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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, May 23, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

ft THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWO ::::;:t:::::::t;:;:;:;::t:;t;::;::::;:::;:::t:::t:;!::::tt;:tn:;! iQOCIETYi ill IhT - MISS KIXEN MINIUAN, Kdltor Phone AMtl.ind 3(iJ8 il Hi tttttttt:t::tKt::t::t:H::t:::::K::tt":t:t;tt:K::::KH d Afoot and By Walt Whitman I take Afoot and to the open road, Healthy, free, the world before me The long brown path before me, leading wherever I choose. Henceforth, I ask not good fortune I, myself, am good fortune; Henceforth, I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing. Strong and content, I travel the open road. Sunday, May 25 Vesper Services at Memorial Hall at 4 o'clock. Tuesday, May 27 Mrs. P. K. Holmes and Miss Sarah the will entertain O. Blandlng senior women of the graduating class of the University, Tuesday, May 27, from 4 to 0 In the afternoon nt "Riverside." Miss Bland- Ung's home. Wednesday. May 28 Field Day. (Friday, May 30 Senior Ball In the Mens gymnasium from 9 to 1 o'clock. Saturday, May ,31 Scabbard and Blade dinner dance. This care free poem seems appropriate at this time of the year especially when the finals are comw pleted and the graduates arc leavWEDDINGS ing their study cares behind them to and going forth into the world Kobcrts-Bcnnctt make their fortunes. We wish them the very best of luck and to the The following beautifully engravundergraduates whom we hope to ed Invitation has been received: see next year we merely say goodMr. and Mrs. Henry Hough Robbye. erts' request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their CALENDAR daughter Polly Montgomery to Friday, May 23 Mr. William Archibald Bennett Engineer's Day on the campus. on Saturday the seventh of June Engineer's Carnival Ball in the Nineteen hundred and thirty Men's gymnasium from 9 until at half after four o'clock 1 o'clock. 414 Conway Street Phi Sigma Kappa dinner In the Frankfort, Kentucky red room of the Lafayette hotel at 6 o'clock. Neville-Ka- y Alpha Gamma Delta banquet In The marriage of Miss Marlon the palm room of the Phoenix ho- Gertrude Neville, of Springfield, tel at 6:30 o'clock. Ohio, and Mr. Charles Robert Kay, Saturday, May 24 of Louisville, Ky., was solemnized Alpha Delta Sigma, Sigma Delta Monday at the home of the bride's journalChi and Theta Sigma Phi, parents, Mr. and Mrs. William J. istic fraternities, entertaining with Neville. Reverend Father Buckley a picnic at Valley View, the party officiated. leaving Lexington at 3 o'clock. the bride was graduated from The American Association of the College of Sacred Heart in CinUniversity Women will hold a pic- cinnati. Ohio, and is attractive and nic Saturday, May 24 at 3:30 o'clock accomplished. at Miss Sarah Blandlng's home, Mr. Kay Is a graduate of the Uni"Riverside" on the Richmond road. versity and a member of the Phi 5 50 Silk and 50 Silk Wool Berets Berets $ $195 J00 82.95, $3.95 Angora Tans r. ' & Best MILLINER V THIRD FLOOR Mitchell, Baker & Smith (Incorporated Gift Jewelry For Delta Theta social fraternity. two years he was city editor of the Lexington Herald and now has a position on the staff of the Louis-- 1 vllle Bureau of the Associated Press The couple will bo at home In Lou- lsville PHI BETA KAPPMGRADUATE CLUB; INITIATES HEARjHEARS DOUGLAS i ItuHencuttcr-Waplc- PROF. W E. DODD! Faculty and Graduate Students Hold Annual More Than 150 Present al Lafayette Meeting Han-quc- s Mr and Mrs. J. A. Ruttcncuttcr, of Covington, announce the engagement of their daughter, Rozana, to Mr. G. Edwin Waplcs, Lexington. Is a senior in Miss Ruttcncuttcr the College of Arts and Sciences and a member of Phi Beta, nalonal women's musical and honorary dramatic sorority, also a member of Alpha Delta Theta, social sorority. Other activities on the campus in which Miss Ruttcncuttcr is prominent arc: art staff of the Gulgnol theater, and retiring finance chair man of the Y. W. C. A. cabinet m,n .minin nm mroW'intr the best wishes of their wide circle of friends The ceremony will be solomlnlzcd late in the summer. Four New Members Installed by Honorary Scholastic Fraternity Friday i of production Stabilization continue steadily throughout t; 1 YOUNG'S GREEN LANTERN to the CHICAGO UNIVERSITY year as a means of relieving the PROFESSOR IS HEARD present unemployment situation In Hovius, Townscnd, Donovan the United States was discussed by Dr. Paul Douglas, professor of Inand Crawley Honored dustrial relations at the University at University of Chicago, at the annual University Graduate Club dinner Monday Prof W. E. Dodd of the of Chicago, was the principal night. sneaker at the initiation services of More than 150 graduate students. I Beta Kappa, national honorary faculty members and guests attendPhi 'scholastic fraternity, held Friday ed the dinner, which was held at at fnF?u" the Lafayette hotel. The occasion Is held annually for the furthering llcw members fraternity. of scholastic understanding among Vntfnn-i- i Prnfrlnnnl riipmUtrv . President H. L. Donovan of East- - faculty and students. Normal, W. H. Townscnd, ern State nanquct "Americans purchase In a spasFriday evening the Alpha Gamma ?M B- - CnV?lcy n J B. modic fashion making to it difficult were u osc for manufacturers produce chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi, na- ml nMn steadily at all times of the year," cnt,"c? tlonal professional cliemcstry f rat- Dr. Douglas said. "Some of the ernlty of the University, entertained companies try to stabilize producwith the annual banquet at the,""1""" Prof W. s. weoo presiaea as tion, but they are faced with the In the red room of the Lafayette toastmaster and Introduced the new problems of months when the public hotel. chrome members of the fraternity; rrcsi- - does not buy their commodity." The fraternity colors, Dr. Douglas told of certain comyellow and blue, were dent H. L. Donovan gave ne rePrussian used In decorating the room. The sponse on behalf of the Initiates, panies which produced stcdaily durbanquet tables were arranged In ana pro: t. i. jones miruuuceu wic ing the year, storing their product the form of a hexagon, the frat- - principal speaker of the evening, until such a time when the public Professor Dodd, who is a nisiorian would buy. This afforded employernity symbol. -wisiory unu ment the entire year and although Mr. M. H. Filson, the retiring or note, spoKe on president, presided as toastmaster Patriotism." Vocal selections were a lower wage was paid, the yearly for the occasion. Responses were, given bj Mrs. William H. Hansen, Income of these workers was higher made by the new president, Mr. accompalied by Mrs. Lolo Lemme than that of the workers who worked only part time at higher wages. John S. Sprague, and by faculty i Robinson at the piano. members, Dr. F. E. Tuttle, Dr. M. j The members are: Misses Mary Manufacturer; of women's wearing commodities King, Mary apparel, H. Bedford and Mr. W. H. Keller, DIdlake, Margaret and by the graduating seniors of Lewis Marvin, Loralne Yost, Amelia which changeflBKcally, can not - Cramer, Katherlne K. Wilson, Mrs stabilize their proraHn, Dr. Dougthe fraternity, Messrs. James Rowland, C. B. Johnson, Thomas Cross, Alberta Server, Mrs. Lolo Robinson, las said. G. B. Stamatoff. Dr. Frank L. McVey, president of Mrs. Fred Fischer, Dr. Frank L. Mc Others present were: Dr. Charles Vey, Prof. W. R. Allen, Prof. E. J. the University, made a short talk. Barenkus, Messrs. M. L. Mitchell, Asher, Dr. George K. Brady, G. Prof. Albert Pierce president of the Robert Baker, Harold Williamson, David Buckner, Mr. Madison Ca- club, was toastmaster. Jr., Burgess Mason, Charles Morell, weln, Prof. Joe Lee Davis, Prof. W. The entertainment program conT. L. Smith, Nelson Boyd, C. K. D. Funkhouser, Prof. Thomas Hahn, sisted of a group of vocal solos by Cain, Marvin Dunn, E. M. Leach, Prof. W. W. Jennings, Dr. T. T. Charles Martin, Transylvania ColDon Forman, Jr., H. T. Polk, Travis Jones. Dr. J. S. McHargue, Dr. J. lege baritone. Mrs. May Hughes Pugh, and David Young. B. Miner. Mr. Gayle Mohney, Prof. Noland was his accompanist. H. Palmer, E, Z. Palmer. Prof. Joe Phi Beta Kappa Initiation Mr. Smith Park, Dr. A. M. Peter, The University chapter of Phi Mr. Nell Plummer, Mr. F. H. RanBetta Kappa fraternity, held initia dall, Prof. George Roberts, Prof. tion services Friday evening for the Robert Shannon, Mr. Guy A. Stone, lnltates, President H. L. Donovan of Prof. R. H. Weaver. Prof. W. S. Office Eastern Normal College; Mr. W. H. Webb, Mr. Rawlings Ragland. Townsend, Mr. Clyde B. Crawley, D. F. Clark, a former student at Miss Ivis B. Hovius. A delightful SENIORS ENTERTAINED the University, has established of dinner at the Phoenix hotel followfices in Louisville as the agent of ed the Initiation services. . Mrs. Eva Giles was hostess to all the Liberty Marriage Endowment The tables held attractive bou- senior residents of Patterson and Association. This association proquets of flowers and a delightful Boyd halls, Wednesday evening at vides for the payment of a specified program was presented. 6 o'clock, for a picnic supper In the sum of money to its policy holders Prof. W. S. Webb presided as foreground of the Engineer's at marriage. toastmaster and introduced the new ' This organization Is one of the members of the fraternity. Prof. The platform In front of the build few of its kind in the country and Donovan gave the response on be- ing was attractively arranged with it is expected to prove very popular half of the initiates, and Prof. T. lights and decorated in with students in various Universities T. Jones introduced the principal colored shades of crepe paper. and colleges. Mr. Clark will engage speaker of the evening, Prof. W. E. pasteldelicious, picnic supper was several students at the University A Dodd, of the University of Chicago. served. who will take care of the business "History of Patriotism" was the Thursday evening the seniors of in Lexington and vicinity. theme of Prof. Dodd's speech. Vocal were guests of honor selections "vere given by Mrs. Wil- the two halls liam H. Hansen, accompanied by at a dinner party at Boyd hall, with Mrs. Lolo Lemme Robinson at the Mrs. Eva Giles hostess. Attractive souvlneers were given piano. Members of the fraternity include to the seniors. Bright spring flowers Mary Didlake, Margaret were arranged on the dinner tables. Misses King, Mary Marvin. Loralne Yost, Special guests included Dr. and Amelia Cramer. Katherlne K. Wil- Mrs. Frank L. McVey, Dean and son, Mrs. Alberta Server, Mrs. Lolo Mrs. P. P. Boyd, Mrs. Sarah B. Robinson, Mrs. Fred Fischer, Dr. Holmes and Miss Sarah G. BlandFrank L. McVey, Prof W. R. Allen, lng. Prof. E. J. Asher, Dr. George K. Brady, G. Davis Buckner, Mr. MadiThe best work is done by men The newest trends in son Caweln, Prof. Joe Lee Davis, whose consciences won't let them do color and collar . . . Prof. W. D. Funkhouser, Prof. Inferior work. the important feThomas Hahn, Prof. W. W. Jenn atures of any Shirt. tically decorated with bouquets of ings, Dr. T. T. Jones, Dr. J. S. spring flowers. You'll approve! Dr, J. B. Miner, Mr. Gayle Mohney, Prof. E. Z. Palmer, Prof. About 40 guests were present InJoe H. Palmer. Mr. Smith Park, Dr. cluding the members of the exA. M. Peter, Mr. Neil Plummer, Mr. ecutive board. F. H. Randall, Prof. George Roberts, Chi Delta Phi Initiation Prof. Robert Shannon. Mr. Guy A, Chi Delta Phi initiation was held Stone, Prof. R. H. Weaver, Prof. W. S. Webb, Mr. Rawlings Ragland. Sunday afternoon at Miss Virginia Cravats for the soBoyd's home on Waller avenue. phisticated taste. The A delicious salad course was servKeys Presented new wider stripes are The Guignol players entertained ed after the Initiation of the follow-i- g women: Misses Almee Dietrich, here in abundance. with an enjoyable supper on the Gulgnol stage Sunday erenlng for Ruth Bullock, Sidney Redmond, Schafer, the new members who received Katherlne Carr, Virginia keys for the present year's work. and Harriet Kerslake. About 14 members were present. The stage setting was that used season, Table This was the last meeting of the in the last play of the d'Hote, and the tables were artis- - school year. Sox in the swank new patterns eastern campuses are favoring. A price your pursa Dinner 5:307:30 P. M. only the best SANDWICHES SODAS Curb Service fJ?' "v "" Lafayette Drug Co. 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