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2 > Image 2 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 5, December, 1938 to January, 1939

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

. l 1 -- ~ . l ` i 1 Louis J. Tabor, National Master gif ?I;F?gVbl2l6- W- C- Jhl TH , u GX g ll, y. - >f the Games -11 Speak 0- She 11;00A.M.-*1*ne of J Four Horsomop of Recovery - Recovery. Louis J. Tabor, Master ; Below we prmt the program for oil 1 National Grange, Columbus. j By the two day sessions and the one o- Q M, night session of the convention. 10?n;h;vTh$a5;2$:_ (gr_Dg8l-2-,% i WEDNESDAY gaigow, U. S. D. A., Washington, Of] 9:00 A. M.Seven Years' Experience 1:45 M__S0mB slums on Su-aw. A Growing Poaopos ip Lospodom berry Production in Kentucky. g Sod Herman Yopp Pdo8h KY- W. D. Armstrong, Hortlculturlst, gm 9:20 A. M.-Some Newer Develop- prmcemm Ky_ thc - o moms of Apple and pooch Grow' 2:15 P. M.-Marketing Kentucky on * mg lp Vi"gmlo A H_TSko Univ- Strawberries. W. W. Maglll, Lex- cle i of Va., Blacksburg, Y a. ingtony Ky_ b i 100 AM-NW<=r USGS f '1`<><> 2:45P. M.-nesuns in Fertillzing. *%* _ Extract ip our S_p"8Y Program- Mulching and Spraying Red Rasp- lliil - GLA;go5igpkkY BYP*`odtB berries. C. S. Waltman, Lexing- he -1 0., Ol.1 V , y. t I K _ , _ 10:20 A. M.-How the Farm Bureau 3;30O;l_M_yLADJOURN]\[ENT_ ig May Aid Fruit Growers. Ben E. ' Niles, Pres. Ky. Farm Bureau, ANNUAL MEETIN`1(li~Ii-:IT~AW- ins - Henderson. Kr BERRY ASSOC 0 S l ` 11*00 AM_L"d"Ship and Cp"" The season for conventions and < V . tion in Agriculture. Dean C. L. 1 t. n us `_ ` Christensen, Madison, Wis. ammo moo mgs IS up? _ mu ` 1:00 P. M.-Memorial. Led by Ben Among the other organizations 1 r 1 2%)i>Nh2es,PHenders%. Kiy. _ v_ that are holding their annual : . . runing ren s in ir- . QI _ _ gmia Orchards. A. H- TSkB meet1i{)gs tl1e neartl`uture?rrtlle bu . Blacksburg, V8__ sti-an ern) associa ions 0 xen- Sp] V 2:00 P. M.-The Best Known Method tucky. These meetings are for one M, (gl Iii1S Mgw ;d 0t1erR<>rg)ents day and have for their purpose . . a nure rc ards. G. C. der- .. d _ i .~. _ kn-k, U. s. D. A., Larayeue, inn. Fw lfCt" f_ Oiflcfli all?] lgci pl; - ; ; 2:45 P. M.Observations in Bacteri- or? O lc assess mm 6 u ` V0 _ g A um Pruni in 1938, Frank street, lining of the policies of the asso- im Tl Hd1S0. KY ciation and the discussion of the 1 Li 3:15 P. M.T'l1e 1939 Government . ` `_ 4 i gn Program for Orchardists. O. M. genera; plgramOi-Ork fogctlgc ml _V~ _ ; Farrington, Lexington, Ky. Miixl das asso?- 103 mel? go S .: E--~*~ S--e-- 2?.i.$. i2.- `i3..Z..?; *-0. ... ___, ;. 7:30 P. M.-The Spray Program for . i _ V; 5 1939. Dr. P. 0. mtener, Lexing- group ef their members t be PY$ of ton, Ky. ent at the annual meeting as th` I _ _- i 8:15 P. M.-Newer Developments in posgiblg an EY Fruit Disease Control. Dr. W. D. . . - .i.l.__..?M.,-;_E . Vaueauy Lexington Ky. Below are the dates of several Ou 'l.j1<;.i Q 8:45 P.M.Results or August Spray- of the mtmgS* in; Y` j"`?_--.i- ing of Peaches tor San Jose Scale. January 2, 1939-10:00 A. M. W. D. Armstrong, Princeton, Ky. Monday-Marion, Ky. Critten- . "`_-Qi 9:00 P.M.Business Meeting. Ken- den County Strawberry Grow- ml I -_`-.-;Y._? { tucky State Horticultural Society. ers' Association. fei y .9` January 7, 1939-10:00 A. M. W] THURSDAY SaturdayGreenville, Ky. Green in 9:00 A.M.-Some Strawberry Yield River Growers Association. i2j._j_LQi7;-`.lj Comparisons in Variety Tests. January 14, 1939-10100 A. N- _ C. S. Waltman, Lexington, Ky, Saturday-Courthouse, Paducah. m 9:30 A. M.-Improving Production Ky. McCracken County Grow- in _, Z ji- and Quality in Worth While ers' Association. ve { Strawberry Varieties. Dr. G. W. , _ i_~_ z_ ii Darrow, U. s. D. A., Washington, t.G""";1*`$ (gf of ;l""{;? _?l, Ve .9 , , D_ C_ ions an in eres e pai ies s lou t i-_ I 10:15A. M.-A son Banning Program plan to attend. ii