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1 > Page 1 of Blood of Rachel : a dramatization of Esther, and other poems / by Cotton Noe.

The Blood of Rachel ACT I SBEND I Place-Shushan, the Capital of Persia. Time-478 B. C. IA hall in the potalace of !he keng e Enter Smerdis, the king's jester, and Ahafia, poet-and mninstrel to the king, from opposite sides of the hall. Ahafid is already an old man, with long grey beard and a little stooped with age. He carries a golden Persian harp on which he plays and accompanies his own song.] Ahafid [Sings.1 Now War has doffed his mailed coat And Peace forgot her art; The lute but not the bugle's note Can stir the kingly heart; Nights of revel and carp, And days of sensuous rust, How can a poet's harp Intone a song of lust 1