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5 > Image 5 of The State College cadet, vol. 9 no. 1, October 1898

Part of The State College cadet

il O gj i r T E ERQ ET t - Vol. S. OCTOBER, 1898. A Z THE STUDY OF LITERATURE. ir "A little library Q{I`OY\l`il{Z,` larger every year is an honorable part of every young mans history."Beecher. * Fan surpassing all other stud- to view the same in a clearer it , ies in interest, mind-training light, and reason comes, formu- [ and practical results is the study lates principles, develops plans, g of English Literature. English stimulates latent power and an U Literature! What a beauteous invention startlcs the world. jg and comprehensive term! An So behind most all great works fi expression which at once makes the initial thought is given by _! us to see in imaginations lovely reading. Little things control light the great life and struggle the world and the reading of . of the AngloSaxon race as it one sentence starts with the I gg fought and wrote its way to its brain one thought, which when present sublime station. "Lit- practically developed is either a i erature is born of life." Life blessing or a curse to mankind. comprehends everything; so in It comprehends logicit makes l literature we get what is the ns broad and liberal. Logic, as quintescence of the world. In now studied with a literary . English Literature we have the course, probably distorts the if acme of all lettres, and tis not natural way of thinking and . that we love the other less, but seeks to make nature, broad as _ yi this the more. the universe, run in the pre- Nature has provided, science scribed channels, surveyed by a _ has discovered. Science is born narrow-minded bigot who ' of the imagination, and formu- thought that he, the son, was the O` j, lated by reason. These faculties, center of the solar system and , I imagination and reason, the all things should conform to his * study of literature most develops. distorted ideas. "Logic cannot A P It quickens and brightens our be learned. It is the child of a im mgination and we see some- clear head and good heart." j thing in the dim soirizwiiimisg We love lite1ature pure and l O, it broadens our views, makes us simple as it flows from the im-