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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1989, no. 3

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l .7 ` y _ O O I O O 4. hy y i 1 r i i William Markesbery Bobbie Ann Mason Thomas M. Niles 1 ii 1 . his talents to the improvement of agriculture. nurturing he gave me when l was young. 1 , Among Phillips major contributions was the must include my mother who was his full i _ development of a no-tillage system to maintain partner in everything he did." Y _ and improve crop production on sloping soils, Kirwan has had more than 25 years of the development of double cropping systems experience at College Park, joining the faculty O with soybeans following barley and wheat to as an assistant mathematics professor in 1964, provide two crops in one year for Kentucky becoming chairman of the math department in ' farmers, and the campaign to increase corn, 1977, and vice chancellor for academic affairs l soybean and wheat production so that Kentucky in 1981. With his induction into the Hall, Kirwan i could be competitive with the corn belt. Due and his father become the only father and son to his efforts, the notill system is being used team in the Hall of Distinguished Alumni. world wide. Phillips says it is important to "be Named editor of the Kentucky Post in _ - . straight-forward and to iiestablish tolerance for 1983, Clabes confirms that being the first woman i' ie, other people and their ideas and _ editor of a major Kentucky paper was not easy. 1 opinions,. . .and dont take ones selftoo seriously? lts tough being first," she says. "People are R Thomas Niles and William Kirwan looking at you to set the pace for every other ` t ii share the idea that a successful person is one woman. Youre the trailblazer for everybody, \~ _, who finds whatever he or she is doing personally not just yourself. j fulfilling. Agreeing with that, judith Clabes For mef says Clabes, "success is says, Work at something you like; work is too defined in extremely personal terms: l would l wnnam Kirwan much a part of our lives to do it just for not feel successful if my relationship with my i money or status. husband and children was not happy and Niles is the fitst and Only native thriving." She says that no one succeeds alone Kentuckian to work his way up the diplomatic and weins against agitii`g Ot seeriiieing career ladder to the rank of ambassador, becoming neisonel relationships; in pension does not . American ambassador to Canada in 1985. He i