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Group of "Morgan's Men" while prisoners of war in Western Penitentiary, Pennsylvannia; written in ink along edges of backing card: "'The Happy Family' of cell 401 Western Penitentiary"; it also numbers the five men pictured playing cards left to right as: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5"; on the back written in ink: "No. 1 Captain W. E. Curry, Winchester, KY / No. 2 Lt A. J. Church, Lexington KY / No. 3 Adjt. Lee Hathaway, Mt. Sterling, KY / No. 4 Lt H. D. Brown, Lancaster, KY / Lt. Wm. Hays, Covington, KY / --For Mr. Caskey"; Captain William E. Curry, 8th Kentucky Cavalry; Lieutenant Andrew J. Church, 8th Kentucky Cavalry; Lieutenant Leeland Hathaway, 14th Kentucky Cavalry; Lieutenant Henry D. Brown, 10th Kentucky Cavalry; Lieutenant William Hays, 20th Kentucky Cavalry; all were captured with John Hunt Morgan in Ohio, 1864

Part of Samuel M. Wilson Photographic Collection,