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5 > Image 5 of R. L. Polk and Co.'s Lexington City Directory 1916-1917

Part of Lexington City Directories

l / 44 INTRODUCTORY. I li. l,. lr<>ll< & Co., the publishers of the city directory of Lexington, l{y.. herewith present to its friends and patrons the IQIO edition of that work. It is the result of an exceptionally careful canvass of _ every residence and place of business in the city by a staff of trained assistants and the publishers believe that the book cannot fail to satisfy the most critical. i FACTS ABOUT LEXINGTON. i (Prepared by the Rotary Club.) i, LEXINGTON is the Metropolis of the famous Blue r lirass region of Kentuclry. __`/_____ LEXINGTON has a population of 41,500 and the la:""* census showed a gain of 33.1 per cent between IQOO and 1910. Still growing. LEXINGTON has a shopping population of 500,000 with- in a radius of 50 miles. ` LEXINGTON has live steam railroads with forty-two passenger trains daily andjs connected with tive nearby Blue Grass county seztsem inierurban railways with hourly T service. LEXINGTON showed. according to the Associated Ad- vertising Clubs of the \\iorld. during the month oi November. lQl. an average increase in retail sales exceeding that of any other city in the Cnitetl States. LEXINGTON is located in the wealthiest county in the South: has go miles of paved streets in the city limits: 360 " miles of free tnrnpilres in county. and is located at intersection of four National Highways: Dixie, _lacl