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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, January 8, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PfI.V(?K TWO KENTUCKY KERNEL feT" '(H) Whitley City, Teacher. Baptist. Born in W. Vernon Richardson (D) Danville, 67th District Newport, 1925. Har- Nbrmnl. Ky. Centre College law department. Letcher county, Aug 20, 1892. ry D. Uobhina (R) Newport, Ky. 98th District Harlan nnd Leslie Editor, Daily Kentucky Advocate, 08th District Bracken nnd PendleWns city clerk eight years. ton counties, 1925. A. R. Lnngloy (D) counties, 1D23, 1925. David C. .Ionc3 Danville. (R) Harlan, Ky. Cumberland Uni- Captain in National Guard. Secretary Brooksville, Ky. 0 to late Senator Ollie M. Jnmes, Sen09th District- - -- Mnson county, 1925. versity. Lawyer. Methodist. Born liditor W. C. Wilson. Alumni Secretary and Senntor A. O. ator G. B. Charles L. Daly (D) Maysvillo, Ky. in Cnshntta, Louisnnn, Oct. 10, 1889. Stanley in Martin the United States Scnnle. Assistant Editor, Helen .1. Osborne 99th District Knott nnd Magoffin Harvard law Central University. Member of Christinn church. Born in school, 1909. Iiwyer. City Attorney, counties, 1925. W. R. Smith (D) Methodist. Montccllo, Ky. Jan. 18, 1872. branch chalr-mn- Hindmnn, Ky, Banker. Mnysvillc, :m;mmmumt;:mmtttmmm;uummmmwmm::mmummmtumttmmmtt Nineteenth District Adair, Barren military training camps associa- Born, Hindmnn, Aug. 2, 1901. Catholic. Born in Mason tion, Morgan county. and Metcalfe counties, 1923. J, W. 100th District county, August 20, 1876. 1925. B. T. Morris (D) Cnncy, Ky Kinnaird (D) Edmontown, Kentucky. Baptist minister. Born Edmontown High school. Lawyer nnd 70th District Robertson and Nich- Farmer. Banker. County Judge one- - term. olas counties, 1925. William J. Cur- Morgan county, Jnn. 17, 1887. County Attorney three terms. Memtis (D) Piqua, Ky. Farmer. ChrisSenber of Baptist church. Born in MetBorn in Robertson tian church. calfe county, Dec. 18, 1867. county, Nov. 22, 1808. Twentieth District Anderson, county. Mac 71st District Harrison Frnnklin, Mercer nnd Spencer counSwinford (D) Cynthiana, Ky. Uniin ties, 1925. Edwnrd C. Walker (D) The 38 Senntors who will sit Lawyer. Presversity of Virginin. the 1920 Kentucky General Assembly Frankfort, Ky. Cumbcrlnnd Universbyterian. Fleming county, convening this month nrc as follows ity. Timbering business. Wns Police 72nd District Judge of Henderson. Tax assessor. S. R. Williams (D) Eliznville, 1925. First- - District Fulton, Graves and Captain in Nntionnl Guard. Elected Ky. Hickman counties, 1923. B. T. Dnvl county, (D) Hickman, Ky. Vanderbilt Uni representative from Franklin county, District Bourbon 73rd 1923. Member of Episcopal church. 1923, 1925. W. B. Ardery (D) Paris, versity. Lawyer. Elected to Scnntc Born in Henderson county April 19, Ky. Centre college. Farmer. Chris- 1919. Member of Christian Church 1877. tian church. Born August 11, 1888, Born in Fulton county, Jan. 3, 1870, ,21st District Carroll, Henry, in Bourbon county. Second District Ballard, Carlisle 74th District Scott county, 1925. Marshall and McCracken counties Oldham, Shelby and Trimble counties. L. B. Murphy (D) Georgetown, Ky. 1925, Garth K. Ferguson (D) La Newton Bright (D) Eminence, Kenproroad builder. Christian Center, Ky. Business. Farmer, Member of tucky. 22nd District Jessamine, Scott nnd Born, Scott county, Dec. 28, Christian church. Born in Ballard church. Woodford counties, 1925. Clarence O. 1877. county, June 15, 1887. 75th District Fayette county, 1925. Third District Caldwell, Calloway, Graves (D) Georgetown, Ky. EduStock raising. J. L. Vnllnndingham (D) Lexington, Lyon nnd Trigg counties, 1923. II cated at Georgetown. Ky. Kentucky School of Medicine, P. Atwood (D) Cadiz, Ky Educated Farmer. Member of Christian church. MediLouisville. Tencher, 1897-0Cadiz High School. County Assessor Born in Scott county, March 29, 1872. cine since 1902. Medicnl officer world four years. Deputy Sheriff four years, 23rd District Jefferson county, war. Baptist. Born, Grant county, Sheriff four years. Elected to Sen 1923. William M. Duffy (D) April 22, 1878. Ky. Centre College. ated 1919, 1923. Member of Baptist Lawyer. 76th District Lexington, 1925. C. church. Born in Trigg county, Sept, Representative in 1914 and 1916 sesUniH. Berryman (R) Lexington, Ky. 26, 1875. ' sions. Member of Catholic church. versity of Kentucky and TransylvanFourth District Crittenden, Living Born in Louisville Nov. 24, 1888. arid farming. Form- ston and Union counties, 1925. James ia. Stock raising 24th District Kenton county, 1925. erly chief deputy collector. Internal K. Waller (D) Ky, Samuel W. Adams (D) Covington, Ky. Morganfield, of McLean and postmaster. EpiscopalMorganfield Collegiate Institute. Van Educated public schools. revenue Was tax commissioner e Kent Born in Fayette county, Feb. derbilt University. President, Peopl ian. county. Member Church of Christ. of Law, Chicago. Lawyer. Electcounty May 3, 1870. 27, 1867. Bank and TrustCo. Was President ed representative from Kenton coun-;- y t Brief sketches of the 100 members Born in McLean 77th District Clark county, 1923, of Kentucky Bankers Association in 1902, 1904, 1922, 1923. Member Nineteenth District Daviess coun!t of the 1926 Kentucky House of Roprc- 1925. James O. Evans (D) Winchest1911. Member of Methodist church of Baptist church. Born in Boone ty 1925. Lonnie Cooper (D) Whites-vill- e ' scntative3 are as follows: "Born, in " er, Ky. Member Christian church. Born in Morganfield, Nov. 26, 1861 county June 23, 1873. Ky. Farmer. Baptist. . First District Fulton and Hickjf, Farmer. Born in Clark county, April Fifth District Henderson and Web Campbell county, 25th District man counties, J925. Morman B. Dan- Daviess county, July 28, 1869. 23, 1877. ster counties. J. F. Porter (D) Dix 1923. C. B. Truesdell (R) Fort Thom-iiel (D) Clinton, Ky. University of 21st District Ohio county, 1925. T. 78th District Madison county, 1925. on, Ky. Coal Ky. Georgetown College. Kentucky. Methodist. Born in Hick- - H. Benton (R) Centertown, Ky. Bowl.mith Park (R) Richmond, Ky. UniSixth District Christian and H6p Merchant. Served in House ing Green business college. Farming, man county, January 22, 1901. versity of Kentucky. College profes-3okins counties, 1925. John I. Thur yearr Member of Baptist church. Born Second District Ballard and Car- insurance, deputy sheriff four Christian church. Born mond (D) Gracey, Ky. South Ken .n, Ft. Thomas, April 26, 1890. lisle counties, 11)25. Jackson L. Har- and county road engineer. Baptist. March 28, 1898. tucky College. Farming. President Boone, Gallatin, 20th District rison (D) Kevil, Kentucky LaCentre Born in Muhlenburg county, July 15. .entucky Military Institute, Univers 79th District Breathitt and Lee of Gracey Graded School board. Mem . College-Grant, Owen and Pendleton counties, Farmer. Justice of Peace. 18G8. y of Virginia. Insurance. Deputy .ounties, 1925. H. K. Miller (D) ber of Christian church. Born 1925, L. C. Littrell (D) Owenton, District Breckinridge and ove nor, Province of Sulu and Cot Tackson, Ky. Construqtibn, contract-n- g Christian county, July 4, 1887. 22nd Born In Ballard county, Baptist. Hancock counties, 1925. E. J. SnySept. 3, 1884. buto. Philippine Islands, Lieutenan and farming. Baptist. Born, Seventh District Butler, Muhlen Ky. Bryant and Stratton commercial Ind. county, der (R) Hawesville, Kyr Farrer ""hi'llippine Constabulary, Captain U Breathitt county, March 5, 1875. Third District Graves berg and Ohio counties, 1923. J. C school, Louisville and Valparaiso, Merof board Farming. Banking. . Arry, 1st Philippine Division, 19.25. C; B. Henson (D) Wingo, Ky. businessman. Was member 80th District Estill and Jackson Flener (R) Morgantown, Ky. Edu College. Is HanTeacher and tobacconist. Christian of education. Methodist. Born, "entucky Infantry, Captain. At pre- ounties, 1925. Frank W. Bryant (R) "ated at Bowling Green. County chant. Editor of Owen County Demochurch. Born in Graves county, Aug. cock county, 1862. t Is1 Lieutenant and executive of rvine, Ky. Railroad clerk. Chris- - Court Clerk 1910 to 1914. Member of crat. Superintendent of Schools, Owen Representative 1910. :ounty 1894-9District Grayson conuty 23rd ,26, 1898. ian church. Born in Waro, Ky., Feb Baptist church. of Battery F 138 Field Artil Born in Flenerville, Member of Chrissenator 1916-2nr.v, Kentucky National Guard. Meth 8, 1892. Butler county, Aug. 14, 1882. Fourth District McCracken county, 1925. W. II. Pryor (R) Leitchfield Was deputy clerk. Ky. Farmer. 1923-281st District Laurel and Rock Eighth District Daviess and Mc tian church. Born in Gallatin county, dist. Born in Mt. Sterling, Ky., May Henry A. Pulliam (D) 9 1894, son of Col. Charles WvFowl astle counties, 1Q25. D. F. Brown Lean counties, 1925. Dr. C. V. Brown lept.' 23, 1868. Kv. McLean College. Tran- - Presbyterian. Born April 20, 1877. ' 27th District Fayette county, 1923. R) London, Ky. Methodist. Born (D) Island, Ky. Educated at, State 24th District Butler and Edmonsylvania, Carnegie Institute of Tech (D) Lexington, Ky. . L. Hamilton Raymer (R) ;2nd District Jefferson county. n Laurel county, Dec. 21, 1874 University. Merchant, Physician. nology, uivn engineer, cniei engineer son counties, 1925. Clint Farmer. Representative from Mc State University and. Yale. .Farmdrainage commissioners. Round Mills, Ky. Salesman, farmer. '92o. Ferdinand A. Gnau (D) Louis Banker. board of Represencounty. Lean county in 1918. Member of Bap ing and Manufacturing. ille, Ky. Telegrapher and newspap 82nd District Whitley Born Ovventon, Christian church. Born, Butler counChristian church. Memer worker. Telegrapher, Camp Zach 1925. J. L.' Manning (R) Williams tist church. Born in Rochester, Ky, tative Fayette county 1917-2ty, Sept. 20, 1894. March 25, 1894. ber of Episcopal church. Born April ery Taylor during war. Catholic, burg, Ky.' Insurance. Was sheriff Oct. 7, 1874. 25th District Bowling Green, Crittenden and Liv. Fifth District Bap ind internal revenue officer. Ninth District Logan, Simpson and 7, 188L Frank L. Strange (D) Bowl- Born in Louisville, Feb. 7, 1886. ingston counties, 1925. W. F. Clark 53rd county fcist. Born in Whitley county, April Todd counties, 1923. John W. James District Jefferson 28th District Bourbon, Clark and ing Green, Ky. Ogden college. Farmer. (R) Smithland, Ky. ,0, 1867. (D) Franklin, Ky. Public Schools Montgomery counties, 1925. Charles K. Caldwell county, Presbyterian. Born, Bowling Green, 1923,1925. Lawrence Bax (D) Lou Sixth District 83rd District Knox county, 1925 Wholesale grocer. President Loose Oldham (D) Mt. Sterling, Ky. Merlsvule, Ky. St. John's parochial 1923, 1925. Fire insurance, building April 23, 18G5. I. M. Durham (R) Artemus, Ky. Leaf Tobacco. Warehouse company, chant. Mayor. school. Undertaker. Catholic County Councilman and loan. Coroner eight years. Chris20th District Warren county. 54th District Jefferson county. Farmer, teacher. Educated at Boston Member of Presbyterian church. Born of Mt. Sterling. Member of Methocounty, tian church. Born in CaldwelL county, District Simpson 27th Academy. Born in what is now Bell in Simpson county, May 15, 1860. 1921, 23, 25. Oscar Leibson (R) Louis dist church. Born in Madison counNov. 8, 1858. 1925. John S. Milliken (D) Franklin, county, April 21, 1854. ville, Ky. Tenth District Breckinridge, Gray ty, July 21, 1867. Seventh District Calloway, 1921, Ky. Jefferson school of law. Lawyer. 84th District Bell county, 1925 son, Hancock and Harjt counties, 1923 55th District Jefferson county 29th District Estill, Jackson, Mad- 3923, 1925. Lee Clai;k (D) Lynn City attorney, Franklin, six years. 1921, 23, 25. Leon P. Lewis (D) Lou Matt G. Slusher (R) Pineville, Ky, Pal Garner '(R) Hardinsburg, Ky, ison, Owsley and Rockcastle coun"s.urove, ivy. ' rarmer. was justice ot Born in Louisville, Nov. 22, 1891. Bookkeeper. Methodist. Born, Bell Millersburg Normal and Magnolia ties. Born in Galloway Peace. Methodist. 28th District Allen county, 1925. Law ' Was nssisWuv nttra.n v county, April 21, 1894. College. Elected senator 1921, 1923 tX TI Cn to...Un Uir 1909-1- " 30th District Bracken, Harrison, ' in Lou 85th Districts-Clacounty, July H, 1881. "; Presbyterian. Born and Owsley Farmer. Member of Metjiodist church " V ""T 7 and Robertson cbunties, Eighth District Lyon and Marshall Minister of gospel, merchant and ;svijlc Nov 2i i878 counties, 1925. Charles L. Seale (R) Born in Grayson county Nov. 29, 1869 Nicholas 1925. C. D. Asbury (D) Mt. Olivet, II. B. Holland (D) imim-i- . counties, 1925. BGth District Jefferson county Booneville, Ky. Jefferson school of Eleventh District Allen, Edmon Ky. Calvert City, Ky. Murray Cumber 29th District Barren county, luzo. 1925. Joseph M. Hayse (R) Louis-J- . law. Lawyei. Was Owsley county son and Warren counties, 1923., A. A land University, Bowling Green Norm 31st District Bath, Fleming, MaC. Hutcherson (D) Glasgow, Ky.jville, Ky. attorney, Columbia Military Presbyterian. Born Demunbrum (R) Mammoth Cave, Ky, al. Farmer. Was county judge, Normal School, Bowling my West Point; Westminister Law Owsley county, Oct. 1, 1885. Public schools. Farmer. Represen son, Menifee, Powell and Rowan counBorn in Marshall county Methodist. Green. Lawyer for 25 years. Farm- - School, Denver; Fordham University, 86th District Lewis county, 1925 tative from Butler and Edmonson ties, 1923. Albert W. Young "(D) March 2, 1871. er and stockraiser. City attorney. New York City; LL. B. degree, Cumb- - W.T. Bowling (R) Vanceburg, Ky( counties, 1917. Elected to Senate Morehead, Ky. County Attorney and Trigg county, 1923 iumuiusuoro, 1.0VV-Ninth District wjumy uuuincj enand University, Tenn. Lawyer, 87th District Carter county, 1925 1919. Member of Baptist church Circuit Court'Lawyer. Born in Eliza- Ky ioyo-yo- . 25. J. J. Patterson (D) Cadiz, uiasgow svcnooi Episcopalian. Born in Lorena, iuemDer J. L. McDavid (R) Hitchins, Ky. Uni Born in Edmonson county Feb. 16, ville, Fleming county, Dec. 29, 1865. Baptist. Born, Trigg county, June Born Clennan 15 years. Methodist. county, 32d District Carter, Elliott. Green Texas. March 3 versity of Kentucky. Wholesale groc 1878. 21, 1852. in Barren county, Oct. 25, 1860. 1890. er. Baptist. Born, Carter county. Twelfth District Bullitt, Hardin up and Lewis counties 1925. J. L. District Union county, 1921 Tenth 57th District Green and Hart 30th District Larue and Meade counties. 1925. C Trumbo (R) Ribolt, Ky. Merchant. Jefferson county, Rpril 1, 1869. 1923,1925. G. Lucian Drury (D) Mor counties, 1925. H. W. Thornsbury (R) 1925. county, 1919, M. C. Porter (D) Shepherdsville, Ky, Reprsentative Lewis county L. F. Coomes (D) Louisville, Greenup 88th District Lawyer, farmer and Munfordsville, Ky. ganfield, Ky. Ky. 1925. J. G. Swearengin (R) Fullerton Lawyer, 1921. Member of Methodist church. University of Kentucky. cool miner. Catholic. Born in Upton 58th county, Ky. Farmer. Was member fiscal Member of Christian church. Born Born in Mason county, Aug. 16, 1884. District Jeflerson 31st District Hardin county, 1925. county, Dec. 12, 1875. Charles W. Ryans (R) Lou court, Greenup county. Christian in Berea, Sept. 7, 1895. G. C. Johnson (D) East View. Kv. 1923-233rd District Clay, Harlan, Letch District Henderson Eleventh isville, Ky. Manager, paint company. church. Born, Greenup county, May Thirteenth District Floyd, Knott er, Leslie, and Perry counties, 1923. KVimI H Pnmitv 1UOS f'nnte ffll Educated at Vine Grove. Farmer,- Presbyterian. Horn, Louisville, 1893. 26, 1859. and Pike counties, L. D. Stephenson Hiram M. Brock (R) Harlan, Ky. Baptist. Born in StephHenderson. Ky. Educated at Owens merchant. 59th District Oldham and Trimble 89th District Boyd county, 1923, (D) Pikcville, Ky. County Schools Educated at Hyden Academy and State Manager ensburg, Ky., June 5, 1895. boro and Bowling Green. unties 1923, 1925 William B. Bel- - 1925. Otto C. Gartin (R) Ashland, Lawyer. Member of Christian church College. Lawyer. Elected senator county, 1925. 32nd District-Me- nde Henderson Business College and sec University of Kentucky. At Born in Greenup county, Dec. 30, 1911, 1915, 1919, 1923. Member of ivy. iuie ana Ky. nnm in ATn'wln """1' L' I UUOIIUII, P.ii.r.,n. AWVinlict retary Kiwanis Club. Baptist. Born ,.,,,,. Harvard. Farming, teaching, tax ex torney. World War veteran with hon 1877. 'n oa 1fioo Presbyterian church. Born in Perry R in Unvioss county, Aug. 31, hjuu. Professor of economics at Uhi- - ors, overseas combat. Born in Law- Pert . ,o Fourteenth District Green, Marion, county, June 12, 1877. .' r, o Twelfth District Webster county versity of Louisville. Presbyterian rence county, Oct. 22, 1891. Chris Taylor, Nelson and Washington 34th District Breathitt, Lee, Ma (D) counties, 1026. John R. Buckman 7nt Born jn Louisviei AprI1 18 1885 1925. S. K. Holland (D) Providence tinn church. counties, 1925. Wallace Brown (D) goffin, Morgan and Wolfe counties, Ky. Furniture and undertaking busi anepnerasvuie, ny. university 01 60th District Corroj, and GalIntin 90th t and Lawrence Bardstown, Ky. Educated Kentucky Howard, (D) City councilman. ness. Methodist AeniucKy. rarmer ana iruii grower. counties 1995. Q. B. Carver (D) ounties, 1925. W. W. Johnson (D) Wesleyan College. Centre College 1925. J. Woodford West Liberty, Ky. University of y as coroner, Born in Marshall county, Sept. 18 luetnouiat. uorn Sparta, Ky. Farmer and livestock Bruin, Ky. Clerk 12 years. Elected to Kentucky. Lawyer. Circuit Representative 1882. 91st District Johnson and Martin house in 1911. County Judge until trader. Was justice of peace. Born from Morgan county, 1923. Born in Hopkins District Thirteenth 31th District L'arue and Nelson in Gallatin county, Dec. 18, 18G7. ounties, 1923, 1925. A. J. Baldridge 1925. Newspaper Editor, Born in White Oak, Dec. 18, 1895. "ountv. 1925. C. C. Givens (D) counties, 1925. W. J. McGill (D) 61st District Henry and Owen (R) Tomahawk, Ky. Public schools Bloomfield, Nelson county, Oct. 11, 36th District Boyd, Johnson, Law Ky. Newspaper editor. Bap Bardstown, Ky. Sheet metal and counties, 1925. W. W. Leslie (D) New Farmer, member of board of education 1874 county judge. Born in plumbing. Catholic. tist. Was Born Bards uastie, Ky. (Jentrnl University. six years. Baptist. Born in Johnson Fifteenth District Pulaski, Whitley rence and Martin counties, 1923. Webster county in 1805. town, June 5, 1867. Medicine, surgery nnd farming. Bapounty, July 18, 1864. and McCreary counties, 1923. Henry James B. Clark (R) Inez, Ky. Ed Christian Fourteenth District 35th District Marion county, 1925. tist. Born in Virginia, Nov. 27, 1808. 92nd District Pike county, 1925 M. Cline (R) Whitley City, Ky. ucated at Prestonburg and Danville, county, 1925. W. Owen Keller (D) W. G. Buckner (D) Lebanon, Ky, Dry 62nd District Boone nnd George Washington University of Ind. Lawyer. County Attorney of Grant Hayes Maynard (R) Zebulon, Ky. 1918-2Hopkinsville, Ky. University of Ken good merchant, commissioner of Mar Member of . Law, Washington, D. C. 93rd District Floyd county, ounties, 1925. E. M. Johnson (D) County At Mnrtin county Lawyer. Methodist church. Born in Johnson tucky. Christian church. ion county. Methodist. Born in Walton, Ky.. Traveling William S. Wallen (D) Pres. orney Member of Metho salesman. Born in Christian county, December Green county, April 13, 1856. Was police judge. Baptist. Born in tonburg, Ky. Eastern State Normal, dist church. Born in North Carolina, county, May 5, 1884. , 11, 1900. 36th District Adair and Taylor Boone county, July 5, 1890. 36th District Jefferson county, Southern Normal, Valparaiso Univer- Jan. 8, 1890. 'Fifteenth District Todd county, counties, 1925. J. W. Skaggs (R) 63rd District Kenton county, 1925. sity. Lawyer. Born Floyd county, Sixteenth District Clinton, Cum 1925. William A. Perry (D) Louis 1925. R. E. Glenn (D) Kirkmanville, Mac, Ky. Ky. ville, Parochial and public U. R. Rogers (R) Covington, Ky. LebMarch 15, 1866. berland, Monroe, Russell and Wayne Ky. college. Educnted at Bethel 37th District Metcalf and Monroe anon University, Ohio State Univers91th District Powell nnd Wolfe counties, 1925. Frank M. White (R) schools, University of Louisville. LawMethodist. Born in Logan counties, 1925. Joseph Martin (R) ity, Cincinnati Law college. Attorney. ounties, 1925. James Profitt Banker. yer. Representative 19U, 1913, 1915. (R) Tompkinsville, Ky. Educnted at Val countv. Sent. 3. 1879. Edmonton, Ky. Lawyer and mer Baptist. Born, Kenton county, Sept. Stanton, Ky. City Elected to Senate in 1917, 1921. Pres paraiso, Ind. University 1900-0Sixteenth District Logan county, chant. Wns chief corporation clerk 14. 1890. 1906-195th District Menifee and Mont Councilman Representa- - ident pro tern of Senate 1924 session. UJ25. Whitaett Hall (D) Auburn, Ky. state auditor's office, 1920-2Member of Catholic church. Born in Baptist. 64th District Kenton county, 1923, gomery counties, 1925. o w. O. Bach ive district, 1916-1' Farmer. Justice of Peace. Elected Born in Metcnlfc county, Sept. 14 '92r. John L. Cushing (D) Coving- - 'D) Frenchburg, Ky. Teacher nnd Elected Senator 1921, 1925. Member Louisville July 2, 1876. foitu t;cuator, 9th district, 1919. Bap-1892. on Ky. St. Xavier college, and Cin- - umberman, formerly Menifee county of Christian church. Born in Mon37th District Louisville, 1923. tijt. Born in Logan county, Nov. 5, 38th District Clinton and Cumber-- 1 cinnati Law school. Attorney. Cath- - luperintendent. Protestant. Born in roe County. Frank Dacher (D) Louisville, Ky. land counties, 1925. Caleb A. Pago olic. Born in Covington, Jan. 2, 1893. Menifee county, Nov. 29, 1874. Seventeenth District Bell, Knox, Clerk of Criminal court. Justice of Seventeenth District Muhlenburg Uij uaKertown, Ky. 65th District Covington, 1925, nnd 96th District rBath and Rowan nnd Laurel counties, 1923. White L. Peace. Member of Catholic church. Chesley D. Vincent mnty, 1923-2h". 39th District Casey and Russell in sessions of counties, 1925. Chiles Van Antwerp Moss (It) Pineville, Ky. Valparai- - Born in Louisville May 28, 1877. ()) Central City, Ky. Head counties, 1925. Mrs. II. J. Jorris (R) the House. Lumber business. Born, (D) Farmers, Ky. Centre college, 0 University. Wholesale coal dealer. Louisville, 38th District 1925. Madison Coal Corporation. Was Rowena, Ky, Farmer. Presbyteriun. Covington, September 17, 1877. Building stone. Pineville Mayor 1913, 1917. Elected Lewis Kynns of Michigan. (R) Louisviile, Ky. 'jngossor Muhlenburg county. Baptist. Only woman of 1926 General As- k. 06th District Cnmpbell countv. Piodbyterian. Born, Mt. Sterling, Ky., to senatorship 1919, 1923. Member, of Elected Representative 1915, 1917, sembly. Born in Russell county, Aug- - 1925. Shaler Berry (D) Fort Thomas, April 11, 1901. " J?rn March 31, 1875. Christian church. Born in Pineville, 1919. Elected senator 1921. Phy. McLean ust 1873. District Ifflitoonth Ky. Harvard. Physician. Born in 97th District Letcher and Perry Sept. 4, 1883. sician. Member of Presbyterian 1U28, 1926. P. E. Edwards (D) 10th District McCreary and Wayne Newport, Ky in 1871. son of former counties, 1925. Henry M. Holbrook 4&unty Eighteenth District Boyle, Casey, church. Born In Louisville, Aug. 22, houn Ky. General merchandising. counties, 1925. Lawrence Harmon ' Congressman Albert S. Berry. (R) Whltesburg, Ky. Eastern State Gurred and Lincoln counties , 1925. 1871. Ky, Cumberland nnd Eastern Stale Normal tenchcr. Baptist. Horn in Pino Knot, Ky. 41st District T'ulnskI county, 1925. P. T. Nichols (It) Somerset, Ky. Rich-- i mond State Norninl niul University of Kentucky. Teacher, farmer. Horn Pulaski county, April 21, 1882. 4 2nd District Lincoln county, 1025. j. n. Bnughman (D) Danville, Ky. Banking, milling, farming, livestock trading. Christian church. Born in Stanford, Ky., April 7, 18GG. Member, Sons of American Revolution. 444th District Mercer nnd Washington counties, 1925. .Tnmes I. Peters (D) Mnckvillc, Ky. Centre college. Insurance, farming. Wns U. S. Dcp- uty collector. Born, Mnckvillc, Nov. 18, 1894. 45th District Anderson county, 1925. J, D. Cox (D) Lnwrenccburg, Ky. Lawrcnceburg seminary. Farmer. Chairman, Anderson county democratic committee. Christian church. Born in Anderson county, Dec. 19, 1869. county, 4Gth District Woodford 1925. Clinton W. Hawkins (D) Midway, Ky. Kentucky Military Insti- tute and Centre college. Farmer. Protestant. Born in Woodford county, Oct. 7, 1890. 47th District Jessamine county, 1913, 1915, 1923, 1925. J. R. Dormnn (D) High Bridge, Ky. Farming and stone crushing business. Born in Jessamine county, Jan. 10, 18G4. 48th District Garrard county, 1925. G. A. Brown (D) Lancaster, Ky. Farmer and tobacco warehouseman. City councilman four years manager Burley Tobacco Growers Association two years. Deacon in Christinn church since 1918. Born in Garrard county Jan. 29, 1875. 49th District Franklin county. 1925. Thomas R. Moore (D) Frank fort, Ky. University- - of Tennessee Medicine. Former member county and city board of health. Baptist Born Franklin county, June. 2, 1877, 50th District Shelby county, 1923 1925;. E. J. Doss (D) Shelbyville, Ky, Was county school superintendent ounty clerk, bank cashier, and state bank examiner. Born in Shelby county in 1850. 51st District Jefferson countv n25. D. W. Fowler (D) Louisville. college ALUMNI PAGE If you know any of these ators and Representatives, or are acquainted with some one who is in close touch with them, will you please communicate with them immediately, asking that they support the university's gram for a special appropriation of about $375,000 for each of the next two years. ' Representatives N -- n 1917-192- " Senators Louis--ville- , Col-cg- s, 1920-21-2- r. Rich--lon- . -- - , 1. 4 MM j T T y Acade-Southe- 18-2- 2. t 1 District-7-Elliot- e. -- 1921-3-25- 1918-192- ', Metcalf-Monro- black-simit- mm &