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8 > Image 8 of Check list of Kentucky imprints, 1787-1810

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

xiii presented as a first installment. It is hoped that the publication of the rest of the list will not be long delayed. This list of issues of the early Kentucky press, except for newm- papers and other periodicals, comprises 579 items, printed or presumed to have been printed wdthin those years. Of the total, 51 items fall into the classification of broadsides, leaving 528 which are books or pamphlets. Copies have been located of 525 items, of which 47 are broadsides and 276 are books or pamphlets; 56 items, including four of the broad- sides, have been included in the list because of evidence, considered satisfactory, that they actually were printed, although no copies of them can now be located. Of the 56 unlocated items, 34 (including 17 which are also recorded in Charles Evans' American Bibliography) were advertised in contemporary newspapers as having appeared from Kentucky presses; two are accepted on the authority of Evans alone; eight were specifically ordered to be printed by resolutions of the Kentucky legis- lature; five are from recent sales catalogues or similar sources; four are mentioned in other contemporary books or pamphlets; and only three (legislative journals of house or senate) rest on the pure assumption that they were printed because the journals of the companion houses have been found in printed form. The 525 located imprints have an unusually wide distribution in 105 collections, of which 19 are private libraries. lt is also noteworthy that 165 of these titles can thus far be recorded in single copies only. To be sure, 45 of the 165 are breadsides, a kind of printed matter which V survives, if at all, only in a limited number of copies; only two of the Kentucky broadsides in this list have been found in more than one collec-