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Image 12 of Kentucky farm and home science, vol. 4 No. 4 fall 1958

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

I I l l{elatiV ljusilioll of [{ontuoky Possible ways of obtaining more land and capital l _ _ I _ ) include re11ti11g or buying more land, buying a larger , Klmmnmill/[mn Pam IO) farm, borrowing money for improvements and de- J} net income for Kentucky tlllll U. S. farmers indicates vglopmont of tho Prosoot form, oloiug Custom Work ooo; that Kentucky`s agriculture 1'IHS utl\21l1CC1 Ht 1l)0Ut for others, and /01* forming partnership arrangements. v the same rate as that ot lZll( ll21tl()Il over the past 30 In many cases, omoogoyia] Skills ovill also hm/o to bo `*i` years. \Vl1ile we l1ave maintained our relative status inqpnwcd To tho oxtont that {mmol-S Mo Primarily xt, in the nation`s 2lgl`l(JllltllIC, KnttlCl