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7 > Image 7 of Check list of Kentucky imprints, 1787-1810

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

xi r made known in the 1954 proofsheets. These doubtful titles will be made _ " the subject of a later report. In the latter stages of its compilation, the list has profited through new entries and added locations from the Kentucky titles re- I ported from libraries all over the country by workers of the Historical Records Survey assigned to inventorying imprints. Specially valuable . V contributions have been made by the Pennsylvania, New York City, Ohio, and Kentucky offices of the Historical Records Survey. Active interest in the project of publishing the list of early _ Kentucky imprints revived with the inauguration of the nationwide Amer- ican Imprints Inventory as a project of the Historical Records Survey under the direction of Dr. Luther H. Evans, a Federal activity of the Division of lomens `=.` and Professional Projects of the Works Progress Ad- ministration. It was believed by the authorities of the Historical Records Survey and thc Division of homen's and Professional Projects of the Works Progress Administration in Kentucky that the issuance of this list and the establishment of an American Imprints Project would prove helpful and would further the prosecution of the imprints work in this state. A project application was approved for a state-wide imprints project to be operated under the administrative direction of Mr. Halter M. Hoefelman, State Director or the Historical Records Survey. irs. Prentice H. Eurst was appointed project supervisor soon after the project began operations in Lpril lQ5S. The work of cutting the stencils for the check list of early Kentucky imprints vas done by Miss Thelma Bryant. It has not been found possible, however, to issue the whole list through IEBO at this time. All titles through the year lGlO are here