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CORRECTIONS IN THE FIRST EDITION. Papg 1. FYr Aditral Charh's A. Davis (o printed in part of the edition), r-m;o Admiral Charlet It. Da'lu. P.age ,; nd page 10H. F-r Charles t;. Mtiniuger, ret 'bristophier ii. Meinmioger. Page- 4t. 'From Moultric to 8umter," by t-eneral Doubleday. C.onernig tbh statemuent that Major Robert Audersou, of Kentucky. '- was a regular ofer and owner of a sla e plantation in Georgia." Major Anderson's widow writes to the Editors that he never onued a plantation anywhere, and that be nerer reided In Georgia. She adds, " He inberited 8laves in Kenttieky from his father, Colonel Richard tlough Atiderson, and these he liberated ininediately on coming tnto poses8ion of them, whieh was a f.-w years after he waa graduated at the Military Academy of Weot Potit." General Doubleday will nodify tht statement for other edMitio- P'age S1. For Lieutenant James A. Yates (so priate.1 i, part of the edition). rcAd I i-utettaut Joseph A. Yates. Page 2:6. For Sergeant 'i'hots ShotoFabte (so printed I larlrt of the editti.... r),a Srergua.t Joseph Shu-ate. Page-21 "The-runed rate (' t-iinlssariadt at Manassa-," by touclNorthrop Xear the aiddic of the second cIolumnu-for" Lieutenaut-Clonie Rob-ert B. Lee was addel...' .l.ad "I.ieutenant-Colonel Ricbard B. Lee was added." 1'aige 43. In the foot-note: For :eneral (ticore W r ' olton is. printed I pilrt of the cdititn., read (tener-i (;.-orge W. Culbun. i'5ge 67t;. " The Campaign if ithiloh," by ( ...eral t;. T. tS'atiregtrtl. lit-! 27,- fir the lath of February, read the 13th of March. Pa.e A,-i. Title to i ortralt. Fr 'ulonel ZA'bulou Bi. te lead Brigadier-Ucuerau Bobert B. Vance.