalked to their credit nouncement made by Amos Alonzo -Drink distinctive 7 but with the margin of victory be- Stagg, originator of the event. Mr. eleventh process. ing only by the count of 3 to 2. Stagg said that "It has developed to Buy Edgeworth The protest of the ATO's concern- the point where there is no longer I n two forms ing the legality of the first down any necessity for it and will not be "Ready-Hu- b bed" and "Plug Slice." All that spelled victory for their op renewed." Marjorie Ram beau ilzea, 15 pocket ponents was dropped when it was! This tournament, in which the Delicious and Refreshing package to pound decided that it should have been Kentucky teams played such an Im Dorothy Jordan humidor tin. portant part, was started In 1917 made on the playing field. and has been held annually with Saturday's game Is the of a brilliant intramual sea the exception of the two years the son, for volleyball, handball and war interfered. After an attack made by the Nafootball. The department will open its winter season shortly after tional Federation of High School exams with basketball and diamond Athletic Association and the North Central Conference of Colleges and ball. The probable line-u- p for Satur Secondary Schools, a committee met day's game follows: last spring to form a decision. Wrecking Crew Pos. Sigma Chi Incorporated Bailey George RE U. K. Dreathouse . ...RT Henderson Klnkead Golson RG Will C reenqulst Johnson LG Klrkman Henderson An independent net team comChaney LT Perry posed of former University of KenEasley tucky basketball stars will meet ttie Stone LE QB Wallace Hlllen Eastern Kentucky State Teachers Hoffman LH Carrico College Maroons on the Madison tofloor Hogue RH Smith high school o'clock. at Richmond the will be night at 7 Simmons FB Davidson first game played byItthe new net The scores of the intramural foot team, known as the Kentucky Greyball games follow: hounds. Independents: Wrecking Crew, 6, The Greyhounds boast one of the Breckinridge hall, 0. Engineers, 3, strongest lineups any independent team has presented in central KenIndependents, 2. in Sigma Nu. 1. Phi tucky stars several years, boasting of Fraternities: Slgs, 2; S. A. E., 6, Phi Tau, 0; Delta such guard; as McBrayer, "Big" McGlnnis, Stan3, Alpha Slgs, 4; A. T. O., 2, ley Milward, Cecil Combs and Hayes Chi. n inn WE RENT TUXEDOS WILL DRESS UP FOR THE to Play Charity With Marshall Together DANCE IC Repairing COMPLETE LINE OF MEN'S FURNISHINGS GOLDBERGS j EDGEWORTH PAN-HELLEN- Reserve Your "Tux" Now Careful Watch and L FUDGE CAKES S Wreckers Will Meet Sigma Chis for Intramural Crown and Yale agrees Conrad Rose, guard on the Uni versity of Kentucky football team, who graduates In June, received an invitation yesterday to partici pate In the charity football game that will be played in New York. day, between picked Christmas elevens from the midwest and east. Rose wired his acceptance. Cantaln Flonny Forauer. who also finished his grid career at the Uni versity of Kentucky this season, had already received an invitation. FOUNTAIN DRINKS Jc ' p Rose and Forquer To Play in Charity Tilt We serve hot chicken, croquettes, soups, chilli, delicious salads and dainty sandwiches. Unusually fine home-mad- e pies and cakes this FAVORITE fe4 Judges. Those participating In the tournament must report the points made at the end of each bout to the committee in Ichorge, which will consist of Mr. Applcbaum, Mr. Hackensmlth, Mr, Potter, and Mr. Hanson. The first man making three touches or points In each round is the winner and Is then eligible to fence with another winner. The champion of the entire tournament will be presented a silver cup by the department of Intramural athletics, and those winning second, third, and fourth places will be given medals. LUNCH at BENTON'S colleges choose a?. 'SWT! "Lexington's Leading Tailors" LEXINGTON, KY. Tournament Not to This Year at last j. 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