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11 > Page 11 of Kentucky election laws / compiled by Ben L. Bruner, Secretary of State ; with the aid and advice of the Attorney General.

KENTUCKY ELECTION LAWS. nomination of any State convention shall request that the fig- ure or device selected by such convention be used to designate- the candidates of such party on the ballots for all elections throughout the State such figure or device shall be used until changed by request of a subsequent State convention of the same party. Such device may be any appropriate symbol; but the coat of arms or seal of the State, or of the United States, the national flag, or any other emblem common to the- people at large, shall not be used as such device. A certificate of such acknowledgment shall be appended to such instru- ment. In case of death, resignation or removal of any candi- date subsequent to nomination, unless a supplemental certifi- cate or petition of nomination be filed, the chairman of the State, county or city district committee shall fill such vacancy. Certificates and petitions of nomination of candidates for all offices to be filled by the electors of a county, or a division or district of the county, shall be filed with the county court clerk: Provided, however, That if any political party en- titled to nominate by convention shall in any case fail to do so, the names of all nominees by petition for any office who shall be designated in their petition as members of, and candi- dates of, such party, shall be printed under the device and title on the ballots as if nominated by a convention. Certi- ficates and petitions of nomination of candidates for offices to be voted for. by the electors of the State, other than members of the General Assembly, or of any division or district of the State exclusively, shall be filed with the Secretary of State. In the event two or more persons who have filed certificates of nomination with the said Secretary of State or county clerk shall claim to be the nominee of the same political party the governing authority of said political party shall designate, in writing, to said Secretary of State and county clerk which of said candidates shall be entitled to the party emblem: Pro- vided, however, If there be two or more contending executive- committees of the same party in the county or district, then that county or district, executive committee which is recog- nized by the State governing authority of such party, by the written certificate of the chairman thereof, shall be recognized by the county clerk and Secretary of State. (This section is- it