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15 > Image 15 of Catalogue of the University of Kentucky, Volume 8 (1915-1916)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

` . 16 THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY. _ _ I _ I I FRANz ' _ OFFICERS OF INSTRUCTION. WAL'] PROFESSORS. _- - l HENRY STITES BARKER, LL.D. Patterson Hsll l Lnon I President o_f the University. - J0SE1>H HOEING KASTLE, PH.D. 238 East Maxwell _ Director of the Experiment Station, Dean of the Wm College of Agriculture. J 0SEI=H WILLIAM PRY0R, M.D. 261 North Broadway Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, MRS Head of the Department. HARRISON GARMAN, D. Sc. 638 South Limestone Joni Professor of Entomology and Zoology, Head of the Department of Entomology and Botany in the Experiment Station. FREDERICK PAUL ANDERSON, M.E. 147 Kentucky Avenue Dean of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, RAI Director of the Experimental Engineering Laboratories, Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Gm CLARENCE WENTWORTH MATHEWS, B.S. 660 South Limestone Professor of Horticulture, Head of the Department of Horticulture in the Experiment Station. TH ARTHUR MCQUISTON MILLER, A.M. 609 South Limestone Dean of the College of Arts and Science, Professor of Geology. GL I MERRY LEWIS PENCE, M.S. 364 Merino Professor of Physics, Head of the Department. JA ALEXANDER ST. CLAIR MACKENZIE, M.A., LITT.D., LL.D. 463 W. Sixth Dean of the Graduate School, Professor of English. A] CHARLES JOSEPH NORWOOD, M.S. 339 Aylesford Place Dean of the College of Mines and Metallurgy, Professor 0] [Mining and Metallurgy. H ALFRED CHARLES ZEMBROD, M.A. 456 West Fourth Professor ofMode1n Languages, Head of the Department.