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7 > Image 7 of The State College cadet, vol. 9 no. 1, October 1898

Part of The State College cadet

r J; A { A THE- canrrr. 6 V Y} COLLEGE SPIRIT. ~ A EVERY boy should be proud of public occasions and ever be a being a student of "The living example of what the State Q _ _ Kentucky State College." Here of Kentucky is doing for her ?_ he has opportunities at no other sons. But all this is not the A place offered and should feel test of a students patriotism. sg that he is indeed "heir of all "By their fruits ye shall know 1 the ages" of the best and truest them." He should help in i it that "The Grand Old Common- every laudable undertaking. No y wealth can o{fer." boy ever lost anything by being. T, This isabeautiful place. The liberal. He helps the Athletic ` I State College is the prettiest Association BY ervmo MONEY 0 _ place in Kentucky. The writer when needed; he should aid the knows whereof he speaks. Every Y. M. C. A. in the same and ,.1 pilgrim on his journey to this other ways. He should be a land of struggle and beauteous broad-minded, liberal fellow, a . i romance should always visit this true college man. , place where the brawn and Henry Grady, that grand brain of Old Kentucky are be prophet of The New Soutl1,while { ing trained for their life work. at his own State school and Everyone should feel that his while at the University of Vir- i are privileges rare, and know- ginia, always was very popular ing, profit by them. His bosom and invariably raised the aver- p _ should swell With pride when his age of a subscription list, college is mentioned. He should Be a generous, whole-souled yell lustily for her when she is student and you will be admired battling on the gridiron or dia- ...-its plgagniqt, iris piO5m_b]e and if mond with great competitors. at last St. Peter will pass you in He should wear his colors on with the blessed, 2 ` I! l ;. . in i- l