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KENTUCKY STATUTES GOVERNING E LECTI ON S (Act of June 30, 1892.) ARTICLE I. General Provisions. 1437. Meaning of the word election. Whenever in this -chapter the word "election," or an equivalent expression, is used in reference to a State, district, county or municipal elec- tion, it shall be deemed to include the decision of questions submitted to the qualified voters as well as the choice of offi- cers by them. 1438. Powers of sheriff, deputies and acting officers. Whenever a duty is imposed upon or a power confided to a sheriff in reference to an election, the same shall apply to any other officer or person acting as such concerning an election, -and to the deputies of the sheriff, such other officer or person, in the same manner as if the duty were imposed upon or the power confided expressly to such other officer, person or depu- ties, except that, in canvassing the returns or giving the cast- ing vote in the election of a county judge to fill a vacancy, no deputy shall act without the express written authority of the principal. 1439.. Qualiflcation of voters. Every male citizen of the United States of the age of twenty-one years, who has resided -in the State one year, and in the county six months, and in the -precinct in which he offers to vote sixty days next preceding