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Woman's Club (University of Kentucky) records, 1909-2005, 1909

Part of Woman's Club (University of Kentucky) records, 1909-2005

1975ua017 Guide to the Woman's Club (University of Kentucky) records, 1909-2005Processed by Archives Staff and rearranged by Elizabeth Kissack in April-June 2007 under the supervision of Deirdre A. Scaggs, University Archivist.; machine-readable finding aid created by Eric Weig Special Collections 2005 Special Collections University Archives and Records Program University of Kentucky Margaret I. King Building Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0039 USA Phone: (859) 257-8611 Fax: (859) 257-6311 Email: URL: University of Kentucky Libraries. All rights reserved. Machine-readable finding aid derived from Microsoft Word. Date of source: Elizabeth Kissack in June 2007 under the supervision of Deirdre A. Scaggs, University Archivist. Description is in English.Guide to the Woman's Club (University of Kentucky) records, 1909-2005Contact Information Special Collections University Archives and Records Program University of Kentucky Margaret I. King Building Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0039 USA Phone: (859) 257-8611 Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: by: Archives Staff and rearranged by Elizabeth Kissack in April-June 2007 under the supervision of Deirdre A. Scaggs, University Archivist. Finding aid completed by: Elizabeth Kissack in June 2007 under the supervision of Deirdre A. Scaggs, University Archivist. Encoded by: Eric Weig Copyright 2007 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved. Woman's Club (University of Kentucky) records, 1909-20051975ua017 University of Kentucky Woman's Club17.31 cubic feet (52 boxes; 6 wrapped packages) The materials are in English. The Woman's Club (University of Kentucky) records document all aspects of the organization. Materials include correspondence, meeting minutes, annual reports, photographs, financial materials, scrapbooks, yearbooks, and clippings, 1909-2005.University of Kentucky Libraries, Special Collections Collection is open to researchers by appointment. The intellectual rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections. 1975ua017: [identification of item], Woman's Club (University of Kentucky) records, University of Kentucky Archives. Gifford, Chloe, 1900-1982. McVey, Frances Jewell, 1889-1945. Dames Club (University of Kentucky).Woman's Club (University of Kentucky).University of Kentucky.Lexington (Ky.)Women -- Kentucky -- Lexington. Women -- Societies and clubs -- Kentucky -- Lexington. Clubs -- Kentucky -- Lexington. Clippings.Ephemera.Leaflets.Negatives.Pamphlets.Photograph albums.Photographic prints.Scrapbooks.The University of Kentucky Woman's Club was founded in 1909 by a handful of charter members as a social group for wives of university professors. The club provided cultural entertainment and coordinated service work for its members. Over time the club expanded both its membership and its scope. Woman's Club members were active in campus life, organizing welcome events for new faculty members, sponsoring workshops and lectures, raising funds for various scholarship and student loan programs, and providing assistance to international students. The club also provided a variety of entertainment and enrichment activities for its members, including plays, concerts, fashion shows, luncheons, dinner dances, reading groups, and history tours. Today the Woman's Club has over 300 members and continues to provide a full calendar of activities for its members while also serving the university community. The Woman's Club (University of Kentucky) records document all aspects of the organization. Materials include correspondence, meeting minutes, annual reports, photographs, financial materials, scrapbooks, yearbooks, and clippings. Materials date from the club's founding in 1909 through 2005. The collection also includes the records of the Dames Club, an organization of student wives that was sponsored by the Woman's Club. Dames Club records include newsletters, minutes, correspondence, annual reports, financial materials, member lists, photographs, and scrapbooks, and date from 1945 through 1975. The club records include information on the club's service work for the university community, including student welfare projects, scholarship programs and fundraising activities (such as cookbook sales), and annual receptions for newcomers to the university. The records also document the various cultural activities sponsored by the club, including workshops, lectures, plays, and concerts. The collection includes records of interest groups within the club, such as the book, garden, and antiques groups. Social and entertainment activities of the club, such as luncheons, dinner dances, fashion shows, and history tours, are also documented. Prominent club members represented in the collection include Frances Jewell McVey, Dean of Women at UK from 1921-1923 and wife of President Frank McVey; and Chloe Gifford, Director of Community Services at UK and President of the General Federation of Women's Clubs from 1958-1960. Chloe Gifford's tenure as President of the GFWC is thoroughly documented in the Woman's Club press books from that period. Also of interest are records documenting the charitable work of the Woman's Club during the two World Wars. The collection includes a 70th anniversary club history, a 90th anniversary club history, and a series of articles in the 1999-2000 club year newsletters chronicling the club's history by decade; these materials, along with the club president's annual reports, provide an overview of the club's activities throughout its history. Please see the scope note for each series for additional information. This collection is arranged in 12 series by subject:I. ReportsII. Administrative materials III. Financial materials IV. Correspondence V. Minutes VI. Committee files VII. Subject files VIII. Albums i. Scrapbooksii. Press booksiii. Photograph albums IX. Photographs X. Printed materials XI. Dames Club XII. Miscellaneous material Related Material0000ua064, Dames Club records, University of Kentucky Archives. Container List Reports, 1918-2005 The Reports series consists of annual reports from officers and committee chairpersons; annual reports from the president summarizing the club's activities; and incidental reports from committee chairpersons regarding specific events. At times, committee reports include supporting materials such as correspondence, clippings, programs, and budgets. It should be noted that reports were also included in scrapbooks that are in the Albums series. Other materials regarding committees can also be found in the Committee files series. 11President's reports 1918-196412President's reports 1964-197013President's reports 1971-200514Corresponding secretary's reports 1946-200415Other officers' reports 1972, 1990-200416Committee reports 1937-195217Committee reports 1952-195418Committee reports 1954-195921Committee reports 1959-196222Committee reports 1962-196423Committee reports 1964-196524Committee reports 1965-196625Committee reports 1966-196726Committee reports 1967-197027Committee reports 1970-197328Committee reports 1973-198031Committee reports 1980-198932Committee reports 1989-200033Committee reports 2000-2005Administrative materials, 1940-2004 The Administrative materials series consists of membership records, files regarding the club's constitution, policy and mission statements, lists of executive board members, articles of incorporation, and other administrative documents. Additional membership records are in the treasurer's records in the Financial materials series. 34Record book 1940-194435Record book circa 1941-196536Record book 1973-197437Constitution circa 1951-2004 and undated38Mission and policy statements circa 1974, 1992-200239Membership records 1940-1941, 1978-199141Articles of incorporation 1977-198242Executive Board lists 1970-199843Installation of officers circa 1952-1953Financial materials, 1909-2005 The Financial materials series consists of the treasurer's records (including records of dues paid and committee finances); the treasurer's monthly and annual reports regarding income, expenses, and account balances; the club's annual budgets; invoices and receipts; check stubs; and papers related to the Budget-Investment Committee and the Audit Committee. Additional financial material regarding specific committees and events is in the Committee files and Subject files series. 44Treasurer's record book 1909-192645Treasurer's record book 1926-193746Treasurer's record book 1955-196747Treasurer's record book 1966-197148Treasurer's records 1967-196849Treasurer's records 1968-1969410Treasurer's records 1969-197051Treasurer's record book 1969-197252Treasurer's records 1970-197153Treasurer's records 1971-197254Treasurer's record book 1971-197355Treasurer's records 1972-197456Treasurer's records 1974-197557Treasurer's records 1975-197758Treasurer's record book 1976-197761Treasurer's record book 1977-197862Treasurer's records 1977-197863Treasurer's records 1981-198464Treasurer's records 1984-198765Treasurer's records 1987-199066Treasurer's records 1990-199367Treasurer's records 1993-199668Treasurer's records 1996-199771Treasurer's reports 1937-194072Treasurer's reports 1940-194473Treasurer's reports 1955-198474Treasurer's reports 1984-199675Treasurer's reports 1997-200576Budgets 1947-198077Budgets 1980-200578Invoices and receipts 1967-196881Invoices and receipts 1969-197082Invoices and receipts 1970-197183Invoices and receipts 1971-197284Check stubs 1962-196985Check stubs 1969-1973Correspondence, 1934-2003 The Correspondence series consists of letters to and from the Woman's Club regarding financial matters, club events, club activities, and other topics. The series also includes internal correspondence between club members, primarily regarding administrative matters. Some correspondence regarding particular committees or topics is located in the Committee files and Subject files series, and other correspondence is in scrapbooks in the Albums series . 86Correspondence 1934-197687Correspondence 1976-200388Correspondence 1976-199789Correspondence 1971-197291Correspondence 1973-197892President's correspondence 197793President's correspondence 1978-197994Correspondence 1979-198095Correspondence sent 1979-199096Correspondence 1980-198997Correspondence received 1992-199698Correspondence 1997-199999Internal correspondence 1960-2003Minutes, 1909-2005 The Minutes series consists of minutes from general club meetings and executive board meetings. The minutes from 1909-1953 are bound into volumes. Some minutes were kept together in binders; in some cases general meeting and executive board minutes were kept separate, and in other cases both types of minutes were grouped together. The minutes that were originally in binders were disbound for preservation purposes and foldered in original order. 101909-1919101919-1926101926-1934111934-1939111939-1944111944-1949121949-1953910Minutes 1953-1955911Minutes 1956-1959131Minutes 1960-1965132Minutes 1961-1963133Minutes 1963-1967134Minutes 1966-1969135Minutes 1974-1977136Minutes 1978-1979137Minutes 1980-1981138Minutes 1991-1994139Minutes 1995-1997141General meeting minutes 1967-1974142General meeting minutes 1975-1979143General meeting minutes 1980-1990144General meeting minutes 1991-2004145Executive board minutes 1967-1969146Executive board minutes 1970-1971147Executive board minutes 1972-1974148Executive board minutes 1975-1976149Executive board minutes 1980-19821410Executive board minutes 1983-1985151Executive board minutes 1986-1988152Executive board minutes 1989-1992153Executive board minutes 1993-1996154Executive board minutes 1997-2001155Executive board minutes 2002-2005Committee files, 1928-2005 The Committee files series consists of materials related to specific subgroups of the Woman's Club. These subgroups are called "committees," "departments," or "groups" depending on the time period of the records and the subgroup's place within the club structure. The subgroups in this series were singled out by the Woman's Club in their filing system and their original order maintained. Annual reports of subgroups are in the Reports series. 156Antiques 1970-1988157Audit 1956-2000158Book 1955-1996161Brides 1928-1946162Budget-Investment 1971-2003163Community Affairs 1968-1975164Federation 1965-1966165Fine Arts 1946-1951166Fine Arts 1946-1988167Foreign Affairs 1933-1934, 1964-1975168Garden 1934-1935, 1966-1972169Garden 1972-1989171-3Garden scrapbook 1935-1950174-6Garden scrapbook 1951-19731610History and Tours 1992-19951611Hostess 1972-19881612Hostess 1989-19921613Membership 1970-1995181Money Management 1989-1992182-3Newcomers 1940-1955184Newcomers 1946-1969185Newcomers 1969-1974186Newcomers 1975-1994187Nominating 1970-2005188Picture Rental 1952-1981189Picture Rental 1963-1987191Picture Rental 1980-1984 and undated192Picture Rental 1982-1989193Picture Rental financial journal 1967-1978194Program 1970-1996195Publicity 1961-1991196Scholarship 1972-1981197Scholarship 1982-2003198Social and Decorations 1968-1996199Special Activities 1965-19741910Special Activities 1974-19951911Student Welfare 1955, 1965-1967201Student Welfare 1967-1975202Student Welfare 1976-1987, 1993203Twenty-Plus 1985-1995204Ways and Means 1981-1996205Welcome 1980-2002206Workshop 1975-1979207Other committees 1976, 1995, undatedSubject files, 1952 - 2000 The Subject files series includes specific topics and events that were singled out by the Woman's Club in their filing system. 208William R. Allen family garden 1988209Alphabetical file A-E 1961-19692010Alphabetical file F-M 1954-19682011Alphabetical file N-Z 1960-19692012Alumni House 1972-19732013Auld Lang Syne dinner 1952-1953211Bicentennial style show 1976212Campus tour 1970213Cookbook circa 1973-circa 1978214Cookbook 1983-1985215Cookbook/Aid Fund financial files 1979-1986216Dinner-Dance report 1974217Nell Donovan student loan fund 1969-1979218Lyla Dowd Memorial Library/Fund 1969, 1991219Funerals and memorials 1992-19952110Hamilton House 1974-19782111History and Vision 19882112Honorary membership to Board of Trustees wives 1973-19852113Insurance 1974-19782114International hosts 19932115Virginia Lane gift 1990-19942116Maxwell Place Through the Years 20002117Ninetieth anniversary: miscellaneous materials, DVD 200012Ninetieth anniversary: VHS video 20002118Outstanding Young Woman of Lexington 19792119Past presidents and charter members 1998 and undated2120Reception for new faculty 1984-19922121Re-evaluation studies 1966-1979 and undated2122Seventieth anniversary 1978-1979Albums, 1909-2005 The Albums series consists of scrapbooks, press books, and photo albums. The scrapbooks document the history and activities of the Woman's Club and include newspaper clippings, photos, programs, invitations, and other materials. The press books are albums of newspaper clippings about the club's members and activities. The photo albums are a visual record of club events such as luncheons, meetings, and excursions. Scrapbooks, 1909-1985The Scrapbooks subseries consists of scrapbooks compiled by Woman's Club members. The scrapbooks for 1909-1930 and 1930-1937 are retrospective histories of the club. The 1963-1964 scrapbook covers reception/luncheon events of that club year, and the 1972-1976 scrapbook covers a series of Dinner Dances held by the club. The other scrapbooks are general records of the time period they cover. Except for the 1909-1930 volume, scrapbooks were disbound for preservation purposes, interleaved where newsprint or photos were present, and foldered in original order. 22bound volume Scrapbook 1909-1930221Scrapbook 1930-1937222Scrapbook 1933223Scrapbook 1937-1939224Scrapbook 1939-1940225Scrapbook (1 of 2) 1940-1941231Scrapbook (2 of 2) 1940-1941232-3Scrapbook 1941-1942234Scrapbook 1941-1949235Scrapbook 1942-1943236Scrapbook 1943-1944237Scrapbook 1944-1945238Scrapbook 1945-1946241Scrapbook 1946-1947242-3Scrapbook 1947-1949244Scrapbook circa 1948245Scrapbook 1949-1950246Scrapbook 1963-1964247Scrapbook 1972-1976248-9Scrapbook 1973-1974251Scrapbook 1974-197525bound volume Scrapbook 1975-1979252Scrapbook 1979-1984253Scrapbook July 1984 - September 1985254Scrapbook September 1984 - April 1985Press books, 1950-1975The Press books subseries consists of albums of clippings compiled by the Woman's Club historian. The historian clipped all references to Woman's Club members and activities that appeared in local papers (typically the Lexington Leader , Kentucky Kernel , and university staff bulletin), keeping track of the total number of inches of newsprint that were published. The press book was then entered into a competition against other members of the Kentucky Federation of Women's Clubs (KFWC). Several of the press books include prize ribbons won in this competition. Although the Woman's Club withdrew from the KFWC in December 1966 (effective end of 1966-1967 club year), press books were still created through 1973. Press books were disbound for preservation purposes, interleaved where newsprint was present, and foldered in original order. 255Press book 1950-1951256Press book 1951-1952257Press book (photocopy) 1951-1952258Press book 1952-1953261Press book 1953-1954262Press book 1954-1955263Press book 1955-1956264Press book 1956-1957265Press book 1957-1958266Press book (1 of 3) 1958-1959271Press book (2 of 3) 1958-1959272Press book (3 of 3) 1958-1959273-4Press book 1959-1960275Press book (1 of 2) 1960-1961281Press book (2 of 2) 1960-1961282-3Press book 1961-1962284-5Press book 1962-1963291-3Press book supplement 1962-1963294Press book (1 of 5) 1963-1964295Press book (2 of 5) 1963-1964301Press book (3 of 5) 1963-1964302Press book (4 of 5) 1963-1964303Press book (5 of 5) 1963-1964304Press book 1964-1965305Press book 1965-1966311Press book 1966-1967312Press book 1967-1968313Press book 1968-1969314-5Press book 1969-1970316Press book (1 of 2) 1970-1971321Press book (2 of 2) 1970-1971322Press book 1971-1972323-4Press book part 1 1972-1973325-6Press book part 2 1972-1973331-2Press book 1973-1974333-4Press book 1974-1975Photograph albums, 1999-2005The Photograph albums subseries consists of albums compiled by Woman's Club members. The photos are arranged chronologically by event within each album and document club activities such as luncheons, meetings, and excursions. The photos are labeled to indicate the date, the event, and the people depicted. Items in the Photo albums subseries are in wrapped packages at the end of the range. Photos from an additional photo album of 1994-1999 are in the Photographs series. wrapped package Photo album 1999-2000wrapped package Photo album 2000-2001wrapped package Photo album Jan. 2001 - Dec. 2002wrapped package Photo album Sept. 2001 - May 2002wrapped package Photo album 2003-2004wrapped package Photo album 2004-2005Photographs, circa 1950s-2003 The Photographs series consists of images of Woman's Club activities taken by club members and professional photographers. The photographs in boxes 35 through 37 were originally stored together in a photo album; they were removed from the album for preservation purposes, foldered, and arranged in original order. Additional photographs can be found in scrapbooks and photo albums in the Albums series. 335Photographs circa 1950s-1957336Photographs 1959-1960337Photographs 1961-1979 341-44Photographs 1978-2003351-68Photographs 1994-1997361-72Photographs 1997-1998371-75Photographs 1998-1999Printed materials, 1931-2005 The Printed materials series consists of club newsletters; the President's annual welcome letter; club yearbooks; cookbooks and day care directories published by the club; club calendars; an annual holiday greeting letter; and programs for Woman's Club events. 381Newsletters 1968-1973382Newsletters 1974383Newsletters 1975384Newsletters 1976-1977385Newsletters 1978-1979386Newsletters 1980-1981387Newsletters 1982-1984388Newsletters 1985-1986391Newsletters 1987-1988392Newsletters 1989-1992393Newsletters 1993-1995394Newsletters 1996-1998395Newsletters 1999-2000396Newsletters 2001-2002397Newsletters 2003-2004398Newsletters 2005401President's welcome letters 1947-1970402President's welcome letters 1971-1977403President's welcome letters 1978-1987404President's welcome letters 1988-1995405President's welcome letters 1996-200441Yearbooks 1926-194242Yearbooks 1942-195443Yearbooks 1954-196644Yearbooks 1966-198745Yearbooks 1987-200512bound volume "Stay for Tea" cookbook (2) 194846bound volume "Stay for Tea... Again!" cookbook (2) 197546bound volume "Stay for Tea... and More" cookbook (2) 1983406Cookbooks 1970-1973407Day care directories 1977-1978471Day care directories 1980, 1982472Day care directory 1983473Calendars 1966-1997474Holiday greeting circa 1970s - 2004475Programs 1931-2004 and undated476Fliers 1981, circa 1994Dames ClubThe Dames Club series consists of material related to the University Dames Club, an organization of student wives that was sponsored by the Woman's Club. Items include newsletters, minutes, correspondence, annual reports, financial materials, member lists, and photographs. Scrapbooks were disbound for preservation purposes, interleaved where photos were present, and foldered in original order. The Dames Club changed its name to Student Wives in the early 1970s, and was disbanded circa 1974-1975 due to lack of interest from potential members.477Annual reports 1945-1975478Cash receipts 1965-1971479Check registers 1966-19714710Clippings 1959-19714711Constitution and by-laws circa 1965-19724712Correspondence 1952-1965481Correspondence 1965-1967482Correspondence 1967-1972483Invoices and receipts 1968-1972484Member lists 1958-1970 and undated485-6Minutes 1957-1966487Minutes 1964-1968488Minutes 1969-1972489Miscellaneous materials 1959-1973 and undated491Negatives 1965-1966492Negatives 1969-1970493News releases 1965-1966, 1973494Newsletters 1951-1974495Notebook 1946-1973496Notebook 1969-1970497Notebook 1970-1972498Photographs 1959, 1966-1970501-4Scrapbook 1946-1955505-7Scrapbook 1954-1961511-4Scrapbook 1961-1963515-8Scrapbook 1963-1965Miscellaneous materialThe Miscellaneous material series consists of certificates and awards, clippings, invitations, material on club history, biographical information on club members, and other miscellaneous materials.521Biographical information on members 1941-circa 1990s522Certificates and awards 1985 and undated 523Clippings 1950-2004524Invitations 1934-1999 and undated 525Notes on club history undated 526Miscellaneous materials circa 1930s - 2003Woman's Club (University of Kentucky) records, 1909-2005