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Samuel M. Wilson Photographic Collection, ca. 1899-1947

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Samuel M. Wilson Photographic Collection


ca. 1899-1947


University of Kentucky Special Collections

Lexington, Kentucky 40506

Conditions Governing Access note

The collection is open to researchers by appointment.

Preferred Citation Note

[Identification of item], Samuel M. Wilson Photographic Collection, PA79W1, Special Collections, University of Kentucky.


4 cu. ft. (5 boxes): 291 images


Judge Samuel Mackay Wilson (1871-1946) was a Lexington attorney and author, noted for his meticulous scholarship and precise writing style. He was also a collector of books, manuscripts, maps, and photographs. Wilson's main area of interest was early Kentucky history.

Wilson's most famous case was his defense of Kentucky Secretary of State Caleb Powers. Powers was charged in connection with the assassination of Kentucky Governor William Goebel in 1899. After serving as a judge-advocate during World War I, Wilson returned to Kentucky, where he established a successful law practice.

Judge Wilson served on numerous civic commissions, where he was active in historical preservation. Wilson played an important role in the preservation of the Henry Clay Estate, Blue Licks Battlefield, and Fort Boonesboro.

Wilson organized the Cakes and Ale Club, an annual gathering of Lexingtonians interested in book collecting. He was also a member of the Book Thieves, an organization of local historians and educators who were influential in the creation and development of Special Collections and Archives at the University of Kentucky.

After Wilson's death in 1946, his extensive collection of books, photographs, and personal papers were donated to the University of Kentucky. The Wilson Collection is the foundation on which Special Collections and Archives has been built. Following Mrs. Wilson's death in 1959, the items which she had retained were added to the collection.

Scope and Content

The Samuel M. Wilson Photographic Collection, ca. 1899-1947 consists of 291 black and white photographs and drawings. The vast majority are portraits (many unidentified); some architectural features, artifacts, events, and landscapes are also included.


  • Architecture--Kentucky
  • Church history--Kentucky
  • Lexington (Ky.)--History
  • Wilson, Mary Bullock Shelby, 1876-1959
  • Wilson, Samuel Mackay, 1871-1946

User Restrictions

Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky.

Related Material

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Collection Inventory

Man leading a horse, Samuel M. Wilson standing on the left, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 1] browse
Man standing with a horse, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 2] browse
Man standing with a horse, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 3] browse
Man standing in front of a statue of a horse, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 4] browse
Man holding reins of "Man O' War", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 5] browse
Three men in front of log cabin, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 6] browse
Mary Shelby Wilson standing beside a memorial marker, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 7A]
Stone obelisk with tablet, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 7B]
Marker on lawn of two-story building, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 8] browse
Brick house; "15 August 1929" Note on back from friend, 08/15/1929
[box: 1, item: 9] browse
"William Penn's House. Erected 1682. Photo taken June 18, 1920, by G.B.K. Property of Samuel M. Wilson from Judge Geo. B. Kinkead. 5th July 1920.", 06/18/1920
[box: 1, item: 10] browse
"Valley Forge: Washington's Headquarters. Photo taken June 18, 1920 by G.B.K. Property of Samuel M. Wilson from Judge Geo. B. Kinkead. 5th July 1920.", 06/18/1920
[box: 1, item: 11] browse
"An Eastern Kentucky mountain home and family.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 12] browse
"The University of Kentucky Library", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 13] browse
"Front-view of Old Cane Ridge Meeting-House as it now stands, restored to the original plan and construction of its pioneer architects in 1791. (Photo taken by John Buckner.)", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 14] browse
"Side view of Cane Ridge Church, showing part of old graveyard, where many pioneer church-goers are buried. (Photo by John Buckner.)", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 15] browse
"The 'Old Stone Church'--A Presbyterian meeting-house about 8 [eight] miles North-East of Staunton, Augusta County, VA, erected by pioneers of the Valley of Virginia in 1748. Here worshipped the Allens, Bells, Trimbles, etc., and hereabouts their remains lie buried. Photograph taken in April, 1897, 150 [one hundred fifty] years after the building of the church.", 04/1897
[box: 1, item: 16] browse
Large home; "Wilbur Point, 1832", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 17] browse
"The Grammar School and Guild Chapel; Stratford. Copyright, 1899, by A.W. Elson and C., Boston.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 18] browse
"The State House at Frankfort", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 19] browse
"An Old Covered Bridge over the Kentucky River.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 20] browse
"Presbyterian Church; Millersburg, Kentucky", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 21] browse
A church with three steeples, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 22] browse
Etching of "Fanuiel Hall, Boston. W.H. Bartlett. H. Griffiths.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 23] browse
"Perry Memorial Completion. Elevation on Putin Bay.""Sam'l [Samuel] M. Wilson, Secretary Kentucky Perry Centennial Commission. Washington, D.C. January 29, 1912.", 01/29/1912
[box: 1, item: 24] browse
Drawing of "Ashland", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 25] browse
Tablet, the head of "Governor Isaac Shelby.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 26] browse
Medallion: "Battle of the Thames. Octo. 5, 1813. Resolution of Congress April 4, 1818. Furst, F.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 27] browse
Telescope (spy glass): "Presented by Tom Perry to Govr. Shelby. Lake Erie. 30 Sept. 1813.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 28] browse
Engraving: "City of Louisville. New York. Appleton and Co. A.C. Warren. E.P. Brandard.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 29] browse
Color engraving: "Les modes Parisiennes: Peterson's Magazine. April, 1874. Sunday Morning. Engraved and Printed by Illman Brookes.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 30] browse
Drawing: "Camp Ringgold, Tenn.; Reg. Cavalry, near Matamoras.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 31] browse
Engraving: "The Battle of Lexington. From the original in the possession of the Publishers. Johnson, Wilson, and Co. Publishers, New York. Painted by Alonzo Chappel.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 32] browse
Engraving: "The Battle of King's Mountain. October 7, 1780. Gregson. Lex. KY.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 33] browse
A train wreck; Damaged cars and track, with many men looking on, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 34] browse
"A Kentucky oil field.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 35] browse
"A Kentucky Tobacco market.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 36] browse
"First full train of coal from a Hazard mine; April, 1915. 33 [thirty-three] cars block coal from Kentucky Jewel Coal Co. for Milwaukee Western Fuel Co.", 04/1915
[box: 1, item: 37] browse
Old Time Lexington Saloon, ca. 1900, 1900
[box: 1, item: 38] browse
Tree with divide in trunk, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 39] browse
View of the sky between two tree trunks, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 40] browse
A bridge formed by rock, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 41] browse
Fallen trees, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 42] browse
View from trees of a barn and pasture, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 43] browse
A country scene, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 44] browse
View of trees, a barn and pasture (Duplicate of #43.), [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 45] browse
"Natural Bridge: Whitley Co. [County], KY span of arch 37 [thirty-seven] feet.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 46] browse
"Meadowthorpe Farm, 1926.", 1926
[box: 1, item: 47] browse
Elkhorn Creek, where it joins the Kentucky River [MISSING], [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 48] browse
Looking into Kentucky through the Cumberland Gap. Showing village of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 49] browse
"The 'Big Spring' (otherwise 'Royal Spring'), and Pioneer Monument, at Georgetown, KY. 1925.", 1925
[box: 1, item: 50] browse
"Burley tobacco, just before cutting season", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 51] browse
"Mouth of Main Elkhorn Creek where it joins the Kentucky River, in Franklin County, KY. Picture taken July 14, 1931 by Sam'l [Samuel] M. Wilson.", 07/14/1931
[box: 1, item: 52] browse
"Property of Sam'l [Samuel] M. Wilson. First operation performed by Dr. John McDowell 1809.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 53] browse
Workmen on a railroad bridge, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 54] browse
"Dr. Halley, master of 'Farmers' Relief'", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 55] browse
Group of men and one child, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 56] browse
People in front of a building, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 57] browse
Three men in woods, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 58] browse
Three men in a field, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 59] browse
Two men on a small bridge over a creek, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 60] browse
Three men in woods (Duplicate of #58.), [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 61] browse
Three men in a field (Duplicate of #59.), [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 62] browse
Three men in a field, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 63] browse
Two men on a small bridge over a creek (Duplicate of #60.), [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 64] browse
Three men standing by a fence, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 65] browse
Five men on a golf green, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 66] browse
Crowd at a tent, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 67] browse
Crowd at a tent, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 68] browse
Crowd along a town street, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 69] browse
"'Travellers' Rest' Lincoln County, Kentucky. Home of Gov. Isaac Shelby." Two children and a dog on lawn, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 70] browse
Small child standing outside, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 71] browse
"'Travellers' Rest': Rear view. Sept. 20, 1899.", 09/20/1899
[box: 1, item: 72] browse
Several men in a group, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 73] browse
Several men with a car in the background, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 74] browse
Group of men by the church, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 75] browse
Group at a Presbyterian Church, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 76] browse
Portrait of a man sitting on a chair, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 77] browse
Samuel M. Wilson sitting in a field, holding a shotgun, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 78] browse
Samuel M. Wilson in center, surrounded by men in uniform (at ceremony), [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 79] browse
Hall lobby of Capitol Building, crowd listening to a speaker, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 80] browse
Photo of a painting, "The Verdict of the People" by George C. Bingham, photocopy of information about painting, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 81] browse
Portrait (A)
Young boy and girl, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 82] browse
"Tom Keith. Rob Harvey. May 24, 1932.", 05/24/1932
[box: 1, item: 83] browse
Young woman; "Mullen, Artist Photographer.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 84] browse
Samuel R. Wilson [copy of daguerrotype in collection], [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 85] browse
Tin type in paper fold, of two women and two men, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 86] browse
"Judge William Bullock.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 87] browse
Portrait of a man, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 88] browse
"Gov. Isaac Shelby. Portrait by Jouitt. Spy-glass presented to Gov. Shelby by Perry after battle of Lake Erie.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 89] browse
"Susanna, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Simpson?) and wife of Col. Isaac Shelby.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 90] browse
Man, printed on a card with a quote from Goethe, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 91] browse
Portrait (B)
Group of adults and children sitting on porch steps (Color photo), [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 92] browse
David, Evan and Edmund standing on porch steps (Color photo), [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 93] browse
Woman standing in a garden, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 94] browse
Man leaning on a sun dial, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 95] browse
Mary Shelby Wilson, two woman, and a man standing by a sun dial, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 96] browse
Mary Shelby Wilson, a man, and a woman standing by a fence, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 97] browse
Samuel M. Wilson and a man standing in a garden, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 98] browse
Samuel M. Wilson and a man standing next to a sundial, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 99] browse
Young woman; "Schervee. Worcester.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 100] browse
"Ben Fiechman. March 25, '44. To my friend Sam'l [Samuel] Wilson.", 03/25/1944
[box: 1, item: 101] browse
"Rev. Richard Valentine", "From front cover of Herald and Presbyter (Cincinnati and St. Louis, April 25, 1906).", 04/25/1906
[box: 1, item: 102] browse
Portrait of Andrew Jackson, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 103] browse
Young man in a military uniform, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 104] browse
" (Angus W. McDonald, Pere with "Tojo' and Dan.) Given me (S.M.W.) by E.L. McDonald. June 25, 1944.", 06/25/1944
[box: 1, item: 105] browse
"Neddie and Dunning Wilson: Nov. 1950.", 11/1950
[box: 1, item: 106] browse
"Susan, Mother and Patsy: Nov. 1950.", 11/1950
[box: 1, item: 107] browse
Francis Wilson and Ned Shelby: "August 15, 1929.", 08/15/1929
[box: 1, item: 108] browse
"Jesse Ansley Griffin", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 109] browse
An elderly man, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 110] browse
Portrait (C)
Young boy: "Mullen; Lexington, KY", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 111] browse
Young man "Mullen; Lexington, KY", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 112] browse
Portrait of a man; "Johns and Faught, 56 E. Main Street, Lexington, KY", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 113] browse
Portrait of a man; "Mullen, No. 5W. Main Street, Lexington, KY", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 114] browse
Portrait of Mary Shelby Wilson as a child; "Johns and Faught, 56 E. Main Street, Lexington, KY", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 115] browse
Portrait of a man; "Mullen. Lexington, KY", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 116] browse
Photo of the bust of a man, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 117] browse
Portrait of a man, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 118] browse
Portrait (D)
Mary Shelby Wilson, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 119] browse
Young woman, 1904, 1904
[box: 1, item: 120] browse
"David W. Wilson", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 121] browse
"A.S. Tenney, Pres. of the Sons of Revolution. March 19, 1910.", 03/19/1910
[box: 1, item: 122] browse
Portrait of an elderly woman; "Pach. Windsor Arcade and 935 Broadway New York", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 123] browse
Young woman sitting in an ornate chair; "Mullen, Lex., KY", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 124] browse
Portrait (E)
Two photos in one folder. Each is of a child on a pony. "Susan E. Wilson: 5 [five] years. Patsy Wilson: 4 [four] years. San Diego. Jan. 1950.", 01/1950
[box: 1, item: 125] browse
Two photos in one folder. Each is of a child on a pony. "Susan E. Wilson: 5 [five] years. Patsy Wilson: 4 [four] years. San Diego. Jan. 1950.", 01/1950
[box: 1, item: 126] browse
"Patricia Ann Wilson. July 9, 1946.", 07/09/1946
[box: 1, item: 127] browse
Young man, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 128] browse
"Susan Elizabeth Wilson. July 9, 1946.", 07/09/1946
[box: 1, item: 129] browse
"Francis Edward and Dunning Stephen Wilson. 'Neddie' and 'Dunnie.' July 9, 1946.", 07/09/1946
[box: 1, item: 130] browse
Young boy, [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 131] browse
Portrait (F)
"Fraternally R.E. Pritchard Pi '96-99."; "Knaffl and Bro. Knoxville, Tenn. Platinotype.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 132] browse
A baby; "Johnston. Louisville, KY", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 133] browse
Portrait of a man; "E. Jungermann, Columbus, GA", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 134] browse
"Dunning S. Wilson, Lt. Col. U.S. Amy.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 135] browse
"Kappa Alpha at University of Michigan, 1898-9: J.F. Barbee, E.B. Bradley, Paul Murrill, H.K. Morrison and J.D. Mosby.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 136] browse
Woman in an evening gown; "Hitchier.", [n.d.]
[box: 1, item: 137] browse
Portrait of a man. Autographed "For Mary dear, From her [?] Cousin J.F. Bell, Maj. Gen. and Chief of Staff USA.", 12/15/1909
[box: 1, item: 138] browse
Portrait (G)
Engraving of "A. Burr, Vice President of the United States. 1802. J. Vanderlyn Pinx. G. Parker Sculp.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 139] browse
Engraving of "George Rogers Clark. Engraved by T.B. Welch from a Portrait by J.B. Longacre after an original painting by J.W. Jarvis.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 140] browse
Engraving of "Daniel Boone. Engraved by J.B. Longacre from an original Painting by C. Harding.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 141]
Samuel M. Wilson, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 142] browse
Portrait of a man, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 143] browse
Portrait of a man, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 144] browse
Samuel M. Wilson, 02/22/1936
[box: 2, item: 145] browse
"Samuel M. Wilson, Robert Stuart Sanders, Robert Whitefield Miles. Walnut Hill Church. September 30, 1945."; "Photo by Winston Coleman; Lexington, KY", 09/30/1945
[box: 2, item: 146] browse
"William M. Justice", "Dixie Studio. Corner Second ST. and Carolina Ave. Pikeville, KY.", 02/11/1941
[box: 2, item: 147] browse
Portrait of a man, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 148] browse
Portrait of a young boy, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 149] browse
Portrait of a young man, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 150] browse
Col M. Wilson, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 151] browse
Portrait of a man (Duplicate of # 144), [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 152] browse
"Edward Lacy Wilson. Taken at 'Landover'; Sunday, Nov'r 28, 1943.", 11/28/1943
[box: 2, item: 153] browse
"Richard H. Menefee. (Color Photograph of portrait in Kentucky Historical Society Frankfort, KY.) Property of Sam'l [Samuel] M. Wilson. 19 July 1933.", 07/19/1933
[box: 2, item: 154] browse
"Matthew Harris Jouett. Self Portrait" , [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 155] browse
Portrait of Mary Andersin, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 156] browse
Two men on one sheet, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 157] browse
Portrait of man in military uniform. (Duplicate of #138), [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 158] browse
Mary Shelby Wilson; "Pach Bros. 935 Broadway, NY.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 159] browse
"James Wilson. Nat. 1742, Ob. 1798. From the miniature in the possession of the Family.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 160] browse
Portrait (H)
Engraving: "O.H. Perry. Painted by J.W. Jarvis. Engraved by W.G. Jackman.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 161] browse
"George Washington. General Society Sons of the Revolution April the 28th 1908 Washington, D.C. Mezzotint by Wm. Sartain, 1891, after Conder for Sons of the Revolution.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 162] browse
Engraving of "Talleyrand. O.B. 1838. Engraved by W.H. Mote. The London Printing and Publishing Company.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 163] browse
"Sam R. Wilson", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 164] browse
"P. Henry. From the original by Alonzo Chappel in the possession of the Publishers.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 165] browse
Portrait (I)
Group of "Morgan's Men" while prisoners of war in Western Penitentiary, Pennsylvannia; written in ink along edges of backing card: "'The Happy Family' of cell 401 Western Penitentiary"; it also numbers the five men pictured playing cards left to right as: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5"; on the back written in ink: "No. 1 Captain W. E. Curry, Winchester, KY / No. 2 Lt A. J. Church, Lexington KY / No. 3 Adjt. Lee Hathaway, Mt. Sterling, KY / No. 4 Lt H. D. Brown, Lancaster, KY / Lt. Wm. Hays, Covington, KY / --For Mr. Caskey"; Captain William E. Curry, 8th Kentucky Cavalry; Lieutenant Andrew J. Church, 8th Kentucky Cavalry; Lieutenant Leeland Hathaway, 14th Kentucky Cavalry; Lieutenant Henry D. Brown, 10th Kentucky Cavalry; Lieutenant William Hays, 20th Kentucky Cavalry; all were captured with John Hunt Morgan in Ohio, ca.1864
[box: 2, item: 166] browse
Portrait of a woman, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 167] browse
Portrait of a man, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 168] browse
Samuel R. Wilson and Samuel M. Wilson, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 169] browse
Portrait of a young man, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 170] browse
Portrait (J)
Portrait of a young woman. "Brooks.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 171] browse
Portrait of a young woman. "Brooks.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 172] browse
Portrait of a young woman. "Brooks.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 173] browse
Portrait of a young woman; autographed to "Shanklin" from "Lois.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 174] browse
Portrait of a young girl, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 175] browse
Portrait of a girl, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 176] browse
Portrait of a young woman, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 177] browse
"Otto A. Rothert. 1939.", 1939
[box: 2, item: 178] browse
"Lucy Buford Bell", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 179] browse
Portrait (K)
Portrait of a man; "Otto Sarony Co.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 180] browse
Portrait of a woman; "Love and Easter Greetings, Kate", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 181] browse
Child standing on a chair, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 182] browse
David Shelby, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 183] browse
David H. Shelby [MISSING], [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 184] browse
Portrait of a man, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 185] browse
Portrait of a baby boy; "Adam Pepiot: Lexington, KY", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 186] browse
"Th. [Thomas] Jefferson. From a painting from life by Gilbert Stuart, now in the Walker Art Building, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine. It was painted on the order of the Honorable James Bowdoin, a friend and admirer of Jefferson. The signature is a facsimile of the one on the Declaration of Independence.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 187] browse
Portrait (L)
"Dr. John T. Vance, (former) Law Librarian of the Congress.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 188] browse
"Alfred Smith.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 189] browse
Woman; "Habenich. San Francisco.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 190] browse
Portrait of a man, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 191] browse
Man in U.S.R. Uniform, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 192] browse
Portrait of man in a military uniform, autographed to "S. [Samuel] M. Wilson", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 193] browse
"Otto A. Rockert to Samuel M. Wilson."; "Bausher. 1933.", 1933
[box: 2, item: 194] browse
"Charles R. Staples and Robert Stuart Sanders on a boat on Ohio River crossing to Augusta, KY."; "Photo by Winston Coleman. Lexington, KY.", 04/17/1947
[box: 2, item: 195] browse
"Left to Right: Rev. Robert Stuart Sanders, J. Winston Coleman, and Dr. Willard R. Jillson. Taken by J. Winston Coleman, Jr. on September 19, 1956 at the home of Dr. Jillson in Frankfort.", 09/19/1956
[box: 2, item: 196] browse
Portrait of a man; "Sklar Studios. Salisbury, Maryland.", [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 197] browse
Seventeen men, including Samuel M. Wilson, some in academic robes, gathered around a memorial tablet under a tent, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 198] browse
Portrait of a man, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 199] browse
Young woman in academic robe with a man and woman, probably at college commencement. (Syracuse Daily Orange newspaper is visible), [n.d.]
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Portrait of a young woman, [n.d.]
[box: 2, item: 201] browse
Portrait of a man holding a cigarette, [n.d.]
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"Charles Feniheny"; "Brockhurst. 1949.", [n.d.]
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William H. Townsend. Frame autographed: "To my dear friend, Samuel M. Wilson; the law book [in the photo] is Abraham Lincoln's copy of the 'Revised Statutes of Illinois' - W.H. Townsend. Feb. 12, 1943.", 02/12/1943
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Portrait (M)
"Theodore Roosevelt", [n.d.]
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"Brig. General James Wilkinson", [n.d.]
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"This photograph was taken by Jas. Mullen, photographer, of Lexington, KY, from an oil portrait of Chief-Justice John Marshall, painted from life by the artist James R. Lambdin, and now owned by Mrs. Thos. J. Carson, of 'Dixiana,' Fayette County, KY. (August 28th-Sept. 4th; 1901.)", 09/1901
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"Edmund P. Shelby, III. June 9, 1946."; "A Portrait by Battaile of Lexington, Kentucky.", 06/09/1946
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"Kappa Alpha Xi Chapter. 1897-1898." Small photos of thirteen young men around a figure of a winged angel. The names in clockwise order: C.A. Nichols, D.K.Porter, A.L. Scales, T.S.Barcus, W.W.Carroll, A.M. Mood, S.M.Vaughn, S.D.Vaughan, R.R.Jackson, W.W. Thomas, S.D. Sanders, J.H. Reedy, C.L. Brooks.", [n.d.]
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Susan Bell Allen, called "Granny Sukey", [n.d.]
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Portrait of a man. Autographed to "Samuel M. Wilson from Howard Suskin""Photograph from Rembrandt Studios, Inc. 1726 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA", [n.d.]
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"Edmund Bullock. Reduced copy of a large photograph, made from an oil painting.", 07/24/1922
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"W.R. Shelby", [n.d.]
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Portrait autographed "To Judge Samuel M. Wilson, with all possible good wishes and highest esteem. J. Paul Anderson. May 20th 1932."; "Young & Carl, Cincinnati, U.S.A.", 05/20/1932
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Samuel M. Wilson and four other men standing on the steps to a building, [n.d.]
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"Lexington, Kentucky. Presented to Samuel M. Wilson, as a 'reward of merit' by Mrs. Thomas H. Clay, on March 14, 1911", [n.d.]
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"The 'Sergeant Floyd', Government Inspection Boat, of United States Engineering Department, on the Missouri River, between Kansas City, Missouri-Kansas, and Rulo, Nebraska. June 23-24,1941. Property of Samuel M. Wilson. Inscribed: "To Judge S.M. Wilson: Here is a picture of 'your boat'! A.P. Seaver", 06/23/1941
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Mt. Pisagh Church; Woodford County, Mt. Vernon Pike , [n.d.]
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"'Meadowthorpe', The Home of the Halleys; 1926.", 1926
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Winter scene with trees, [n.d.]
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Samuel M. Wilson in front of Traveller's Rest, [n.d.]
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"Ashland"; Home of Henry Clay, as it was prior to 1956, [n.d.]
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Two small soldier statues standing on a pedestal, [n.d.]
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Sword handle, inscribed: "King's Mountain; 7th October 1780.", [n.d.]
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Statue of a man sitting in a chair, [n.d.]
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Caleb Pomer's Trial. "McClure; Lex, KY", [n.d.]
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"Miss Mary Anderson", [n.d.]
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Large group of young men on steps; Samuel M. Wilson is on right side of photo. "Class of '94; Williams College. Junior year, 1892.", 1892
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Large group of men, including Samuel M. Wilson. "Inter-state Board of the Perry's Victory Centennial Commissioners at Putin Bay, Ohio. Sept 10, 1910.", 09/10/1910
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Two men and two women at "A Tea Party at 'Oak Knoll.'", [n.d.]
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Engraving: "R.H. Menefee. Eng. by Henry Taylor, Jr. Chgo [Chicago].", [n.d.]
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"Josiah Kirby Lilly: Painted by Malcolm Parcell, 1941.", 1941
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Portrait of an unidentified man, [n.d.]
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Portrait of an unidentified man (Duplicate of #233), [n.d.]
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Isaac Shelby, [n.d.]
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Isaac Shelby (Duplicate of #235), [n.d.]
[box: 3, item: 236] browse
Mrs. Susan Shelby, Shannon Fishback, [n.d.]
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Mrs. Susan Shelby, Shannon Fishback (Duplicate of #237), [n.d.]
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Portrait of a man autographed to Samuel M. Wilson, from "R.C. Bernard Thruston", [n.d.]
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Portrait of "Woodrow Wilson: Statesman and Golfer", [n.d.]
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Reverend Stephen Theodore Badin, 1768-1853. Photo of a Daguerrotype made ca. 1846, [n.d.]
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"Henry Watterson. From a painting by Louis Mark.", [n.d.]
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General John Cabell Breckinridge [MISSING], [n.d.]
[box: 4, item: 243]
"T. Taggarth", [n.d.]
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"John J. Audubon. Painted by F. Cruickshank, Esq. Engraved by C. Turner, A.R.A. London, Published Jan. 12, 1835, for the Proprietor by Robert Havell, Printseller, 77 Oxford Street.", [n.d.]
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"A.M. Cochran.", [n.d.]
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Samuel M. Wilson in uniform, [n.d.]
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Samuel M. Wilson in uniform, [n.d.]
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Desha Breckinridge; "A Portrait by Underwood & Underwood. New York. Washington. Chicago.", [n.d.]
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Young girl; "The Rembrandt Studio. Fort Myers, Fla.", [n.d.]
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Woman and two young boys, [n.d.]
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"Wilsons, San Diego; April, 1949"; Two young girls and two young boys in one photo, 4/1949
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Young girl; "Underwood & Underwood. New York.", [n.d.]
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Two girls; "Underwood & Underwood. John Wanamaker.", [n.d.]
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Unidentified young man in U.S. Army uniform, with sergeant's stripes, [n.d.]
[box: 4, item: 255] browse
"Sam'l Wilkinson. 1930."; "The Charley Cargille Studio. Johnson City, Tenn.", 1930
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Portrait of a man, signed "with much affection, Sincerely your friend S.L. Hutchinson. July 31 - 37."; "LaFayette Studio; Lexington, KY", 07/31/1937
[box: 4, item: 257] browse
Young boy: "The Children's Studio. John and Mary Riley; Lexington.", [n.d.]
[box: 4, item: 258] browse
Unidentified man; "Blackwall. NY.", [n.d.]
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Portrait of a man; signed "your affectionate cousin, J.F. Bell.", [n.d.]
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"Woodrow Wilson", [n.d.]
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Portrait autographed to " Col. Sam'l [Samuel] Wilson" from "George B. Duncan. July 1919.", 07/1919
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Isaac Shelby, [n.d.]
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, "1933.", 1933
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Unidentified man; "A Portrait by Bachrach. 1939.", 1939
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Unidentified Man; "A Portrait by Bachrach.", [n.d.]
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Portrait, signed "to Judge Samuel M. Wilson; Landon G. Bell. Columbus, Ohio. May 19, 1939.", 05/19/1939
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Three portraits in one folder: J.F. Bell, Rhiny Wilson, and an unidentified man, [n.d.]
[box: 5, item: 268]
"Williams College Man; Millitary Training Camp, Plattsburg, 1916""Thompson Photo Co. Poughkeepsie, NY. No. 3129.", 1916
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Unidentified man in uniform. "Dec'r 13, 1917."; "Pirie McDonald, Photographer-of-men. New York.", 12/13/1917
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"Warren Kerr. to Hon. Samuel M. Wilson."; "Rec'd May 31, 1944.", 05/31/1944
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Cartoon of Samuel M. Wilson. Appeared in the Lexington Leader, Sunday, February 20, 1910, 02/20/1910
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Color portrait; "Curtis Biltmore. 1928.", 1928
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"Frank L. McVey. July 1, 1940."; "Portrait by LaFayette Studio: Lexington, KY", 07/01/1928
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James Wilson, [n.d.]
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Abraham Lincoln; "Timothy Cole. 1928.", 1928
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Etching by William Meyerowitz of Justice Holmes (information about artist and portrait behind etching), 1930
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"James Lane Allen, author of 'The Reign of Law.' Photo by Hollinger.", [n.d.]
[box: 5, item: 278] browse
"Banquet in honor of Dr. Wm A. Ganfield by Louisville Alumni of Center College Pendennis Club. June 4, 1915", 06/04/1915
[box: 5, item: 279] browse
"William Jennings Bryan."; "Sam'l [Samuel] M. Wilson. August 20, 1908" (information sheet attached to back of portrait), 08/20/1920
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Group of seventeen men, [n.d.]
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"Omega Chapter '91-'92. Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Turner, McHenry, Beckner, Brown, McCloy, McClure, Blayney, Hudson, Ziegler, Wickliffe, Murrell, Heffner.", [n.d.]
[box: 5, item: 282] browse
Group of fourteen young men; "Mullen. Lex., KY.", [n.d.]
[box: 5, item: 283] browse
Group of twenty-four men; "C.E. Watton, Photographer.", [n.d.]
[box: 5, item: 284] browse
Color drawing of "Stephen Collins Foster, 1826-1864. Copyright 1931, William Edwin Rudge. Janet Dexter, fecit.", [n.d.]
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Large group of men on steps, [n.d.]
[box: 5, item: 286] browse
Group of seven elderly men, [n.d.]
[box: 5, item: 287] browse
Large group of men wearing "Kappa Alpha" ribbons, [n.d.]
[box: 5, item: 288] browse
Group of seven elderly men, [n.d.]
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"Democratic National Committee. Sea Girt, NJ.", 07/04/1912
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Group of five men on steps. "Caleb Powers and his counsel. Judge [Samuel M.] Wilson on left. Mr. Sims. Caleb Powers.", [n.d.]
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