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[44] > Image [44] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1956-04-apr3.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

41 three members from the Board of Trustees. He stated that he would address a letter to Dr. Robert L. Mills, Secretary of the University Faculty, advising the University Faculty of the action of the Board of Trustees, and request them to proceed as quickly as possible to select a list of ten persons from the teaching, research, extension and administrative staffs. He said that he hoped that the committee on screening candidates for the presidency of the University would be able to begin its work as soon as possible and submit its report to the Board of Trustees at the earliest convenience of the committee. He further stated that he hoped the screening committee would be able to consider all possible candidates on the campus and off the campus and sug- gested that various people might suggest names of possible candidates to be con- sidered. President Donovan was requested to re-enter the Board meeting. Gov- ernor Chandler advised President Donovan of the action taken by the Board upon his request to be relieved of his official duties as president of the University of Kentucky September 1, 1956. He also advised him that his request for change of employment had been approved as requested in his formal statement and that the Board had unanimously approved and added to his change of work salary as provided by the Governing Regulations of 1928 an additional sum of $5, 800 annu- ally from the Haggin Fund, and had appropriated and granted an additional $5, 000.00 annually for traveling and such other expenses as a president emeritus might have. President Donovan was touched by the action of the Board of Trustees. He stated that he had anticipated a change of work in accordance with the Govern- ing Regulations and that he trusted the Board of Trustees had considered the wisdom of their action. Governor Chandler assured him that the Board had unanimously acted and had complete authority to do what it had done. Y. Adjournment. The Board adjourned at 12:40 p. m. and accepted an invitation of Dr. and Mrs. Donovan to have luncheon at Maxwell Place. Frank D. Peterson, Secretary Board of Trustees and Executive Comrnmittee