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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1989, no. 3

Part of Kentucky alumnus

1 A H ,..V;?, . ,.V=. . . r , .. . , rl . V. _ Unique DUI Program SEC Academic Honor Roll _ . I College-age, drunken drivers can attend a Forty-two University of Kentucky student- SWIMMING and DIVING: Kenneth 3 i different kind of class now at UK. Theyll learn athletes have been named to the 1989 SEC Atkinson, Sandra Bohorquez, Bonnie ' about the problems of drinking and driving Academic Honor Roll for spring sports, giving Franklin, Virginia McNeill, Bartley Pratt, V ) for their $50 class fee and theyll qualify to UK the most honorees of any conference jeremy Salmon, Peggy Sheets, Brian VanHorn; $ ' cut the suspension of their drivers license from school, the SEC office has announced. TENNIS: Rich Benson, Caroline Knudten, ' six to 30 days. Auburn University had the second-highest lan Skidmore, Sammy Stinnett; I ' This program leads the way in the state for total with 41. TRACK and FIELD: Lisa Breiding, David ' , alcohol driver education. Were the only Earlier this year, 11 UK student-athletes had Brockwell, ]oe Butler, Robin Grim, Sherry S university in the state with this kind of been named to the Honor Roll in football and Hoover, Brian Maslyar, Valerie McGovern, i t program? said Todd Warnick, UKs chemical three in womens volleyball, pushing UKs total Chandra Naidu, Kristy Orre, Patricia Padorno- l > dependency counselor and one of the for the year to 56. Betancor, Lynne Segreti, Bob Whelan. l B founders of the program. We are proud of the accomplishments of ` ll The program also is one of the few in the our teams and student-athletes this year, partic- i I ~ l ' I nation aimed at college-age drunken drivers, ularly in the classroom? said Wildcat Athletics e i , i I he said. The program is open to any first-time Director C.M. Newton. This is the second " hf;,g` I offender, although it is aimed at drivers from significant announcement this spring about i f li l U ; l' 18-to-25 years old. our academic success? _ ` V ` l ; The first classes will begin this fall, says The football team received the College Foot- ` . er l R Warnick. At least one class will be held each ball Associations highest academic award for li, - E month. Warnick expects up to 200 persons to graduating the most players from their 1983 @4 l 9 enter the program each semester. recruiting class. Only Notre Dame, the e U . fl The two-year program was funded by a University of North CarolinaChapel Hill and `S _ __ _ g $90,000 grant from the U.S. Department of the University of Virginia had won the award 5 { _ . Education. The grant came after a campus since its inception Z? years ago. i ve *l survey showed a need for a drug and alcohol- To be eligible for the SEC Academic Honor S " g awareness program, said Mike Nichols, director Roll, student-athletes must have at least a 3.00 _ _ `iY`* E ` 3 , 2 l oflthe Universitys counseling center. grade point average (either cumulative or Tom Gcllhen ISH, G Kentucky Gmsllmm Ludlow n addition to DUI offenders, the program dur1ng the immediate past school year), must Gnd JG Bwmlleld exewllve director Ol UKIS l l- also will involve some disciplinary referrals have been enrolled at their institution for at Nellonl Alumnl Asseclellen Welch GS UK I Y from the residences halls or from the Dean of least one academic year, must have earned 24 preeldenl Devld ROS elle Slene O Copy Ol l Students Office. Often such discipline prob- semester or 36 quarter hours countable toward Gcltherls CO||g Oi bUl|dlng$ Gnd iqndmqpks ` il lems are related to alcohol abuse, he noted. a degree, and must have earned a letter during on the Lexington campus. The centennial print, i 5* The program gives me an opportunity to the current season. commissioned in honor of the l00th anniver- l l' help them become aware of their drinking Here is a list of UKs spring honorees by 5VY Oi *1*6 l\lil0l Alumni A$$Olil Sell l S problem? said Warnick, and then hook them sport: ICI $49 * h into a treatment program. BASEBALL: Mark Blythe,]im Dill, Roger l U Gum, ]ohn Hampton, ]oe Welch, Billy White, I, Bruce Wise; l is GOLF: "led Beckmann, Brett Bronski, Steve d Flesch, Alan Horwitz, Ann Kroot, Greg Q h Lehmann, Tim Leroy, Mark Mclntire; GYMNASTICS: Heather Kirk, Donna l fi Oeffinger, Diane Sill; A S' i re i c. l l i i K Y A L U M N U S 3