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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1989, no. 3

Part of Kentucky alumnus

` , l ' it~.__ ii i i l lv , Q Q Q O C C C C C C . A / I ,,{_ ti , T jg x ii i i i i Wendell Berry ]udith Clabes Lucille Couch. 5 i 0 be selected for this honor, the person is sornebody who cares. Thats all it i nominee must be a graduate of amounts to really one who cares. i E the University and have achieved Freyman demonstrated her dedication ` g national or international prom- to justice and fair play when she became one _ inence in their field of endeavor, of the most successful labor negotiators the l` a prominence that reflects American Federation of Television and Radio I favorably on the Commonwealth Artists (AFTRA) has seen. She earned a repu- l 3 and the University. tation for ability to win rich contracts for { __ ` This years induction of five women members and was elected national vice president 1 and eight men includes three writers, a news- of AFTRA seven times. Her advice to anyone i 1 paper editor, an international banker, an beginning a career: Believe in what you do, 5 ambassador, a basketball coach, a university love what you do, and be honest with yourself I ) president, a music educator, a physician- if you are not honest with yourself it is to researcher, a labor organizer, an agronomist, no avail. E and a seeleleglst Bobbie Ann Mason defines a successful TheY ate: Wendell Bern/ autheh person as one who has overcome the idea of 3 ivmiesemr iemiei emd eeelesiets Judith Clebes. success, who isnlt impressed with himself ter i I editor of the Kentucky Post, and a syndicated his own aehievenientn "anel whg goes gn I Ii COlL1I`I`1D1Sf; [h l3t Lucille Couch, 3 H3[lOH* dOing what he became Successful at just ally known educator in the field of music; because it*S a good thing to be dging anywgy_l, | ll EVelYn Gall Fl`eYman aetteasr theatet Her best known work, a novel called ln F ewiien emd lehei eiaenieers William Country, which received critical acclaim, as Kn'Wan Ptesltleht etthe UmVetsltY etlVlatYlaal scheduled for release this winter as a movie. i I et Celleee Park; William Merkesbervr About the eeeir Mason seys, "1 didnt set out i . Alzheimers researcher and head of the Sanders- to Write a novel abgut \/ietnatn because I Y Btewn Centet en Aging; Behhle Ann Mason, thought one was needed. it was a subject that al-lthet et three hlghlY aeelalmeel neVels sort of sneaked up on me, one thatlcouldnt avoid? I H lheltlellng lll CO'mtT> Themas M Niles, U5- Wendell Berrys thoughts about success l _` Ambassador to Canada and soon-to-be U.S. are Changi[ig_ At one time he felt Sneeeas l Amhassaelet te the Enteheah Cemmen Matketi would be to live where l do now, to be respected l Shll'leY PhllllPs tetlteel Ptetesset et by some of the people who know me, includ- E X agtenemlh eteelltee with pieneeima tletlll ing, I hope, my grandchildren, and to be more Q ,. agtlel-lltllte3 Andreas Pl`lndl an lntetnatlenal or less self-employed at work from which l will l Q hanket and managlng ellteetet et Nemnta not retire. However, our time is forcing upon q lhtemetienelr Ltda Pat Rilevr heed eeeeh ei es e mere demanding definition of success: to ` the les Angeles Lakets haskethall team? the live free of the technological system, military i l- late Walter Tevisr atl authet WhO5e werks or industrial the difference is negligible meluele The Hustler emd The Celet ef Mehey. that is destroying me world. His reeemmerreie ) anel Dells Wilkinson, Ptetesset et seelelOgY tion is to distrust wealth, distrust power, distrust i and a natlenallV knewn seeleleglsh fashions, distrust officials and experts, distrust Vi T W Somerset Maughm once said: The teehnologieal Op[imiSm_, i eemmen lelea that sneeess shells Peehle hY Berry is a poet with a deep and abiding E n maklng them Valn eemietier and selheemhlaeent interest in agriculture. He grows food for his , gl is etteneetls _ en the eenttatY lt makes themr family plowing the land with a team of horses for the most part humble, tolerant and kind. and an oldiashioned plOw_ . E Failure makes people bitter and cruel." Sharing Berry$ love of the land is llereS What eaeh hew l'lall member has Shirley Phillips, who says a successful person ; I` to say about his/ her own personal definition iS Someone who has developed a cadre of et Sueeeesr ell ellttetent vet Wlth a eemmen friends and associates. Someone who leaves a theme m their eletmltlel`ls These ate PeePle tangible item useful to clientele for the future PeePle"theV eete ahellt ethets Evelyn l:teYmatl and is recognized by ones peers within the ` 5 Simplv Sevs that me deiiimien ei e successful profession. . 3* He has achieved that by devoting l K Y A L U M N U s 5