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INTRODUCTION. More than a year ago I conceived the idea of writing a history of the work of my husband, Dr. W. H. Hopson. I did not at first think of publishing it, but it grew upon my hands until it became a book. It served to while away many a weary hour of the patient invalid, whose life lies wholly in the past. By the advice of brethren who have published books, I have endeavored to condense as much as possible. I have left out many incidents and the names of hundreds of loved friends, for want of space. One request the Doctor made, that I should not put anything upon record that would convey a censure to any human being, or leave an impression in the mind of any one that he had a feel- ing of enmity in his heart toward any. If the book is full of imperfections, and does not meet the expectations of friends, they will remember it was written by a nurse in a sick-room, with constant in- terruption to wait on the loved invalid, and often with a heart full of unshed tears. Then do not judge too crit- ically. I have left much of his beautiful, sacrificing life for others to portray, and thank them from my heart for their loving and comforting letters, appended in the book. V.