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5 > Image 5 of Check list of Kentucky imprints, 1787-1810

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

vii of the late Charles Evans; from the comprehensive bibliography in the second volume of Ralph Leslie Rusk's Literature pf the Middle Western p _Frontier; from the invaluable imprint catalogue of the New York Public Library; from a large collection of book dealers' and book auction cat- alogues; and fron various other sources. An important feature of this preparatory work was the examination of files of contemporary Kentucky newspapers for titles of publications advertised in their columns as for sale at the local printing offices. . Towards the end of l950, preparations were made for the publica- tion of the list. But in a final effort to locate and obtain descrip- tions of a considerable number of titles known only from advertisements or from their occurrence in bibliographies or catalogues, the help of the Filson Club, of Louisville, Kentucky, was enlisted for the publica- tion of a list of unlocated early Kentucky imprints in the Filson Qlub History Quarterly of January, 1931. Directly or indirectly through the publication of this list, much valuable information was received, either in the actual descriptions of titles that were imperfectly recorded, or in suggestions as to where copies of them might be found. Following up these clues meant more correspondence, but it resulted in a notable im- provement of the list before it was finally decided to commit the mater- ial to type. Something more than half of a total list of about l,2OO titles had been set in type in 1951, when circumstances such as interfered with many another enterprise in those days made it necessary to suspend the V work. The material seemed to have toc great a potential value, however, to be allowed to lie wholly unused and unknown. Selections from the list, therefore, have been published from time to time. A check list of