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Image 6 of The State College cadet, vol. 9 no. 1, October 1898

Part of The State College cadet

4 THE CADET. F perial brain and inspired souls most precious thoughts. Books 2 of the masters. This latter days are the voices of the distant and ‘ . r way of teaching (?) literature is the dead. Books ARE THE TRUE . T Q wrong—makingastudent get so LEVELERS. They give to all ‘ many pages and a half. It’s who will faithfully use them I unnatural. "Little proiit is de- the society and the presence Q rived where no pleasure is of the best and the great- taken." est of our race. No mat- T Not long since a boy said : ·‘I ter how poor I am ; no matter ~ expect to put some of my hard- though the prosperous of my est work on this study"——speak- own time will not enter my ob- ing of his literature. If his scure dwelling. if learned men R _ ideas on that subject are not and poets will enter and take up V R _. Changed l1G Will WO1`li without their abode under my roof—if { J 3·Vs·ii· Hs siisiiid isvs ii and Milton will cross my threshhold , sPPi`0s·‘~iii iii i`siiisi` i`sVsi`sniiY to sing to me of Paradise, and `V o n § and laying aside his narrow self Shahoonoaio onon to mo tho _ in ins niiins Oi iiiiiiii 00m' world of imagination and the i - mune as it were with those glori- Woihinga of Elle human heart _ — . . . > , T Ons minds], nsssnding wiiii iiiisin and Franklin enrich me with his {_ r ? into the heaven of their inven- nnaoiioai Windom_i Shah not Y i T non and iisiisiiing On ins divins pine for want of intellectual = bread of their high imaginings," oomnanionshin and I may ha ‘ 1 wd as the #»b<>v¤ g1¤<>¤<>d authvr com a Cuiamea ma, though adds: ·‘Sq¤1¤ siiiiiiss siinnni isii excluded from what is called the Z to bring iiini iiiin n`is‘niiiY C0ii‘ best society of the place wherel tact with those mighty minds hVo~ .{; ` r whose Vsiiiinss Piiiiiinnniii COn‘ Commit this fine quotation to f iii stitute the literature of our lan- moniony, and iomomhoi. what · i giiiigs-ii I Ruskin exclaims : "To be with- L ’ N<>¤h1¤e_1Sh_¤lf so Sweet {ind out books of your own is the . so ssiiksiiiisiying as sins com abyss of penury; don’t endure miinisii Wiiiii gisiii iiiiiiiOi`s_iiiis it " and also that "literature is i sr¤at¤S¤1¤¤¤ ¤1i¤¢€v€1·1iV€d· nin the key that unlocks the aspira- ‘· the best books great men talk to tions of )vOut]l1·7’ _ _ us, with us, and give us their ~ 3 acid; i · *