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239 > Page 239 of Memoirs of Dr. Winthrop Hartly Hopson / edited by his wife, Ella Lord Hopson.

LIFE OF DR. W. H. HOPSON. Doctor, and together we proceded to Harrodsburg to lay the matter before prominent officials there. It was favorably con- sidered, and the question brought before the public and Board of Curators. " It may not be improper or intrusive here to give my im- pressions of the intellectual qualities of one whom I intimately knew and esteemed. By nature he was remarkably endowed. His brain, while not massive, was finely organized, and supported by one of the most perfect physiques I have ever known. While his mind was comprehensive, it was also readily incisive. It was notably well balanced and symmetric, and not an organ seemed defective or ever at fault in its working. Whatever came within his observation he learned almost by intuition, and retained and used with rare skill. He was an orator by nature, not so much in the ostentation of rhetoric and the art of Elocution; but in the natural simplicity and grandeur of logic and illustration, and in the pathos and sentiment of glowing words that touched the reason and the heart at the same time. " Dear brother, his was a companionship to give life here something of a foretaste of heaven, and hereafter to make heaven more heavenly. " May we meet again where the weary are at rest, if no more on earth. In Christ and hope, yours, "Z. F. SMITH." 239