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PREFACE. xi Material for the illustrations, which form a most striking and not the least important feature of the work, has been received from all sides, as will be noted in the table of contents. Special acknowledgment is due to the Boston Commandery of the Loyal Legion, to whose complete set of the Gardner and the Brady photographs, as well as to other material, access has been had from the beginning of the series. Colonel Arnold A. Rand, Secretary of the Boston Commandery, and General Albert Ordway have rendered valuable aid in connection with the Brady and the Gardner photographs and in other ways. The importance of accuracy has been kept constantly in view in tie preparation of the illustrations-a laborious work which has been exe- tnted under the direction of Alexander W. Drake, Superintendent, and W. I wis Fraser, lManager, 4f the Art Department of The Century Co. THE EDITORS. NEW YORK, November, 1887.