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10 > Page 10 of Kentucky election laws / compiled by Ben L. Bruner, Secretary of State ; with the aid and advice of the Attorney General.

10 KENTUCKY ELECTION LAWS. 1453. Ballots-how names of candidates placed on-ae- vice indicating party-power8 and duties of county clerk. The county clerk of each county shall cause to be printed on the respective ballots the name of the candidates nominated by the convention of primary election of any party that cast two' per cent of the total vote, of the State at the last preceding general election, as certified to the said clerk by the presidiilig officer and secretary of said convention, or in the case of a pri- mary election by the secretary and chairman of any district committee; and also the names of any candidates for any office, when petitioned so to do by electors qualified to vote for sll-h candidates, as follows: For a State officer, or any officer for whom all the electors of the State are entitled to vote, oust thousand petitioners; for a Representative in Congress from any congressional district, or iny other district except as here- in provided, four hundred petitioners; for a county officer or member of the General Assembly, one hundred petitioners; for an officer of a precinct, or any other ward, or other division less than a county, twenty petitioners. The signatures of such petition need not be appended to one paper, but no petitioner shall be counted except his residence and postoffice address be designated. Such petition shall state the name and residence of each of such candidates; that he is legally qualified to hold such office; that the subscribers desire, and are legally quali- fied, to vote for such candidate; and shall designate a brief name or title of the party or principle which said candidates represent, together with any simple figure or device by which they shall be designated on the ballot. The certificate of' nomination by a convention or primary election shall be in writing, and shall contain the name of each person nominated, his residence and the office to which he is nominated, and shall designate a title for the party or principle which such convention or primary election represents, together with any simple figure or device by which its list of candidates may- be designated on the ballots; said certificate shall be signed by the presiding officer and secretary of such convention, or by' the chairman and secretary of the county, city or district committee, who shall add to their signatures their respective- place of residence, and acknowledge the same before an officer- duly authorized to administer oaths. If the certificate of