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The Kentucky Kernel, February 16, 1923

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, KY.t FEBRUARY VOL XIII WATCHMAN AND IN KILLED STUDENT WOUNDED UNIVERSin TRAGEDY Warren Middleton, of Paducah, It Held in Connection With Death of Joseph Self STUDENT MAY RECOVER. Shooting Affray Occurred Beneath Electric Light in Front of Mechanical Hall ssssssssssssssssE8SB i No. 18 1923 JAMES NOTICE! All assignments to be written for the Kernel are posted on the book in the Kernel office Monday morning and must be written and timed in to the editor's desk before noon Wednesday. No story, regardless of stse er importance, will be accepted after this time. Storiea turned in Wednesday afternoon will be destroyed and the reporter to whom it was assigned will be dropped from the staff. 16. CLUB TO MEET February meeting of the William James Club will be held Tuesday aifternoon, at 3:30, room 206 in Nevill Halt James Lee Douglas of the University, Department of Education, will be the speaker and will have for his subject "Experience and Education Compared in Trade ASuHty As Indicated by the Army Trades Testa." L. J. Sindell, Sec. -- HELLO DAY INAUGURATED ON UNIVERSITY BY CAMPUS MEMBERS OF SU-K- Y. The Purpose is to Get Everyone to Speak to Everyone They Meet SPEAK, WON'T HURT YOU Idea is Outgrowth of Discussion on University Friendship at Y. W. C. A. Meet. K- "Hello Day" will be inaugurated upAs the result of a shooting affray FRED B. SMITH TO GIVE on the Universitythecampus Thursday, 11 o'clock last Sat- ALPHA SIGMA PHI GIVES .which occurred at members of the February 20 by urday night upon the campus of the y Circle. The purpose of such BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBkMbBBBhBBBBBBBBI EVANGELISTIC SERMONS a day is for every person in the UniUniversity of Kentucky, Joseph Self, NOVEL PARTYAT PHOENIX versity to speak to every person whom night watchman of the University is they meet upon the campus on that dead and Warren Middleton, of Man to day, as they go to and from their Business Prominent Dance Ky., a student at the Univer- First Men's Preach Here Under Y. M. is Delightful Affair; Football classes. Such a day, if successful here sity is seriously, wounded. C. A. Auspices. Captain Creates Excitement y Cirwill be sponsored by the The tragedy occurred in front of cle, the members who are busy in Mechanical Hall in the roadway that W. M. PHIPPS Fred B. Smith, assistant to the pres Original and clever to the minutest planning the method to be carried out. leads past the building and beneath ident of the H. W. Every entrance of the campus will be an electric light that hangs above its detail was the "Kid Frolic" given by entrance. Stories of the shooting con Aloha Siarma Phi fraternity in the WORLD WAR VETERAN IS Co., of New York, will arrive at the posted with signs to remind the stuUniversity February 19, for a three-da- y dents as they come to school to say flict Mr. Self, who was shot thru ballroom of the Phoenix Hotel Sat evangelistic campaign under the "Hello" to everyone whom they meet. .the body lived only long enough t urday night to which 250 friends were AM ONGTHOSE RECEIVING auspices of the University Y. M. C. It does not sound plausible, but it igasp out a disconnected story of the dance of its invited. This is the first i A. The series of meetings will begin is actually known that there are many affair. Mr. Self said that two boys in a Ford coupe fired on him from the kind ever given at the University and HIGHEST HONORS AT I) K Monday morning- at the fifth hour students in the University who go and will continue through Tuesday and thru the entire course, and upon their car; that their shot struck him and it will long be remembered by those personThe meetings will that he returned the fire, firing five ,who attired themselves in ruffled or Forty-fou- r Years Wednesday. students and faculty be graduation ofday do not know aprons, rompers, W. M. Phipps, This at ally half their classmates. held for the shots. On the way to the hospital gandies, gingham fiu the fifth hour and at 7:00 p. m.' each s a small university and the personal Ula Win xecewc stocks, long cwrls and made themselves , Self died. Magna Cum Laude. contact of the students With the fac day. It was learned later in the night by a "child again just for the night. 4ythe police, however, that young Mjd-- - The children's idea was carried out Mr. Smith is. a business man who ulty and with each other is an outDURING WAR gives part of his time each year to standing characteristic. This may dloton had rented a Ford coupe from throughout the entire dance from the CAPTAIN local automobile company, that the "King's X" programs fastened with religious work. He has just returned further be developed by an outgrowth University Witnout from his fourth speaking tour around that could come out of such a day car had been returned to its owners dolls for the girls and tops for the Entered Benefits of High School and that Middleton had been taken to boys to the doll buggies,, wagons the world and it is said that he has as is now planned. Education. soda pop, animal crackers, This novel idea was presented to the probably spoken to more men than the Good Samaritan Hospital. y Circle, which came as an out any other man in the world. Many In a statement made to friends who refreshments to the large "ponies" on Among those winning highest hon recognized Mr. Smith as "Amer- growth of a discussion on "University .took him to the hospital Middleton which the children were allowed to the Uni have Senior Class at is said to have asserted that, accom ride and over which they fought far ors in the ica's greatest speaker to men." The Friendships" given at Y. W. C. A. Kentucky this year is a dis panied by Clover Coleman, also of the second ride during the dance, versity of men and women of the University are meeting held at Boyd Hall. Those man, consisting of balloons, abled veteran an Paducah, a student at the University, Souvenirs who contributed to the discussion and urged to hear Mir. Smith. completed his course in he had stopped his car on the campus, horns, snakes, paper hats were given who has just The University is fortunate to get a offered suggestions were Beth is to receive his Smith for three days Louise Boden, Mary Louise not knowing that it was against the out during the dance. An interest agriculture, and who magna cum man like Mr. rules, when the night watchman told ing feature of the dance was the "raf degree in June with as he is giving only a limited time to Gasser, Elizabeth Gasser, Pearl Marever year. He tin, Unis Denton, Georgie Rouse, him that he was under arrest. After filing" off of a doll which was won by laude. He is the first student Kentucky, colleges and universities this .being shot Middleton took Miss Cole Flo Armentrout, who held the lucky to enter the University of Cellards, Edna Louis Wells and has recently been at Iowa State Uni having attended high school versity without Mrs. Bedford, and the Tribune of that TJni Mariam Forrester. man home, returned the car to the number. The rules Many persons rushed from the ball and to receive his dearee. versity comments on his work as fol house mother, attended the meeting garage from which he hid rented students permit and encouraged the girls in their prolows: and went home before summoning aid troom in wild excitement when it was of the University as special Middleton stated to his friends that learned that the dignified football who are over age to enter "It is safe to say that no religious posed plan, contributing valuable sugwithout the usual entrance campaign of any sort ever took such a gestions by which it might be successhe had shot only after the night watch captain and coach had made his ap students and to be graduated deep hold upon students and faculty fully carried out. pearance in the lobby of the hotel requirements, jnan had fired at him. standing is main y a state- - but was detained by persons desir only if sufficient , Circle is now at work The Miss Coleman later made of this sthool in all its history. costume, and who tained. ment to the effect that she and Mid ious of seeing his "Fired B. Smith is in a olass by him- preparing large posters to be place 1 Four years ago W. M. Phipps, late self. So magnetic is his personality, at the entrances upon the campus dleton had left a dance at Patterson "helped" him off with his overcoat Cantata of the 149th Infantry, enter housed in so powerful a body, that where every one coming to classes Hall and had take a short drive in When the top coat was removed University of Kentucky for an automobile; that she knew it was was disclosed that he had worn "lit cd the before he has said a word his aud- might be reminded that they are to white rompers and "socks to traininsr under the Federal Board for ience is his. His two hundred pound speak to every one whom they meet. against the rules and greatly regretted tie" (Now Veterans' Speak to every person that passes it; that returning they came thru the match" to the party. He was then Vocational Education years old at the of rounded flesh is muscular, his fare y hair you pres;dent, students, faculty, campus and that on reaching Me allowed to march with his escort thru Bureau.) He was 40 is ruddy bronze, his Board hesitated to send and coat black brows are all bristle, down to the janitor. chankal Hall the night watchman ac the gauntlet of persons who had gath time and the college because age to ludicrous feature "Speak! It won't hunt you," "Say V costed them telling them they were ered to see the mostcostume, however, a man of thathe was too old to get a between them a narrow slant of fore they thought r of the dance. His head like a steel plate. His cl.cst is Hello to me," will be among the many how(Continued on Page five) was inconsistent with the request college education. He entered, deep and rounded and powerful like slogans to be used. K made on (the invitation that "persons ever, as a special student and was told a turbine engine. His voice is full and his degree at heavy and easy, but flares Into a siren admitted who were less than that he could receive to PRES. M'VEY SPEAKS TD noyears be or over 14." He was three the end of the course only if he had shriek under passionate emohasis. His AN NOUNCE PROGRAM FOR 6 old maintained a standing sufficient to frequent smile is winsome and fatheryears old. origSTUDENTS IN CHAPEL This fraternity has the distinction of make honors. "When I was a lad,' ly, his humor of the LITTLE THEATRE SEASON originating the most cleverly arrang the Captain explained, "there were inal, sudden sort he tel's no funny forty miles of me sturies. His whole mVn on the plat no high schools in ed dance that has ever been given I Asks Those Possessing Fircarmi a University. Not only will it live and I have no entrance credits to of form is that of a man w;th a mission, Pour Benefit Plays to be Given to Turn Them Over to School forever in the minds of those attend fer." Throughout his college course a man sent, a man under compulsion in Addition to Student MatAuthorities ing, but will be remembered by the he has maintained the very highest who wilt permit himself no trifling. inee Teas. community at large. This was the standard and now is to receive his de"A man like that can ride over h's Chapel exercises for the student The Little Theatre program for this first dance given by the Men's Pan gree "with high distinction." audience by his own sheer force. But body of the University of Kentucky The Captain plans to bring his sev- Smith didn't. His appeal was to the season will consist of four benefit .Hellenic. After Tuesday morning. were held The society column contains a more en year old grandson to commence- rational, not the emotional. He car performances in addition to the stua song by the University Quartette, exact account of the lovely affair also ment exercises in June. He rose from ries none of the regular evangelist's dent matinee teas, it was announced President Frank L. McVey read the a list of the charming hosts. the rank of private by processes of stock in trade, no snob stuff about yesterday by Prof. E. E. Fleischman, chapter of Isaiah and led in h sheer merit. Wounded during the mother, no deathbed stories, no social director of the Little Theatre. K the Lord's Prayer, after which he ad war, he went to school to prepare for scandal, no hell fire threats or lazy The first two plays will be given by Relationship dressed the students on Players, a company a peaceful life of agricultural pursuits. heaven's oromises. He coerced no the Koffer-Milland Thoughts of our University to He has won distinction in chemistry, one's mind, offended no one's self-r-e of six people, who have won wide JUNIOR DUM ARE other organizations. his favorite subject, and is interested soect. pulled no shyster tricks. In recognition for their excellency in "The University of Kentucky is a He expects to en- nearly ten solid hours of speaking the presentation of classic comedies to in soil tecnology. DUE. composed of two thou community, ter Cornell University this 'fall to (Continued on page five.) (Continued on page 5.) study for a higher degree. (Continued on Page eight) Su-K- Pan-Hellen- ic Su-K- Johns-Manvil- le - ieicc ' Su-K- Hud-dlesto- n, Lu-cas- ta r Su-K- iron-gra- surp-ifim- ?, fifty-fift- er