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6 > Image 6 of Check list of Kentucky imprints, 1787-1810

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

ix Kentucky almanacs, 1789-1850, appeared in the Register pf_thg_Kentucky l State Historical Society of July, 1952; a bibliography of early Kentucky l medical titles was printed in the Register of July, 1955; and a bibliog- raphy of early Kentucky statute law was published in the Filson Qlpb History Quarterly of April, 1955. Also, in September, 1954, a number of sets of proofs were drawn from the type just as it stood in unrevised form, of that portion of the list which had been set up in 1951. These proofs, including all titles through 1821 and a part of the 1822 titles, 2 were distributed to a limited number of persons and institutions that l were thought to have an especial interest in the material. Since 1955, until recently, the list of Kentucky imprints has been set back on the stove and allowed to simmer, so to speak, udth occasion- h al stirrings as bits of pertinent information happened to come to hand and were dropped in. My associate, hr. Albert H. Allen, hovmver, was not satisfied to leave the list entirely neglected. From the inception of the work upon it, he has had a particularly keen interest in this record of the early Kentucky press. He therefore undertook, as a self- imposed task for spare moments at home, a thorough revision of tho list of early Kentucky titles. This has involved entirely rewriting most of the descriptions already prepared, adding descriptions of new titles as V they have been discovered or reported, amplifying or correcting the notes on many of the titles, rearranging the titles alphabetically by years under appropriate author headinms, introducing the symbols used by the Union Catalogs of the Library of Congress to identify libraries, and caring for innumerable other editorial details. He has also omitted V from the list as here presented a considerable number of titles, of du- ` bious authenticity, which were in the list as originally prepared and as