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88 > Image 88 of Catalogue of the University of Kentucky, Volume 8 (1915-1916)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

SCHOLARSHIPS AND PRIZES. 89 A n has stood high in the list of agricultural colleges in the number of win- V l nings. This College now holds the National Saddle Horse trophy, and the Ayrshire Dairy Cattle trophy mentioned above. J ' :32 C, Trophy for the best judging or Holstein-Friesian cattle. _ A Bien D, Trophy for the best judging of Jersey cattle. l E. Trophy for the best judging of Guernsey cattle. F. Trophy for the best judging of Ayrshire cattle. ` In addition to these trophies, the American Jersey Cattle Club, the . hmsh American Guernsey Cattle Club, and the Holstein-Friesian Association of thwh, America, each offers a $400 scholarship to the Agricultural College student making the highest individual score in judging its respective breed of cattle. _ I lnterscholastic Tournament Prizes. mms hens] The winners of first, second, and third places in each event of the , hest lnterscholastic Tournament are awarded a gold, silver, and bronze medal These respectively. The contestant winning the largest number of points in the track and field events is awarded an individual championship gold shew medal. The high school winning the largest number of points in the ehsge tournament is given a championship loving-cup, to be retained one year after being won. ltkin- schol- eeds. dents attle, iicago lleges Asso- ` zbest Live 1r the . nlture