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11 > Image 11 of Check list of Kentucky imprints, 1787-1810

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

` 4 xix The Masonic order was strong in Kentucky in its first quartercentury, p if we may judge by the 18 Masonic titles in the list, most of them being the proceedings of the grand lodge. lndustry and professions other than the law and the church are but slimly represented; there is a work on far- V, riery (no. 44) of which no copy is known; one on surveying (no. 295), and a manual of "popular" medicine (no. 564) for a day when selfhelp was often the only recourse in cases of accident or illness. General literature had at least made a beginning in the period covered by the list; these are six issues of volumes of verse and one "tragic comedy in five acts" in the pl record, but these are known only from advertisements of their publication; V five titles speak for travels and adventure; and two or three titles of orations might also be included as "1iterary" The thirteen years 1787-1799 fall within the period covered by the monumental American Bibliography compiled by the late Charles Evans. For this period Evans records 80 titles as Kentucky imprints; 58 of these _ p wdll be found in the present list; the others have been omitted because of the lack of satisfactory evidence that they vere ever printed or, if printed, that they were printed in Kentucky. These 22 Evans titles, to- gether with a few others of doubtful authenticity as Kentucky imprints, will be the subject of a supplemental report There follovm a list of the 58 Evans titles which are included in the present bibliography. For the period covered by Evans, this bibliog- raphy shows 71 titles "not in Evans"--12 known only from advertisements or other indications that they were printed, and 59 (including 28 broad- V sides) described from copies located in libraries