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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 12, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available THE KENTUCKY PAGE SIX Thcta Sigma Phi Roams the Rial to By EDNA SMITH jft mm l "Big Money," a Pathc picture under the direction of Russell Mock, featuring Eddie Qulllnn nnd Robert Anntstrong, Is now playing at the Ben All. It presents n great satire on gangsterism nnd Is only fair entertainment. There arc a few laughs and a few thrills, but Eddie Quillan Is a misfit for his part as a gansgster. He takes the pari remarkably well, but his type is too young for such a character. Came Youth" will open at the Ken-luck- y Saturday. It Is under the direction of Lloyd Carnlgnn and NorMcLloyd nnd is taken from the man story by George Marian, Jr. "Outward Bound," now playing at the Slrnnd, is featuring Douglas Pnirbnnds. Jr.. Alec B. Francis. Lcs- He Howard, nnd Helen Chandler. ana It Is a wnmcr Brouicrs picture Milunder the direction of Robert ton. The entertainment should be cood. The State theater opens Friday in "Shadow with Buck Jones Ranch" with the famous dew Rln- Tin-Ti- n as the main feature. As dog pictures of the "frozen north" go, this one should not be any worse than any of the rest of them. opens nt the Slrnnd Sunday. The pnrt of "Llghtnln" Dill" Jones, manager of n hotel In Reno, Is snld to be g ambition of Will kor-cr- s. the Tills picture Is tnken from the old piny which Frank Bason originally popularized with his performance. The story contains much homely philosophy nnd Is a corned) set on the dividing line of California nnd Nevada, Many amusing situations arc to be found and Rogers presents a delightful character be sketch. The entertainment will not most excellent. You'd better miss It, or you will be sorry. KERNEL. Scandal University Graduate Is Recent Author By WILLIAM ARDERV Speaking over radio station IWROL at Knoxvllle after the game 'Tom Riley, dramatic critic, Stroller Immense canine and university announcer, "Well folks, I reckon you know that I'm from Lexlnln' by this Miss Ollie Depew whose book on time." Shol Shol William Farnum has returned to "The Relationship Between Dog and the screen and along with him Master" lias been accepted for pubWe are utterly perplexed at Norma Talmadge makes a decided lication next year by the Century the antiquity of the technique improvement over her first "talkie," Publishing Company collected much "Lights of New York." "Madam Du which is practiced by cttcs at of her material at the University of Barry" depicts a story of a beautithe University of Kentucky. The Kentucky, where she was a student ful young milliner' who strikes the same old line, the name ancient 3. fancy of a gambler who uses her as in the years , lies, the same primordial, silly, a decoy to his gambling den. There Miss Depew majored in English unstHdied, Indelicate flattery she meets the king who is immeand mlnorcd in history and polltl-- , We often wonder if the "dread diately enamoured with her charms. cal science. She received her A. B. bid strong: man" stuff Is handed Conrad Nagel takes the part of a degree from the college of Arts and , down from feneration to feneralieutenant in the King's army. The real thread of a love story which Sciences in 1922 and her M. A. detion or If every irfrl finds from runs throughout the whole play is gree in 1923. Miss Depew is an Engexperimentation that It hardly and Will Rogers returns again and as lish instructor at Murray College at that of this dashing young manstory ever fails. Du Barry. The trend of the usual maiccs a great, nit. tie is sup Is very melodramatic. It is now noted by Louise Dresser in "Light the present time. of And necking It should be a playing at the Kentucky. nin" a Fox production under the The research covered a period fine art by this time but Instead Charles "Buddy" Rogers in "Along direction of Henry King, which approximately 50 years, and about more 200 articles were examined on the is becoming constantly subject. The collection includes 24 crass, more purely physical, and essays by such writers as Booth more monotonous. Morley, i Tarklngton, Christopher ROYALE CASINO Agnes Reppller, and W. H. Hudson. And hospitality now it has degenerated into forcing a smile Ten of the 24 authors are profesOpen for Winter Season sional writers and four are college for unwelcome guests, insisting professors. The material was collectthat they eat food they do not want, and feeling vastly relieved ed from the University of Kentucky library, the Lexington library, and when they have departed. DANCING FREE ADMISSION 50c the library of Murray State college. The truly sophisticated, we have Dancing Every Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat. Nights heard, do not exclude themselves from society and speculate on the 242 EAST MAIN PHONE ASHLAND 642 innate stupidity of mankind. Rather Advice maitney associate wiui uieir iciiuw mu- .Newspaper ,mals and remain unmoved at every new evidence oi mat siupiaiiy. If you want to keep your health newspaper man, take When you find a member of the and remain a up a specialty, George William Rus proletariat referring to his fellows recently told a student of as revoltingly proletarian then you sell, "AE," the University of Missouri school or have truly a Democracy. journalism. "The life of the every day jourWell morons did you miss us at nalist never settled, always going the Kanna tea party? You missed to and fro, without any object In missing something If you did not life is detrimental to your physical which all goes to prove mat tne Page 15c (Single Space) PAGE 8c (Double Space) neaitn," ne saia. Kappas are not even luke warm, "Whatever you do, make it a point the Chi Omegas. Yeah, smart' to specialize in some certain field, likeyou guessed it, we were the only Ash. 8261-- Y A. literature, drama, history, sciences, les in the state of Kentucky who industry, or what not. This way ones get a bid. you will have an opportunity, not didn't 404 ROSE STREET only to become known in the world, We have decided to classify by the but also to keep yourself In physi cally good condition and live a bet- order of merit system every sorority aiiiiiiwiiiiottwiWMiiiKHiHiiiiiiiiraniiiiiiniicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiMiiiiiiiiicaiHiiiiiiiiicjiiiiiiiimicai which we deem all merltrlous. Tne ter life. "If you specialize, let us say in following are the houses in the or drama, when an editor needs an der of their importance. (1) Three triangles. article written on a certain subject pertaining to that field, he will be (2) C. and O. railroad girls. reminded that you are a specialist (3) AlDha Damns. on It He will undoubtedly send to (4) Ineligible Ettes (occasionally you for such a story. It Is the same to as "Kappas ). in all other lines of journalism referred (S) Kadles. where specialization mav be work (6) Delta Zeta and Alpha Zees ed out." (tie). (7) Sigma Nu's. DEAN EVANS TO ATTEND We selected the Triple Deltas for first place because we do not Dean A. E. Evans and Prof. For rest R. Black will attend the meet know them. The Chi Omegas ran a ing of the Association of American close second due to their Inimitable of Law Schools at the Stevens hotel in Venus and their charming way put Chicago during the week of the denouncing the Kappas. Politics Tne Kappas twenty-nint- h of December. Pro theAlpha Gams third. fessor Black will speak at one of the took fourth on their ability to mar CUT The others sessions on whether or not senators ry off the members. should disapprove appointments of also ran except the Sigma Nu's and EXPERT IN OUR LINE members of the Supreme Court be- thev came last without even enter cause of economical and political ing the competition no real girl differences, and Dean Evans will would belong to them. talk at the Property section Sunday, "Mln and Bill," a Mctro-OoldwMayer production under the direction of George Hill, will open nt the Ben All. Marie Dress ler and Wallace Berrv are ring to make a great triumph for the combine. The acting is excellent and the play is a successful mixture of tragedy and comedy Marlorlc without being either. for "Her Rambcau, memorable Man." docs some more real acting. The story concerns a wharf -- rat who mothers a girl whose real mother va is one or tne xamous two-aoiiricty. Wallace Berry is seen as a friend of Mln's or a sort of lover in a crude manner. Should be sure fire entertainment, don't miss it. Friday, December SEMI-WEEKL- Y Sn eers Snickers Miss Ollie Depew Writes Book on "The Relationship Be- tween Dopr and Master" I Professor of English Writes New Book On British Novel Prof. Grant C. Knight, of the English department of the univer sity, is the author of a new book called "The Novel in English," which win ixs published the latter part of this month by Richard R, Smith, Inc., a New York publishing com pany, two to the fact that for a long time no modem history nnd Interpretation of the English novel lias been available for classroom use, this book will be welcomed by teachers of English literature. in his new book. Professor Knight presents a complete history of the development of the novel up to 1930. The table of contents in cludes: The Achievement of Form: The First Modern Novelists, Richardson, Fielding, Smollett, Sterne, Minor Novelists; The Triumph of Romanticism, The Gothic Romance, The Novel, Intellectual Scott, Scott's Followers, Cooper, Cooper's Followers, Hawthorne, Melville; The Novel of Manners, Burney, Edgeworth, Austen, Successors;- The Victorians The Orthodox, Dickens, Thackeray, Eliot, Others, The Unorthodox, The Brontes, Meredith, Stevenson, Hardy, Others; The Triumph of Real- Ism before 1914, Twain, Howells, Henry James, Grace Moore, Frank Norris, and Stephen Crane, Conrad, Wells. Galsworthy, Bennett, Whar ton, Dreiser, Others; Development since 1914. Strollers Offer Prize FEARLESS JOURNALISM Strollers, the student dramatic organization on the campus, is offering a prize of $60 for the best play written by a student. Any type of play will be accepted and musical comedies will be given special conThe manuscript must sideration. bo typewritten and of regulation lonoth. ah niavs must he turned In to Andrew Hoover or Rex Allison not later than February. A village parson's daughter eloped in her father's clothes. And the next day the village newspaper came out with an account of the elopement, headed: "Flees in Father's Pants." Washington Newspaper. FORD CARS UP EARLY i ENGLISH CLUB HEARS Tim EniTllsh club of the university met at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon In rnnm 111 nf McVev halL Mrs. Jessie Miner, author of a book of gave a taiK on poems, "Tralllngs, Emily Dickinson, early American Mrs. Mlnpr was Introduced nntit. by Frank Stone, president of the club. Following tne program tea was served. Rabindranath Tagorc, who lays the unrest of the world to operation of machinery, has evidently heard the Ford car warm up early in the morning for the day's rum. W. W. STILL Kodaks Eastman Films Developing and Printing 129 W. SHORT ST. KYJ LEXINGTON, ALL MAKES OP TYPEWRITERS Special Rental Rates to Students STANDARD STER Phone Ash. WEST Opp. Courthouse SHORT ST. Friday Night THE GIFT STORE Expert Typing Notes, Theses, Term Papers, Etc. Hayes Holiday Candy Made By BRADAS & GHEENS Candy Manufacturer HAIR AND SHAVE STATE BARBER SHOP 'LET LIGHTNIN' SHINE 'EM" S. LIME DR. BLACK TO BE AT MEETING OPPOSITE MEMORIAL HALL W Got a Date M for the Dance At the twentv - eighth annual meeting of the Association of American Law Schools to be held the 29th, 30th, and 31st of December In the Stevens hotel, Chicago. Dr. Forrest R. Black of the College of Law will address the meeting on the function of the Senate in considering nominations by the president to the Supreme Court of the United States. Dr. Black will also hold a round table discussion on the same subject TO ANNOUNCE Beeirmlne- MnnHnv PRICES rw a tv.n prices on the Lexington tobacco Biarxet win oe announced at 12:45 over the university extension studio of WHAS and will continue through out the season. L. C. Brewer will announce the prices on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Harold Rltter will give the quotations on Tuesdays and Thursdays. TAKE HER IN ONE OP OUR NEW CARS, AND PRIZE FOR SLOGANS ENJOY THE THRILL OF A Habits of Women Are Study Topic Study of the habits of women, whn nr hlltrfnc mnif intelliffentLV today than ever before, has become advertis on Imnnrfont narf. nt t ing and merchandising program of national advertisers, xoiss auuy Barber, director of home economics and educational department of the Kellogg Company, told a Joint meet-in- nnt the chlcftiro Advertising Council and the Woman's Advertising Club. Miss Josephine Snapp presided. "Manv national advertisers are employing women as home econom mPHns Of SUDDle Jlnutrirc ail tin, ttioir nrintafl arivertisinsr.'' V 7 1 IMGMIiAMG Barber. "These depart said Miss ments engage in a researcn wonc that often brings forth important merchandising to contributions science." Miss Barber described In detail methods of promotion employed the v,n kn voiinmr RnmnuiT and stated that every piece of advertising was submitted to tne nome ecunuuuuo department for approval from a nutrition point of view. She touched on work being done by other companies along the same lines. The Chicago Daily Illustrated Times is offering a dally cash prize for the best slogans submitted for its "Buy Now" campaign. The newspaper Is urging Chicagoans to "Buy Now and Help Bring Back Prosperity." The campaign is being carried on over the Daily Times radio station, as well as in the columns . of the newspaper. PLEASANT EVENING 1930 Plymouth per mile 12c 1931 Plymouth per mile New Chrysler Six per mile 16c I DENTISTS Drs. Slaton & Slaton 204-- 7 Gaaranty Bank BaUdla Phone 3818 14c xmz-Y ii 134 DHL flMHL s East Short Street PHONE ASH. 8552 MJ MbA WMm I I I I I IS APPRECIATED THE GREEN LANTERN WALTON NEAR MAIN I I I I HIGH PILE OVERCOATS $22.50 NO DOUBT YOU HAVE LONGED FOR ONE OF THESE FLUFFY WARM "HIGH PILES," BUT HAVENS FELT THAT YOU WERE ABLE TO OWN ONE AT THE HIGHER PRICES. NOW WE HAVE THEM AT A PRICE ANYONE CAN AFFORD TO BE HAD IN THE POPULAR COLORS OF TAN AND BROWN GET ONE FOR THE HOLIDAYS "At The Sign of The Christmas Tree" lKanfman$ $tqle Corner A tJ College Night Specialize to Keep Health Is Men Ul A 1792 ntmmtimmntinttnmnnnmnMutuuuw DANCE PALAIS R. 12, 11)30 limestone eft Short. 1